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Delayed Salaries for civil servants raises questions about fiscal management at Treasury-Sinkamba

Headlines Delayed Salaries for civil servants raises questions about fiscal management...

President Lungu Greets Green Party President Peter Sinkamba
FILE: President Lungu Greets Green Party President Peter Sinkamba
Green party President Peter Sinkamba says the delayed salaries for civil servants raises tough questions about the state of fiscal management at the Treasury.

Mr Sinkamba wondered why there is a delay when the Zambia Revenue Authority has not fallen short of its tax collection targets in the first and second quarters of 2016.

He said his party was worried that exams for primary and secondary schools my be affected due to delays in disbursement of funds to teachers.

“The salaries crisis raises tough questions about the state of fiscal management at the Treasury. We know for fact that high expenditure on servicing the country’s huge debt obligations is the main issue. This is so especially after the dollar exchange rate shot up by about 100%, meaning Zambia is now paying more Kwacha in dollar terms than the initial amount borrowed.

“From the reports posted in the last few weeks, Zambia Revenue Authority has not fallen short of its tax collection targets in the first and second quarters of 2016. So, where is the money for salaries? From our officials on the ground, all the 10 provinces have been affected by the problem, which has also spread to several key institutions, especially Education Loans and Home Affairs Ministries.

“Examinations for primary and secondary schools are around the corner. With the Education and Home Affairs Ministries having been starved of cash due to delays in disbursement of funds from the Treasury, we are worried that the exams may be adversely affected,” he said.

He added “We urge government to make the payments without further delay. It is this sort of cancer which results in leakage of exam papers and other malpractices.”

He further attributed the delay to some the policies by the Bank of Zambia.

“We are also aware that the high interest rates imposed on commercial banks by Bank of Zambia to stabilize the Kwacha, has, as we feared depressed borrowing and diminished economic activities in the country. Furthermore, we know for a fact the unfavourable exchange rate, which has seriously affected the net earnings from export-oriented corporations, is other reason the Treasury has run low on finances. Put simply, this is an indication of policy failure.

“Government should accept that its monetary and currency policy measures effected by Bank of Zambia late last year have simply failed,” Mr Sinkamba said.

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    • Imwebantu, There were parties in night clubs and strip clubs in New York, money was spent, where do you think money to pay civil servants is going to come?. Edgar lungu has a history drinking the whole salary and not pay rentals, bana dalitso is my witness, akalumba!!!!!!

    • Iyo dununa yaisa bane! Little money left is for PF big guys first.

      Next it will be price rises. The cost of doing business in Zambia is getting unbearable if not even impossible.

      By wanzelu.

  1. Rivers in southern province have dried up,ati lungu ndiye alengesa.these vimafontini ,vinga kuchimwise mwe.okey fine,tinamibelani ma votes as you claim,now where were you the time we were stealing?.vopwalala ivi veve.you can’t even differenciate between loosing and stealing.don’t participate in 2021 if you know that tizakamibelani nafuti nafuti nafuti.how can you lead na kupwalala konse uko? how do you participate in an election with your eyes closed.ayo malilo yaboza muzayalila for 5 +++ years.

    • Back to Unip 1980s – “essential commodities”, shortages, exchange controls, price controls, “economic sabotage”, etc are phrases you will be hearing more of from now onwards.

  2. All the money collected by ZRA is going to service IMF, Chinese loans, all the KALOBA PF got for the Roads etc.

    Lusaka-Times should just merge with DeadNBC coz they report the same things, Hero-worshiping of LUNGU.

    Thats why they are silencing Zambian watchdog & The Post so that the truth is not revealed.

  3. “From the reports posted in the last few weeks, Zambia Revenue Authority has not fallen short of its tax collection targets in the first and second quarters of 2016. So, where is the money for salaries? From our officials on the ground, all the 10 provinces have been affected by the problem, which has also spread to several key institutions, especially Education Loans and Home Affairs Ministries.
    The money was used for compains and on Jameson for all the pamafi carders.

    • Take it easy. Lungu and PF are still dancing Dununa Reverse. When they are done, that’s when they may look for a loan to pay salaries. Just continue walking on the massive infrastructure for now. Be thankful for that, even as you starve.

  4. Dear Zambians, I didn’t know that my salary would be delayed after voting for Chagwa and PF…. I blame for the Dununa reverse song for impairing my decision making.. Forgive me ba Zambia..

