The Mutati MMD Faction youths have refuted claims that one of their members tried to kill Nevers Mumba led faction Party Treasurer Elizabeth Chitika who was involved in an accident on Friday.

And the youths have accused their Nevers Mumba of wanting to sale the party to the highest bidder something they claim Dr Mumba failed because the owners of the party vigorously protected it.

Speaking at a media briefing today MMD National Youth Treasurer Geoffrey Mulenga said Ms Chitika escaped death due to her recklessness as she tried to run away with a party vehicle which she has been using in her chicken business.

Mr Mulenga said the vehicle Ms Chitika was driving was one of the properties that former leaders are still hanging on to and refusing to hand over to the party.

He said behaviour of using deceit to remain politically relevant to the country’s political dispensation by their former leaders was uncivilized, ferocious, primitive and barbaric which must not be entertained by law abiding citizens.

“As MMD Youths we wish to register our displeasures with a clique of former party leaders who have continued to use deceit in their quest to remain politically relevant to the political dispensation of the country. The behaviour is uncivilised, ferocious, primitive and barbaric which must not be entertained by any law abiding citizen in our country because they are nothing but cheats and con artists hell bent on misleading the unsuspecting public.

“We would like to clear the air on circumstances surrounding the accident on Friday 30th 2016. Of course we confirm that our vehicle registration number ALC 4991 illegally in the custody of former National Treasurer Elizabeth Chitika escaped death after she hit into a light truck as she tried to run away with a party vehicle and is using it to sell chickens and pirating at markets. This vehicle is amongst many other party properties being used by unauthorised former party officials which we are going to be collecting without fail,” he said.

And Mr Mulenga has said that Dr Mumba failed to sale the party because members who are the owners of the party protected it.

He urged Dr Mumba to formally join the UPND and accept the position of Vice President which has been offered to him.

“We warn these people that we as youths will stop at nothing in recovering all party property from our fallen pastor and he should know that we have records of all the vehicles including the ones he changed into his children’s names. Now for the sake of you the media help us to inform the nation, we want to reiterate that if Dr. Mumba is a morally upright pastor why did he turn down the invitation to attend the constitutional convention? We feel the behaviour which is being exhibited by Nevers Mumba and his imposters is uncalled for and we urge them before its too late to quickly join UPND because we are reliably informed that he had already been appointed as Vice President for UPND.

“He even wanted to sale MMD to the highest bidder but he has failed that’s why he is so bitter that at some point he said he would ensure that Edgar Lungu would not be inaugurated,” he said.

He added “Nevers mumba, Reuben Sambo and Chitika can not talk about our President Felix Mutati simply because he is not their match by far. In fact these cadres must start debating with comedians even though comedians are way too better than them.”

He also advised the former Republican Vice President to stop insulting the former Republican President Rupiah Bwezani Banda but be greatful for what the former President did for him.

“Nevers Mumba can not be talking about a honourable man like our former Republican President Rupiah Banda over things that don’t involve him, he has shown that he is still holding a grudge against the former President because of reasons best known by him, Nevers should be grateful that this party picked him from the streets and made him a honourable individual. He failed to work because of his arrogance and insubordination he was fired unceremoniously like a headless chicken by our late President Levy Mwanawasa MHSRIP and it is on record that he said he regretted having appointed him as his Vice President. This same man he hates(RB) so much picked him up after he was fired and gave him a job as High Commissioner to Canada. He is a very ungrateful man of God,” he said.

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  1. Follow the law if you claim you are law abiding citizens. Get your property through a court process not by threats and uncivilized violence.


  2. I agree 100% with Chipman. If you claim to be law abiding citizens go to court. The courts of law will decide whether your claims are in order. Do not fall into the trap set by Nevers Mumba.



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