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MMD welcomes FDD’s move to hold a National Convention

Headlines MMD welcomes FDD's move to hold a National Convention

Raphael Nakacinda
Raphael Nakacinda
MMD National Secretary Rapheal Nakacinda has welcomed the announcement by fellow opposition party Forum for Democracy and Development FDD that it will hold a national convention in December this year.

And Mr Nakacinda says the hounding out of former UPND Vice President Dr Canisius Banda from the party was the last nail in the casket of the party’s image as a tribal cult.

Commenting on the announcement that FDD will hold a convention in December Mr Nakacinda said MMD welcomes parties that have drawn inspiration from the mother of democracy in holding conventions as regular as possible in a bid to practice intra party democracy.

“As MMD we welcome all political parties that have drawn inspiration from the mother of democracy in the need to practice intra party democracy by regularly holding conventions or elections for members to be accorded an opportunity to participate in the affaires of their respective political parties by way of aspiring to whatever positions without their Democratic right being stifled.

“We are happy to hear that FDD has called for a convention, we are happy that NAREP has indicated that they will hold a convention this year and we call upon other political parties to emulate their friends by ensuring that they give chance to their members to participate in the affaires of their respective Parties,” he said.

And Mr Nakacinda said the UPND have demonstrated in their conduct that their Party is turning in a political cult as seen from the treatment of Dr Banda who has been harassed for merely commenting on the need for them to have a convention.

He noted that UPND is turning into a political party that disadvantages others while promoting the interest of an individual’s interests.

“The UPND have demonstrated in their conduct of harassing Dr Canisius Banda for merely commenting on the need for the UPND to go for a convention. This development only goes to validate that the UPND is turning into a tribal cult that has interest of advance for those with the appetite to advance tribal politics in this country,” he said.

He explained that if UPND was a democratic political party then Dr Banda would have been a hero in the party as opposed to the ill treatment he has received from his President and Party.

He wondered how the party will do their postmortem of the just ended elections so as to know were they lost when they start chasing the very members who helped the Party.

He further called on UPND leaders to stop tarnishing Tongas, Lozis and other tribes where they enjoy massive support by pitting them against other tribes for their selfish gains.

Mr Nakacinda who is a Tonga himself, said without the contribution great men from these tribes the country would not have attained Independence nor the democracy which they are abusing by using innocent people through their affairs.

He said the only way for a person to become President in Zambia is through the polls and that instead of using tribe the UPND leader should convince Zambians that he is qualified to be in that office.

He said what makes a President in Zambia is the ballot and not the tribe which one may have come from.

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    • See how they drool. See how they yap and their gobble is full of PF Lungu anione. At this time and hour when your fellow Tongas are loosing jobs on account of tribe you turn a blind eye. You are gullible to think your chip MMD rhetoric will give you kudos.

    • He is talking from his backside.

      First of all you had an illegal convention. Secondly you of course are looking for a job in PF – if your comments are anything to go by.

      No platform for you to air any views be it ones making sense or nonsense.

      Not even clear you are legitimately and legally in your post to start with.



    • Upnd cannot address the elephant in the room namely its regionalism because that is what it thrives on. Hh was chosen as Upnd leader only because of his tribe. The last election proved beyond doubt that no party can win in their areas unless they are associated with Upnd a regionalist party.
      Those who can’t see this are more than blind.

  1. And wherever you got the idea that MMD Mutati faction is the mother of democracy. When will people learn to mind there business. Tongas and other tribes are being fired and maligned by Lungu you turn and and preach democracy. As Pr. Sims says: Nkala mpokede mpakwelede.

    • @Mama, you hit the nail on the head.

      George Orwell sums up the seven commandments in Animal farm..”all animals are equal but some are more equal than others.”

    • @mama & sweet …please do not tell lies just to incite unsuspecting citizens. Which Tonga and other tribesmen have been fired or marginalized? As for ministers Lungu has gone out of his to nominate local people as Mps and provincial ministers. He could have easily picked from the elected 85 Mps for provincial minister. Please don’t create stories when you actually know that if Lungu picked a Upnd MP for cabinet, that would be the end of that person ‘s political career like Shamunene and others. Point to us which people from your tribe has been victimized.

    • @Mama it is unfortunately Tongas who don’t see beyond tribe or kith and kin. Look at the voting pattern in Southern Province and Western Provincince and NWP in the last election.
      God bless you.

    • Tell them. If someone gets disciplined regardless of the situation then UPND is great. They do not respect persons but principles. At a time when they need members they do not compromise on layalty.

  2. Hope pangas and guns will not be used as pens like Edgar Chakolwa Kaloba Wrungu did during the Pfools convention.

  3. Upnd should just go for a convention. Period. Lets not meander and call a spoon a spade and bring in this and that. Hh claims he is a democrat but yet cant have a convention. He is surely not a legitimate leader of upnd till his mandate is renewed. And by the way we await the resignation letter from GBM to PF. Why is he still PF but vice president upnd

    • All those tribalists and opportunists from eastern zambia who pray for HH to vacate his position will be shocked because HH will remain UPND president even after our convention in 2017. HH is the most popular candidate now in zambia,so we have no reason to replace him.We shall continue to vote for him till he wins.If it means putting him by any means we shall.

