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Govt tackling Chama anthrax outbreak



Government has assured the nation that there is no need to panic over the anthrax disease that has broken out in Chama district in Muchinga Province.

Anthrax broke out last month on 22nd September in Chama with 44 cases having been reported.

In a ministerial statement issued in parliament today, Health Minister Chilufya Chitalu said no deaths has been recorded and assured that the disease would be contained.

“People should not panic because government is in control, we will contain the out-break of anthrax in Chama district,” he said.

Dr. Chitalu said the disease could have been caused by some people who touched, breathed or ate carcasses of hippos from the Luangwa River.

He said his ministry has constituted various intervention measures such as distribution of information, communication and educational materials,and active surveillance by authorities.

He said a Task force Committee has been put in place and that a mobile laboratory would soon be dispatched to the area.

Meanwhile, the Minister has urged people who might have eaten hippopotamus carcasses to report themselves to the nearest clinic or hospital for medical check-ups.

Anthrax is a severe illness caused by bacteria called Bacillus anthracis and can result in pneumonia, blood infection, and death.


  1. Some people in chama breathed carcasses of hippos from the Luangwa River. Funny thing is that Govt has medication already so people should not panic. First of all Anthrax is not a common thing in Zambia so for GRZ to have medication ready is amazing. Ni DUNUNA REVERSE YEKA YEKA Zambia political rhetoric chabe.

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