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Miles Sampa will have to wait for three years to rejoin PF

Headlines Miles Sampa will have to wait for three years to rejoin PF

UPND President Hakainde Hichilema with Miles SampaUPND President Hakainde Hichilema with Miles Sampa
FILE: UPND President Hakainde Hichilema with Miles Sampa

The Patriotic Front Central Committee has resolved that members who have applied for readmission into the party have to wait for at least three years minutes in line with the party’s constitution.

Former Matero MP Miles Sampa is one of the high profile politician who has publicly applied to rejoin the PF.

But in a statement issued by PF Secretary General Davies Mwila, the Central Committee which met yesterday at State House reiterated the provisions of the PF constitution in article 74 sub-article 16 which states that a person who resigns from the Party shall not apply for re-admission within three years from the date of resignation,

The meeting which was chaired by President Edgar Lungu resolved that that all former members that desire to rejoin PF are expected to comply with this constitutional provision.

The meeting also unanimously endorsed the Candidature of Kitwe Mayor Councillor Christopher Kang’ombe for the position of President of the Local Government Association of Zambia.

“Hence the Party expects all PF councillors to vote for Councillor Kang’ombe and thereafter, offer him necessary support to succeed in his work bearing in mind that his success would be the success of the PF as a whole. Finally, we wish to inform our members that the Secretary General and selected members of the Central Committee will soon embark on a programme of visiting party officials in all provinces as part of a long term project to strengthen our Party,” Mr Mwila said.


    • 1. Why the ruling was only against PF faction elect president Miles Sampa, but not Lifwekelo and Mumbi?
      Why Frank Bwalya didn’t wait 3 years, after his ABZ party failed?

    • Girls are like mangos. While some are waiting for it to ripen others are busy eating it salt.

      Courtesy kk

    • Girls are like mangos. While some are waiting for it to ripen others are busy eating it with salt.

      Courtesy kk

    • The Patriotic Front Central Committee has resolved that members to have applied to readmission into the party have to wait for at least three MINUTES in line with the party’s constitution.
      So basically Sampa is PF kaili 3 minutes has passed.

    • But why didnt this provision apply to Frank Bwalya and others? Double standards ba PF led by a ‘God fearing’ person.

    • Humble President indeed, where was this selfsame Committee when the spoiled princess T wanted to stand as Deputy Mayor…You are happy to build million dollar useless houses of Prayer yet you can not forgive your friend. Just accept this **** Sampa; you happy to take on board people like Dora who were insulting your founding father Sata and also Mutati in very influential positions but you can not accept this shameless rat Sampa who survives on taxpayers funds like yourselves.

    • @Nostradamus & Shot Put: Don’t quote me on this, but my recollection is that Frank Bwalya was never a PF member before he formed his “RED FIMO FIMO” which he later decided to abandon and join PF—Yes, he criticized the Party and President Sata vehemently but I don’t think he was ever a member of the PF at that time. Also Mumbi was a MMD member when he defected to UPND (I stand to be corrected.) As for Lifwekelo, if memory serves me right, it has been more than three years since he resigned from PF and joined UPND.

      But, whatever the case might be, at least PF seems to be following their Party Constitution, as opposed to others who just want to talk a good game of CONSTITUTIONAL DEMOCRACY on the National level and yet PRACTICE NONE in their own particular Parties!

    • Make it a lifetime ban. The likes of Miles Sampa and Silvia Masebo are always ready to stab you in the back. Never give them a chance.

    • Message to Sampa that there is life after PF, My friend things happen for a reason therefore forget and move on. there other things you can do, i.e business?? why should Zambians think the only way to make money is through politics, this is why we have wrong leadership full of corruption.

      Wina the Vice President,Should also retire, she is too old??? come on we are over 11M Zambians and we have younger people to also lead.. Enough with old people, we want innovate ideas to move Zambia forward.

    • Wow thats a lot of time to wait by the way those asking about Frank bwalya he was not a PF member before and Lufwekelo three years has past since the time he left the part, i hope miles sampa will wait this long

    • Can those political monkeys appeal to Constitution Court? Or the People’s Constitution Court has no jurisdiction over PF’ constitution?

