Community-minded airline continues to show its support for youth and education

Hard work and dedication resulted in project management graduate Lucy Bwalya being awarded two return flights to Livingstone with Proflight Zambia, in addition to her Bachelor of Science degree last week.
The airline sponsored the award in line with its strategy of nurturing young local talent,  at the 9th Annual Cavendish University graduation ceremony at Mulungushi International Conference Centre on Friday (September 30, 2016).
Proflight is a leading corporate sponsor of a range of initiatives to support communities and education in Zambia, and at the graduation ceremony, offered a return ticket for two from Lusaka to Livingstone in addition to a specially-commissioned shield engraved with the airline’s details.
The student selected under the Bachelor of Science in Project Management was Lucy Bwalya who received the award from Captain Phillip Lemba, Proflight’s Zambia director of government and industry affairs, during the ceremony.
“Every student dreams of this day,” said Captain Lemba. “It is the vision of every student to walk up on stage upon hearing their name, and collect their degree in front of friends and colleagues, and most importantly, parents.
“Seeing graduates achieve is satisfying for any sponsor and it is a privilege to be a part of this important stage in a student’s life, and have the opportunity to encourage self-esteem and confidence. It is a testament to the years of hard work and devotion shown by students and their determination to succeed,” added Captain Lemba.
In its bid to support and encourage graduates, the airline is keen to maintain its investment in science, technology, research, development and innovation as an important factor in growing the economy. Proflight Zambia plans to continue inspiring graduates to aspire to greater heights in the industries in which they will be working.
Upon receiving the award, Lucy Bwalya admitted to being really excited and also happy that her hard work has paid off: “It has not been an easy journey but it is just a question of being dedicated and achieving what I wanted at the end of the day. This was always my dream as I was growing up.
“I am so grateful to Zambia’s only scheduled airline, Proflight Zambia, for the engraved award and the offer of two free return flight tickets. I am happy that my son and I will be returning home to Livingstone by flight. It will be such an honour to fly with Proflight,” she added.
Proflight Zambia’s participation in community events such as these brings the airline closer to its customers. The company believes that these incentives will help to harness and encourage the potential in Zambia’s youth to inspire further development in our country.
In line with the government’s policy in the 2016 presidential inauguration speech, Proflight Zambia is on the verge of raising its investment in education and skills designed to encourage greater participation of the country’s youth in boosting the Zambian economy.
Proflight Zambia is a leading corporate sponsor of a number of initiatives designed to support communities, and has continued to lend its support to many organisations, institutions and groups in various sectors and industries in the country.


  1. I am missing something here. Is Proflight sponsoring any students or all this article is about the two free tickets one-way to Lstone that they are offering the student that has led to this self praising article? I expected to read about scholarships they are offering to students like Lucy Bwalya? Misleading title and article.

  2. Its like there’s only one tribe in Zambia. Every article u read it’s just this tribe. MXXXM!!

    Why not give this kid a ticket to visit her homeland in the North of the country? We need to fight to recover our nation.

    • I think I have met this Lucy before. As far as I know she is a Nkoya from Kaoma in Western Province. Bwalya is her married name and the last time I checked, she had parted with her estranged hubby.

      Under the circumstances she has every right to use the name Bwalya for good or wrong reasons …

  3. Maloza your head need to be seriously examined! What have the people from the north done to you? Get it or leave it these people are smart! They are daring and go where they see opportunities! They can marry from any tribe with ease… if you can’t beat them…..join them! Wabe tole ukufita!

    • @ Munyelo Pwete, the insult is redirected to your Dad.

      For u, being smart means being crooked. There are plenty opportunities in your province. Why not go back & develop your home area? Do this instead of FLOODING other provinces & claiming them to be yours whilst you insult the indigenous tribes & mock them not to speak IFITUNDU. The problem I have with your rogue tribes is a that morality goes down & brings along it rudeness, pomposity, corruption, insults, no respect of fellows or elders, theft, election fraud, eroding of Judiciary etc.


  4. Well spotted Blabla, Proflight did not sponsor this lady. They are only giving away tickets for publicity to boost Profit. LT your byline and article are irresponsible. Proflight did not back the student, they just gave her two tickets and a plaque. Proflight, create a scholaship programme and then offer jobs after graduation then you can talk of backing anyone… you did not inspire the lady at so stop claiming!

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