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Civil Society for Poverty Reduction welcomes President Lungu’s parley speech

General News Civil Society for Poverty Reduction welcomes President Lungu's parley speech

President Lungu delivering his address during the official opening of parliament
President Lungu delivering his address during the official opening of parliament
THE Civil Society for Poverty Reduction (CSPR) has expressed gratitude with the content of President Edgar Lungu’s address to the National Assembly.

CSPR Advocacy and Communication Programme Coordinator Maxson Nkhoma said in a statement yesterday that the Presidential speech was not only encouraging to most Zambians but it was also inspiring to the majority Zambians as it hinged on a number of progressive and well-articulated Government’s short – long term pro-poor policies aimed at realizing real economic diversification from one based on mining to one which is broadly based on agriculture, livestock , fisheries and tourism .

Mr Nkhoma said CSPR was happy that the President was categorical on his Government’s decision to make the agriculture sector a number priority among all other sectors in an effort to diversify the economy and facilitate for robust economic growth, wealth creation through value addition, processing and packing.

“ CSPR is glad to note that the President, shares the concerns affecting the small scale farmer’s in as far as farming mechanization is concerned. This inspires confidence and hope amongst small scale farmers that government will create enabling environment that will enable small scale farmers able to own farming equipments which will enable them enhance production,”he said.

Mr Nkhoma said the proposed creation of the agriculultural- related industries would support Government’s intention for job creation through value addition, processing and packing.

He said CSPR welcomes the proposed introduction of the cooperative bill to be brought before Parliament as it would help enhance the performance of the cooperative movement in Zambia while harnessing its potential to contribute positively to sustainable national development On Macro-Economic Front.

He said CSPR was optimistic that with the proposed broad based macro-economic policies such as the reduction of inflation rate to single digit and reduction of public debt , Zambia would a remain a predictable and best investment destination for both foreign and local investors.

“We note that inflation has already started reducing from over 22 percent in December 2015 to around 18 percent in September 2016.

Further it is our hope that creation of the Industrial Development Cooperation (IDC) will help the country enhance its capacities in commerce, trade and industry and enable Zambian products fair competitively on the international market while creating jobs for local people,”he said.

He called upon every Zambian to embrace President Lungu’s call for innovation if the country was to develop In the age of digital technologies and economic globalization.

He said CSPR was looking forward to the Presentation of the national budget which was clearly linked to the Presidential address to national assembly the Medium Term Expenditure Framework(MTEF) and the Seventh National Development Plan(SNDP)

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    • Looking forward to see all these NGOs get employed in the 1 million jobs.
      I don’t like Zambian NGOs, they even demand money for commenting on PF support, I bet Kaizer Zulu paid for that praises.

  1. Anyone can read a speech written by trained speech writers. Even a dull chap like lungu can be made to look clever by a speech. However we in upnd only want action. We have heard these promises over and over again

  2. I’m not impressed. this is a continuation of rhetoric. Load shedding which PF promised to stop in 3 months in their first term still continues in their second term and yet Zimbabwe and RSA have ended it. Twanaka no bufi, lies dception, wenye, boza, bubela, kubeja. Open up your eyes you Zambians for how long are you gonna be cheated? To start with the number of Ministries are too many for such a poor economy. Tanzania has cut them to only 19. Why cant we did the same? Politics of the stomach need to end. Awe mwacilamo!

  3. And you this Chawama man has a heart for the poor when he has been able to hire aircraft twice costing about $1m which could have been used to get rid off chorela and tyhoid in Lusaka

  4. Lungu is just a pr!ck. I can’t find any other better way of describing him.

  5. If you believe this rubbish you will believe anything.

    Zambia has seen the results of Lungu in state house. So what has changed?

    PF promises this and promises that. Zambian still have none of the 500,000 jobs promised. Mealie meal is even more expensive.

    The only thing we can be SURE of is that these are LIES! Lungu and his gang of thieves are absolutely clueless about how to make any of these wishes into reality.

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