    • Looks like they are interested to see Sampa committed to what he says. Sampa was not just common member of the party but one who was a potential successor to ecl. They need to test his patience. After all from my calculations he be able to attend the convention. Only the balance of things I think it is a good move. Just show your patience Miles.

  1. The Patriotic Front Central Committee has resolved that members to have applied to readmission into the party have to wait for at least three minutes in line with the party’s constitution…. three minutes ba LT???

  2. it’s better after five years so they mis one election period these are the f oo ls who cares only of their tummies not the national development actually they should only contest as councillors as punishment

  3. Waona manje Sampa.
    Those guys cannot welcome you because they know you want to succeed Lungu.
    Anyway it was a silly decision you made Sampa.
    So what next for you now?
    Upnd should also reject you.
    Maybe go to Sinkamba

  4. Thanks for following wat is in the party’s constitution, and crazy guys will take it the other way pls defection and reapply is different to apply into another party as some has refersto Frank bwalya

  5. But I thought Ba Miles Sampa is a president of some sort of a party then lungu did well to dribble them at the PF convention,miles is has no leadership quality he is just cry baby and I can imagine such kind of an undecided person at the helm of a county, shame

  6. Sampa be careful,
    Pf have now capitalised on your childishnes to finish you political career.
    Tells us the way forward now.
    I dont think you realised what you were doing and now you have to learn.
    Sorry the pf decision was fair because no one can trust you anymore.
    Im NOT pf but i think you deserve it dear

  7. But GBM was about to bail out of UPND, as early next week in fact. According to reliable sources GBM stumbled upon an “inner circle” meeting of National Management Committee of UPND chaired by Hakachilema himself. The composition of the meeting and the language they were using apparenrly left GBM flabbergasted and crying over the huge financial sacrifice he has made for “his party”. With this devision by PF, ba GBM now can only either join another party or form his own party, but the big BUT is that GBM is now literary broke with his share of the legal invoice from the petition still unpaid.

  8. The PF Constitution only applies to Sampa and not to others like Frank Bwalya, Lifwekelo etc. And
    Lungu don’t lie to us, this was not the Committee’s decision it was Lungu’s decision. Lungu has always been against Sampa, his hatred caused SAmpa to leave the Party. We have all seen clearly how Lungu has been extending a hand of welcome to everyone even the opposition but not Sampa. Lungu is such a hipocrite, he is not humble and forgiving christian as he would like us to believe.
    Lungu can’t even remember that Sampa was Mr SAta’s neiphew. Mr Sata, SAmpa’s neiphew created PF.
    Lungu has offered jobs to swon enermies of PF/Sata why can’t he forgive Sampa Sata’s neiphew, does he ever think about Mr SAta or he just want use his legacy during campaigns, what a shame

    • They have not refused to readmit Sampa back into PF, they only want to test his commitment to his application. He will still be eligible to stand for any position in 2021 elections and also at the pf convention!

    • Sata formed the PF but now the PF is a National party. It no longer belongs to Mr. Sata or his family.
      Sampa has got his own party and if you want to join him please don’t hesitate to do do.
      President Edgar Chagwa Lungu happens to be the leader of PF and we members are satisfied with his leadership style.
      Why Ichikonko kwati ni Ichilema?

  9. @ 12 NEZ, it’s not news for you but IT IS news for us who want to follow the developments in the ruling party. It is also news for us to hear what the law says and does about politicians who are preaching treason, and whether there is enough space in Kamfinsa or they will have to squeeze or perhaps put up a reinforced container?

  10. PF has a working party constitution.

    The UPND cows meanwhile have to put up with a Satamic dictator his hexcellency Kalusa Hadolf Hitler aka Kaponya (HH)

  11. actually miles u did help a great deal for upnd to win these 2016 elections only that PF stole the votes but u miles should have waited for the icc ruling in november who knows upnd could will and HH inogulated what would u as Sampa do then

    • In the same breath you say ICC is there only to arrest Africans yet you are busy running to them for help…surely how can you trust an Arab to print ballots for you!!

