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Government will not tolerate civic leaders found selling land illegally-Lusambo

General News Government will not tolerate civic leaders found selling land illegally-Lusambo

Copperbelt Minister Bowman Lusambo
Copperbelt Minister Bowman Lusambo
Copperbelt Minister Bowman Lusambo has warned newly elected Councillors in the province not to engage in illegal land transactions.

Speaking on Monday when he officiated at the installation ceremony of new Kalulushi Mayor Rashida Mulenga and her Deputy Modesta Kabwe.

Mr Lusambo said President Edgar Chagwa Lungu’s administration will not tolerate civic leaders found selling land illegally.

“If you are coming into the Council hoping to become rich through illegal sale of land, my brothers and sisters, you are making a big mistake because this administration will not tolerate such. If found wanting, the law will take its course,” Mr Lusambo warned.

Mr Lusambo said the new Councillors should place service before self and ensure improved service delivery.

He said the amended constitution has strengthened the role of the local authority hence the need for the new Councillors to quickly orient themselves with the powers in the amended constitution.

And in Luanshya, Mr Lusambo congratulated newly elected Mayor Nathan Chanda and his Deputy Councillor Elizabeth Mulenga for their election victory.

Mr Lusambo also urged the newly installed Councillors to prioritise prudent utilisation of resources.

He further called on the Mayor and the councillors to ensure they address the confusion in the markets and bus stations in Lusaka.

He emphasised that the Markets and Bus Stations Act is still law and must be respected.

Mr Lusambo said the new councillors must work hard to restore public confidence in the local authority by ensuring that they follow procedure whenever finances are involved.

He said financial discipline is key to success in running the local authority.

Mr. Lusambo said Government will not condone wastage of council funds which should instead be used to improve services for the people.

He said the Councils should also focus on innovative ways of generating income to make the local authority self-sustaining.

Mr Lusambo said newly elected local authority leadership should work closely with the central government in implementing developmental agenda.

He said the new Councillors should partner with Government to ensure that the decentralisation process that requires every citizen to take part in the governance process becomes a reality.

Mr Lusambo urged the Mayors to work with different stakeholders in developing their respective cities.


  1. Meanwhile……………. it’s business as usaul. Fraudulent govt workers are busy selling to Egyptians, Lebanese, Chinese without shame!

    • In kitwe all councilors who were accused by PF of shaddy deals over land were re adopted and rigged back into office mmd die hard bowwhatever should be careful what he says among his newly found friends.

    • You can threaten people all you want. All long as you don’t carry out your threats, they remain just that—empty threats. Send corrupt individuals to prison, and they’ll know you now mean business. There has been incredible corruption done by council officials over the years with impunity. Not only is it hard to get land from these crooks, even when you’re within Zambia, it’s even worse when you’re outside the country, and trying to buy land in Zambia, as a Zambian. The ministry of land needs to create a website that deals with real estate issues, where you explain exactly how people can acquire land. Currently, very few people know what the procedure is, and that’s why crooked officials take advantage to scam unsuspecting Zambians. Create pamphlets, and make presentations on…

    • (Continued)… radio and TV to educate people on land issues.
      Secondly, a lot of Zambians are being displaced from their land by foreign corporations and organized gangs, posing as investors and businessmen. The huge scam happening across Africa is that foreign “companies” are coming into African countries, buy land directly, or indirectly by using locals. Then they build houses or apartments on it, and then they leave. Thus they own land as absentee landlords, renting their houses or apartments out at very high fees, beyond what average people can afford. Please do not f00lishly sell our land to foreigners. If you don’t have land then you don’t have a country. Country is land. No land no country. That’s why South Africa passed legislation forbidding foreigners from owning land in…

    • (Continued)… South Africa. Finally, do not allow unsophisticated village chiefs to be negotiating land concessions with foreign companies.

  2. No Foreigner should be given a title deed. All those wanting land should lease for not longer than 10 years renewable. Please include that in the land policy as soon as possible. Only the President himself should be able ti sign off land title to foreign investors.

  3. Just check this bowman chaps bank balance in 1 or 2 years time……growth should be propotional to his belly according to PF rules of governance.

    • The PF rule of governance of proportionality of bank balance and belly is obeyed by all. In lungus case bank balance grew from 10 to 23 million zmk in 1 year and is directly related to his belly which grew from size 31 to a size 38 in waist in that time frame.

      kambwili is one of the ministers who’s belly grew exponentially almost defying the laws of PF govenance theory.

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