Fire destroys Chilonga School of Nursing


Chilonga School of Nursing in Mpika District of Muchinga Province has been gutted by fire destroying the infrastructure and students’ property.

Ministry of health Acting Spokesperson Dr. Dennis Mulenga confirmed in a press statement today that the fire started from the Kitchen and later spread to the other structures of the Nursing School around 04:30 hours on yesterday.

Dr Mulenga said the fire brigade only managed to put off the inferno around 07:00 hours.

The Acting Spokesperson noted that the cause of the fire is still under investigation.

Dr Mulenga said the estimated cost of property and equipment destroyed in the fire is considerable as it involves laboratory equipment, kitchen equipment, and students’ personal belongings.

He pointed out that the affected structures were the entire kitchen, three store rooms, skills Laboratory, laundry, twenty-two student rooms, School library, and Staff office block.

Dr Mulenga disclosed that out of the 146 students at the school, 67 had their property destroyed adding that fortunately, no one was injured nor any life lost.

The Ministry of Health has also resolved to immediately close the school and all students will be sent home immediately but within two weeks, the final year Registered and Enrolled Nursing students will be notified to report back to Chilonga School of Nursing to continue with their training.

However, Dr Mulenga explained that the first year Registered Nursing students and Midwifery students will within two weeks’ time be notified as to which other school they will report to continue with their training programme.

“The Ministry wishes to affirm its commitment to the training of health workers and as such will take all possible measures to ensure the nation continues to produce the much needed Human Resource for Health,” Dr Mulenga said.



  1. This is very sad. However this is what happens when you have pf cadres employed to manage public institutions who lack any. Knowledge in health and safety procedures.

    • Thank God no life lost!
      Yes yes yes, let’s see what PF is made of. all those ministers who were dancing Dununa reverse should be in Mpika by now. Where is Mukupa??? Create 100 jobs to fix that college tumone…

  2. So which pf cadres are those specifically? The nation deserves to know so that we may truly try another political party in 2021. FDD look promising now that they’re going to have their convention.

  3. When ZESCO power is turned off, the first thing you ought to do is isolate your instruments until 15/30 minutes after the power is back. Never assume things shall be as usual for the power coming might not be right for your instrument. Am sure it wasn’t the first time to have a power loss.

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