  12. For me why not find something else to keep you busy. This business of politics where you have to argue, defend, insult, get insulted, defect is all nonsense. Am better off selling vegetables.

  13. Why is the PF Central Committee meeting at State House? The place belongs to the state not any political party

    • Party and it’s government mentality. We are going nowhere. We are doomed. One party dictatorship is back. PF has offices. They should meet there not state house. Now they are trying to show that party and government are the same. That is why in Zambia once a ruling party loses an election that’s the end, dead and buried. We are waiting for the PF to die also.

    • They should be charged rent. Where I live the ANC meets at Luthuli House and the President travels there from Pretoria every week

  14. @15 Chimpundu, ukalila mpaka 2021. What you are saying is not what Sampa said about PF and Lungu when he left PF. Ngaimwe mwatola kwisa ama labishi mulesosa? Are you spokesperson for Sampa iwe? Ninshi taleilaindila umwine?
    The PF was not and is Sata that is why it survives after Sata. But ku bambi balya bashala ba kalusa, UPND is Hakachilema. Nga afwa olo ba mulonga for treason that is the end of UPND pantu the vice does not qualify to succeed on the basis of the genesis of UPND post Mazoka.

  15. Pf constitution says that a person to be reinstated he has to wait at least 3years after resignation. So frank bwalya lifwekelo qualifies to be reinstated. The passed 3years from the time they resigned

  16. And yet all you PF cadres here were welcoming SAMPA, which truly shows your lack of understanding of your own Party Constitution. SHAME!!!
    I for one who is AGAINST this political prostitution, very well welcome this move, that PF has now read their constitution are re-enforcing it. This, however, should not only apply to SAMPA, but to all. In fact, I would wish the 3 yrs is extended to 5yrs. Its really disgusting, how this “feed my belly” politics is being done by these opportunist, and the Zambian people are just watching, in some cases even supporting those moves. No.. No…No..enough is enough, politics should be based on political conviction and what you do for Zambians and to benefit individual opportunist.

  17. Good for kilometers Sampa. He can’t have his way all the time. He left the alliance of Elias Chipimo went to upnd then 360° uturn. Back to PFPF. his absence brought tranquility in PF. Ban him for life.

  18. @26, use your intellect to at least answer the simple questions first. When you have members or ex members like Sampa or GBM do you need a membership card to keep track of your membership? Its like asking whether Hachilema is a member of UPND, you don’t need to see his memberdhip do you? I suggest that you use your intellect to sort out the problems in UPND which has embarked on path of self destruction.

  19. @16.1 NEZ, I thought that your media are Zambianwatchdog and the Past news? Are these not the ones preaching genocide? Are these not the media that you claim are being harrassed?

  20. That is very good ruling and hopefully other political parties can follow suit, it will hinder political prostitutes from prostituting at will and for the benefit of themselves.

  21. Great, thing PF!. There should be decency in politics. This is a big score and should be a trend setter. Political fast harvesting where others invested and laboured is immoral and does not show principle. Those that want rewards in future should start investing today.

  22. Miles said in his appeal that he was misled. Am sure it was muzungu wopusa who has no political life left. Am happy that Miles has been given there years to wait. Let him find something use full to do with his life.

  23. Sampa remember what happened when the late president Sata died,PF divided because every one wanted to succeed my Sata ,you were part of that group,so you are a threat to this people they can`t welcome you.You gave them chance.Zambian politics full of rubbish wasting tax payers money.

  24. The constitution of the party must be respect by all well meaning PF members.However i am deeply concerned with having party meetings at state house and not at PF secretariat as this had nothing to do with goverment functions.ELC i support you but on this one i berg to differ.Lets use our own party resources for party activities.SG pull up your socks.State house is not an office for a political party but goverment offices for the general public despite their political association.

  25. This post from Zambianeye needs answers: I dont support Sampa but the rule was not well thought out. As a result it is hypocritical. The double standards are there for all to see. If a returning member has to wait for three years so should a new entrant. Dora Siliya should have waited for three years before being considered. It now looks like the rule was made specifically for Sampa.

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