FDD sets December 9th to 12th for their Party Convention


Antonio Mwanza
Antonio Mwanza
The opposition FDD has set December 9th to 12th, 2016 as dates for their party’s convention.

FDD Spokesman Antonio Mwanza said the announcement comes following a National Policy Committee meeting.

He said all positions staring from the Party presidency to Committee Chairpersons will up for grabs.

“Following the resolutions of the National Policy Committee meeting of May 2016, The Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) will from December 9th to 12th this year, 2016 hold a national convention to usher in a new leadership.

“All positions from the Party Presidency to Committee Chairpersons will be up for grabs. All FDD members who are eligible to attend the Convention are encouraged to be delegates and freely participate in the elections.

“As a Party that strongly believes in the sanctity of democracy holding of the constitution will be a fulfilment of the Party Constitution and will help the Party to reinvigorate its mobilisation program in readiness for the 2021 General elections,” he said.

The FDD had scheduled their convention in August but postponed it due to the general elections which were held in the same month.



  1. The UPND party convention shall be in 2022 at State House. This will after HH is sworn in as Republican President subsequently creating a vacancy for me.


  2. Hi Antonio , go ahead for all we care . Mama will still be endorsed as president . may be you can take over from that Pastor



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