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NAREP concerned with PF minister’s amassed money during their illegal stay

Headlines NAREP concerned with PF minister's amassed money during their illegal stay
Nchanga Constituency National Restoration Party(NAREP) losing candidate Judith Kabemba has expressed a concern over the monies the Patriotic Front (PF) ministers amassed during their illegal stay in office after the dissolution of Parliament this year, reports Pan African Radio journalist Hermit Hachilonde.
She suggested that once the money is paid back it should be put into good use by setting up a national project that can benefit the nation under the supervision of an independent person to be appointed by the Patriotic Front Government.
Ms.Kabemba cited the purchase of materials such as mattresses, blankets and equipment for Kitwe and Ndola Central Hospitals and the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) as one of the proper channels where that money can be directed.
She revealed that a number of Zambians on the Copperbelt have raised concerns regarding the guarantee that the monies from former ministers will benefit the people and not to be channeled into ventures.
Meawhile, Ms.Kabemba has advised Zambians to get a leaf from an unnamed SADC country where  some Ministers allegedly  opened an account with an agenda to embezzle donor funds for disaster.
” In view of this I feel that it could be a good idea that a national project be identified and all monies repaid be directed there with a person appointed to supervise these works in order to make sure that these monies are channeled to the Intended beneficiaries.” Ms kabemba noted.
“One such project would be to purchase hospital materials such as mattresses, blankets,machinery, and other equipment for Kitwe and Ndola central hospitals as well as the UTH”
“The status of these materials are pathetic in our hospitals” ms. Kabemba said
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  1. You are correct BUT will the pay back the money? What a lot of leaders we have. They dont respect the law. I hope more money will not be stolen.

    • Am a PF member but on this one i feel they have to pay back come wat may,if they wont pay then the law will catch up with them once the leave office.UMULANDU TABOLAA

  2. Opposition parties in Zambia seem very weak, disunited, fragmented, and scared. The role of opposition parties is to keep the ruling party in check. The country does not exclusively belong to the ruling party. It belongs to all Zambians. We the people just mandates them to be public servants, managers, or custodians of the country’s economy and resources. So, they should be held accountable when they’re being lazy or corrupt. Opposition parties should play an important role of holding the party in office accountable on behalf of all Zambians, and if they shirk this responsibility, they allow unbridled corruption to begin to flourish. They need to have a strong, fearless and united voice in calling out the ruling party, whenever they detect corruption, or abuse of power. But…

  3. (Continued)… most of time, opposition parties in Zambia don’t even seem to know what’s going on. Or if they do, they don’t seem interested in holding the ruling party accountable, by, say, making noise and letting the whole country know what’s going on. For instance, there was no outcry when Lungu and his gang decided to , expensively, charter a plane to the USA, when South Africa’s Zuma had to use public transport to save money. This is clearly a waste of our merger resources, money which could have been saved and used on more critical needs, such as paying the teachers on time, or buying crucial items for the hospitals as mentioned in the above article. Also when one leader of an opposition party is being harassed by the ruling party, the rest of the opposition shouldn’t just…

  4. (Continued)… stay quiet, but should come to his or her aid. Recently, UPND leaders were denied prison visitation, and were told to write to the state house to get permission. This was an outright and blatant violation of these UPND leaders’ rights. And yet they had virtually no support from other opposition leaders. Remember, a ruling party has potential to be thoroughly corrupt if no one is holding them accountable. There’s need for strong opposition in our country, if democracy is to work.

  5. There is really only one party in Zambia at the moment that tries to act as an opposition party ,,, and look at the amount of harassment, name-calling and plain insults they have to endure – even from the public like on this forum!

  6. Madam, the court ruled that the money must be paid and they will pay. They are yet to get their gratuity.

  7. Do not complain when you leader misuses power, when people from other region, had there house burnt. what did you say? you kept quite. my brother was bittern in namwala what did you say? nothing! even the vocal chiefs kept quite. You think Haha is a God to send is cadres to kill people .These were innocent victims. Now you want him to start inciting copperbelt citizen you think he has all the right to do that? Think twice brethren we need peace. You think no one attacked you and you it be that way. Remember Rwanda selfish people like Haha started it.

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