    • And you are sure that there is democracy in other parties ?? Just trace most of these conventions and if you are honest with yourself, you will come to the conclusion that they are just semblances of democracy…. and this is not to say I agree with the UPND which is also currently one of the most undemocratic parties …. just go by the way Canisius and GBM were appointed to VP they were hardly a day in the party and rose to number 2. ECL without Guy scott they wudnt even had that raising of hands voting that took place ..

  4. Dr C. Banda wants to eat his cake and have it at the same time. He comes out as one the usual opportunists of the politicians of nowadays. All party leaders demand for loyalty within their party. ECL was saying the same when he appointed Kambwili “…there can only be one President at a time”, he said. I don’t expect it to be different in UPND.

  5. Stop mentioning Tribe Nakacinda,your article was okay when you said political cult,but when you say tribal cult you mess the unity of the land, grow up my man it’s not about your belly alone, many insults to the other tribes through such sentiments have, raised a divide,don’t be selfish

  6. The Americans must be wondering, what exactly is HH looking for that he has lost five times through the ballot and yet still wants to continue as president of UPND? Worse, he will not even allow a challenge to his leadership or alternative leaders at a convention. In America and UK, or even in other parties in Zambia, a new leader would have been allowed to emerge. The Americans now probably see another Saddam Hussein or Joseph Mobutu slowly developing in Zambia. Their consolation is that at the rate he is cruing Herr Hitler Hichilema will probably develop medical complications very soon, or he may go in for treason for a long time.

    • Hilary Clinton is trying for the second time, Reagan had several attempts until he got it. There is nothing stopping anyone in America for trying as many times as they are able its just that it is very expensive you need to raise about US$2 billion to campaign!!

  7. Terrible for your information America knows the truth that HH won the 2016 election and are disappointed by Lungu. They are more than ready to continue supporting him till zambians can sobre up when hunger strikes them. HH is the hand and eyes of America in zambia.

  8. Forged president has been firing many Tongas , Kaondes and Lozis in the Zambia Army since last week.My question is will Zambia be more safe with these highly trained individuals on the streets?Is Lungu solving the problem or exacerbating it?Zambia is now on its knees seeking wisdom or we burn in flames soon.

  9. Tell me a party in Zambia that had a successful convention with all seats filled without acrimony. Infiltration is the major problems in zambian parties. I know of someone who masqueraded as a deputy spokesperson of a political party. That party was naive to trust him and had a hand in selecting polling agents in Lusaka white were later bought by another party. The man resigned shortly after accomplishing his mission and I hear he is destined for foreign service job.

  10. @9 your propaganda will not work since no Lozi, Kaonde, Tonga has been fired on account of their tribes. Give us their names and government department where they worked. It’s not gonna work, so try something else.

  11. I wasn’t really interested in commenting to what this ‘no-body’ Nakacinda had said knowing he was talking about the rot in his party and ofcourse FDD as per headline. Then I read the part where he talks about the mighty UPND. To be honest, your political path as Mr. NAkacinda doesn’t seem to be heading anywhere and I understand the need to sound relevant by being ruling party affiliated. Hoping to be noticed in the end and go the ‘bowman Lusambo’ way. The UPND is a serious organisation that has a clear conscience and plan to steer this nation in another direction other than that of the current regime.
    So, these are not men willing to sell their values for few pieces of silver as in your case with the current finance minister. Please, just find other avenues of making your figure…

  12. Zedman, correction: Hilary Clinton has never stood for Presidency of the US. And she has only one shot at it. If she fails she will move out. Do not confuse party nomination campaigns with Presidential ones. In America you can stand for Party nominations as many time as you like but once adopted you have ONLY ONE SHOT AT PRESIDENCY. Check your records please. HH has stood and lost 5 times as a PRESIDENTIAL candidate not a party nomination candidate. There is a very big difference. I am not saying he shouldnt continue trying. I am just correcting the impression you are incorrecting creating that it also happens in America. NO IT DOESN’T.

  13. Nakacinda should tell us how Major Richard Kachingwe ceased to hold the post he (nakachinda) now holds. Are RB, Dora, still MMD? Wasnt Lubinda lebelled a traitor in PF.? Wasnt Kabimba hounded out of PF? Wasnt Sampa forced out when he resigned as Deputy Minister?
    Why is it an issue when UPND purges out traitors like Canisius Banda.
    What sort of a party leader lives on charity from other members? Canisius Banda was just a burden to HH and GBM. Those who want him can take him and feed him. He proved to be a political lightweight who could not articulate issues on radio or TV.

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