Former MMD National Treasure escapes death


Former National Treasure of MMD Elizabeth Chitika has involved a road accident after she tried to run away from the MMD Task Force in charge of collecting party vehicles.

The Task force tried to impound the car she is alleged to have been illegally using since the convention that saw the coming in of a new MMD National Executive Committee (NEC) under the leadership of Felix Mutati who is now Finance Minister under PF and Raphael Nakacinda.

Ms Chitika who had refused to return the two vehicles she got when she was still Party National Treasure was cornered at UNZA research center in Chadliegh area as she headed home around 14 hours yesterday.

She ,however, managed to force her way out and drove up to Kaunda Square in Munali area, where she hit into a reversing canter loaded with sand.

Ms Chitika who escaped the accident without any injury was taken to PHI Police where she was detained for some hours for causing an accident.

The MMD Task Force Chairperson on the collection of party property Mr Dauzen Tembo, said the move will serve as a lesson to all former leaders holding on to party property.

“If they think they can be using our party property to be mobilizing UPND programs they must think again. I found this lady driving our vehicle majestically from ordering things for her shops with a party vehicle, in fact we have heard these people have put our vehicles on ranks,” Mr Tembo said.


    • That Dauzen Tembo must be ARRESTED, is he a policeman to be chasing people in vehicles? What warranty does he have to be endangering public, what if Chitika rammed that MMD vehicle in RB’ car and he died?

    • It is Mwine Mushi on LT most times – Jeeeeezes!!!! Dauzen thinks it is child laugh that Elizabeth has involved a road accident!!! Dauzen amona kwati ca mwana aseka ati Eliza acita ntwenokane accident! It is punkaling iwe Kasaka! Punkaling in a sand loaded motoka! Dauzen wilashenteka iyoo!

  1. Is there no rule of law left in Zambia.There is a legal and illegal MMD. There’s a legal method of collecting property by the legal owners of any property. Let’s avoid jungle or primitive laws to avoid anarchy.

  2. Who wrote this crap of news? 1. How does treasure change status to become former? 2. This same treasure involves a road accident… in doing what??! Bane nga mwafilwa seleni tubombeko! Uku kwangala.

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