    • Dancing Dununa Reverse while enjoying “massive infrastructure” blinded you. This is just the beginning of the darkest hour for Zambia.

    • This is the message that has taken PF 5 years to learn. They burned through $7bn of debt and reserves like there was no tomorrow. Now tomorrow is here and GRZ is broke. Get used to it.

  5. (HH) and his Satamic forces are fighting hard against Lungu’s government.
    The wankar thinks people will revolt if the economy is bad.
    But the Zambian people have rejected this devil worshipping embicile 6 times

    • HH is neither the President, Secretary to the Treasury, Bank of Zambia Governor, Commissioner General ZRA nor Minister of Finance. Campaigns are over my brother. Don’t harbour so much hate the source of which you don’t understand. Let’s contribute positively to our country. Don’t be a TOOL

    • They sleep thinking of HH, they dream of HH, they wake thinking of HH, all day all they can write is about HH.

      That is the power of the man.

    • If HH can run Zambia from his home while in opposition, surely Zambia could be somewhere else, a better place, if he were President. PF should just accept responsibility for ruining the Zambian economy over the last 5 years.

  6. Pay Civil Servants backdated pay and timely henceforth. There is no excuse. Without them gov’t can’t work, the people suffer from corruption as Civil servants start collecting bribes for services.

    • we are yet to see more corruption in the civil service because of this dununa amafi regime in the next 5 years of their governance…

  7. Things are ok mwebantu. Why do you like complaining. Chagwa is the man Dununa! Let us work hard and stop complaining for our choices.


    • Then the trekking will be reversed as those who can recall us Zambians will start crossing the border for a sip of Coca Cola! How many in the current cabinet have what it takes to take the country to higher heights? Mushota respects education and would have had no problems setting the minimum educational level up higher than what was embraced at G12 my foot!

  9. Atleast Peter is not bitter in his language unlike someone I knew who if he said anything he would be insulting the President!!!

  10. So, it shall be! Let them suffer – they happily voted for ECL. And now they must bear the consequences of their foolishness & stupidity. It may teach them to be wise next time.


  11. As much as we appreciate Sinkamba’s concern for prudent fiscal allocation of funds, however, for what he stands for as ‘green party’, one wonders whether all this concern boils down to justify why govt should lift the trade embargo on dagga which alone will be enough source of badly needed revenue as the case in point.

  12. this is bad bane check your loan statements at your banks penalties have been charged for the delay of remittance to the bank. This means that the period for repaying the loan has been extended since they can’t increase the amount being deducted. check the statements.

  13. What Sinkamba is focused on above everything else is to justify free dagga smoking across all ages regardless even if it means exposing deficiencies in govt fiscal allocation of resources which to address, as far as he is concerned, will simply require the lifting of the trade embargo imposed on ‘the green’ leaf. All his solutions point to this.

  14. I am yet to come across anyone as focused on dagga smoking as Sinkamba is. Who else has formed a political party on the premise of dagga smoking?

    For all the dagga smoking he does, his outward look from a distance is too composed and seemingly couth. But, he has given the word ‘focus’ a whole new meaning.

  15. How could the excitement about a song called ‘Dununa Reverse’, be almost the sole driver of a so-called ‘right thinking’ segment of the population to vote for PF? Well, that’s what happened and if it wasn’t the stupid song, it would have been some other nonsensical slogan.

  16. That’s why I said get Alexander Chikwanda and lock him up. Azaulula! He is always at Lusaka Golf Club seeping on Jameson whisky ya kwa Lungu.
    Ka Mutati will not admit that there is no money in the Treasury in case he loses his job and presidency for MMD.


  18. What a shame. Civil servants are languishing while ministers and the president are comfortable. Why not switch sides for just a month. Then we will say zambia is a cristian nation and cabinet is humble and concerned about its citizens. How about the non payment of debts govt owes to local people , zambians which has remained unpaid for a long time. Is this not a crisis and yet before the elections ecl said there was nothing to fix in the economy as it was ok

  19. They have depleted the government money during campaigns,money went in their pockets. There is even no accountability. Now civil servants can not get their salaries. Why do you think fuel subsidies were removed? It is because they want to try and get some funds. Some of you Zambians are foolish. How do you support a government like that. Twamulya mubwa kasimpe. Things should even get worse,maybe it put some sense in your heads. We told you that the county was sold to thugs. Its not even 6 months, u have already started crying.

  20. Ask Chikwanda. He messed up in Unip and he was brought back by Sata (MHSRIP), the result is the same as before.

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