Police nab teachers for missing examination papers


POLICE in Petauke District of Eastern Province have apprehended three
teachers of Nyamiya Primary School in connection with the missing of
grade nine examination papers.
Police Spokesperson Esther Mwaata Katongo confirmed in a statement
that the suspects have been identified as Mwase Ngulube 34,
Mwaka Nyambe 36, and Leonard Phiri 29.

The trio are in police custody charged with the offence of Loss or Misuse
of Examination papers contrary to section 20, cap 137 of the Laws of
Zambia, an act that regulates examinations.
Ms Katongo said the examination papers were in the custody of the
three suspects and it was discovered that the examination papers
were missing on Monday when pupils were about to write.
“It was reported that the examination papers were in the custody of
the trio and when it was time for pupils to write examinations on
Monday 3rd October, 2016, it was discovered that some
copies were missing,” She said.

Ms Katongo disclosed that the missing copies  includes 75 copies of English ,
75 copies of integrated science paper 1, 25 copies of Business studies,
25 copies, Mathematics paper 2, 40 copies,  Social Studies, 30 copies,
Integrated Science paper one, 30 copies.


  1. We are yet to see more of these issues.The government delayed paying them salaries.The Chikambwili and his fellow minister are not paying back the monies they got illegally…

    • If they can leak the Examinations what can stop these Bemba thieves from rigging the 2016 election.Ask Gen Miyanda how he stoped examination leakages when he was education Minister.Lungu is spineless corupt drunk.He care less for such an less its an issue to with HH then he wont sleep.

  2. Now that we have the Council of Teachers, these should first be prosecuted and then be deleted from the register, as a deterrent to others.

  3. This is the caliber of youths in Zambia. They passed their exams through similar arrangements and it is now embedded into their genes. It is not about getting salaries late. How many teachers have committed crimes as a result of late payment of salaries. Learn to SAVE for the future. Form Savings Groups and not loans from banks. Avoid buying cars!!!

  4. Its now Zambian culture to steal,Drink and prostitute or womanize.After all Lungu is the mentor he stole the presidency from sleeping Tongas.

  5. 1.2 miyanda never stopped leakages. The most successful minister is Dr Phiri although he failed to file his own nomination

  6. Just looking at the title as an English student : nabbed for missing papers means the teachers missed the papers. Should read nabbed for THE missing ….

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