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Women’s Lobby hails President Lungu for appointing women to cabinet

Headlines Women's Lobby hails President Lungu for appointing women to cabinet

President Edgar Lungu receives an affidavit of Oath from Hon Emirene Kabanshi, Minister of Minister of Community Development and Social Services during the Swearing -In-Ceremony at State House on 29th September, 2016. (Picture by Eddie Mwanaleza)
President Edgar Lungu receives an affidavit of Oath from Hon Emirene Kabanshi, Minister of Minister of Community Development and Social Services during the Swearing -In-Ceremony at State House on 29th September, 2016. (Picture by Eddie Mwanaleza)

The Zambia National Women’s Lobby has hailed President Edgar Lungu for observing gender parity in his appointment of Cabinet Ministers so far.

Lobby Executive Director Juliet Chibuta in a statement issued to the media observed that seven women have been appointed out of the 16 cabinet ministers that the President has appointed.

Ms Chibuta said the development is a step in the right direction towards the attainment of gender equality in top leadership positions in the country.

She called on President Lungu to continue on this path even as he appoints the remaining 14 cabinet Ministers as provided for in the constitution.

She said the inclusion of women in all leadership positions will have a positive impact on the setting of priorities for national development.

Mrs. Chibuta also said the appointment of many female Cabinet Ministers and the increase in the number of women elected at local government and parliament level in the just ended election will improve Zambia’s ranking with regards to representation of women in political decision making positions.

She has since congratulated all the women who have been appointed as cabinet ministers and has urged them to utilize the opportunity to advance gender equality by facilitating gender equity in their respective ministries.

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  1. I like the way Kashimba Chimbwili is looking at the lady’s zayanuma. It’d be interesting to take a tour of his head and hear his thoughts at that moment…

    • Yes Lobyo! He also seemed ready to throw punches at whoever, ECL included, might want to reverse his cherished appointment …

    • WHy exactly, does he tak him this many attempts to formalise his cabinet.

      Is he awaiting ‘Bungs?

      The criteria to be a PS, Deputy Minister and Minister, is to basically offend the opposition, show him your a ‘Yes Man’ and or not aspire to be a President yourself.

      That ladies and gentlemen is an example of a subtle dictator.

      The fact that he is has received congratulatory messages from Israel, Zimbabwe and Kenya instead of any first world country suggests, they dont think much of him at all.

      If you liten to his commentary and message at the just ended UN conference, you actually start feel sorry for our president. The body language, message, murms and lack of eye contact was unispirational and embrassing. Certainly the Guardian Newspaper summed his mssage quiet well – too…

  2. When the speed limit on a road portion is 120 km/h it doesn’t mean drivers must drive at maximum speed. I hope our President is not working towards exhausting the constitutional number provided for. We need an optimum number given the social-economic development agenda being pursued.

  3. men are being killed like flies and the women organizations are quite but if it was vice versa even a protest would have taken place,i have nothing against women i adore them but these praises are one sided.

  4. What a wasteful Country! Thirty(30) cabinet positions serving a small population of only 15 million and the fact that we have implemented the decentralization policy should have seen the number of cabinet portfolios reducing. Some functions have been devolved to the councils, so what will those Ministers be doing apart from undertaking luxurious local and international trips? America, with all that big population of 300 million citizens and almost all the wealth in the world but with only 11 cabinet portfolios.

    • America is af federation of 50 states operating as one country. Each of those states functions like an independent country so U can’t compare the two. It’s like comparing a blackberry to a pineaple (which is made up of several small berries to make one fruit).

  5. Woman have been fighting for things that they cant do.We as men folks have been so quiet for a number of issues.E.g Men out there are being buttered by their wives and its usually quiet from these chaps who champion the so called gender equality.A MAN IS MAN and a woman will never be like a man.Women are helpers of men….simple.

  6. Mr. Kambwili looks great and decent. He is what one would call “The devil’s advocate” This word means a person who is always tough , and wants work done right, even if you have to hate him, just get your work done,out of group on lenient playing safe kind of people. More like RANDO on the South African IDOL. You need such people in an organisation or in a home. He is the one man”DISCIPLINARY COMMITTEE” I like him.Very dedicated and passionate to what he stands for. Congratulations to all the women that have been chosen..

  7. I have created a machine kopimila machismo just like kopimila HIV. Am looking for 1000 volunteers to try it to see how many will pass the test. Names

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