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HH and GBM denied food, own blankets in police cells


Blankets and mattresses brought in for Mr Hichilema and Mr Bwalya which were rejected by Police
Blankets and mattresses brought in for Mr Hichilema and Mr Bwalya which were rejected by Police

Opposition leaders Hakainde Hichilema and Geoffrey Mwamba spent the night in police cells at Luanshya Police Station without any access to food and water.

Attempts by UPND lawyers to send food, water and their own beddings and warm clothing were unsuccessful after the police refused.
And Mr Hichilema has told his supporters from inside the police cell to remain strong and united.

“Vice President GBM and myself would like to express our gratitude to all our supporters and sympathisers for standing with us and encouraging us to remain strong. We have so far been denied food, water and our own beddings and warm clothing being brought by our legal team,” Mr Hichilema said.

“All the same we believe in the living God and your numerous messages of encouragement keep strengthening us and we want to call on you out there to remain strong as you join the struggle for the defence of our democracy.”

He added, “As we have been saying, UPND is now no longer just a political party but a freedom movement aimed at liberating the people of Zambia.”

And MMD President Nevers Mumba condemned the arrest of Mr Hichilema and Mr Mwamba.

“How interesting the thought is, that on a day that is nationally recognised as a day to respect, honour and appreciate our teachers, this government has still not paid our teachers and instead, they are busy persecuting and intimidating the notable opposition leadership, even to the point of arrest on trumped up charges such as these. I wonder how arresting HH and GBM will sort out the teachers’ problems,” Dr Mumba said.

“I wish to remind this leadership that as they prepare to host another day of national prayers on the 18th, they must remember that there is a God in heaven who searches and is a discerner of hearts, and that as long as this great nation remains, their oppression, marginalisation, and intimidation of others will not go on forever, and that even if they try and sugar coat this dictatorship in a fake garb of Christianity, they cannot, and will not, defeat the collective will and destiny of the people.”

He added, “For those who choose to remain silent in the face of this intimidation, remember silence, sometimes, is betrayal. Today, it is these two gallant sons of the soil who despite their sacrifice and fight for justice are being despised and called names for being arrested. Tomorrow, it will be someone else, next month it could be your uncle or father and who knows, next year, it could be you.”

“Finally, I want to encourage anyone out there who may be getting discouraged, that it’s usually darkest before dawn. We can fight this injustice as long as we stick together. There is nothing to fear.”

Police officers rough up another UPND female supporter in Luanshya
Police officers rough up another UPND female supporter in Luanshya
HH at the Police Station shortly before he was arrested
HH at the Police Station shortly before he was arrested
HH and GBM at the Police Station
HH and GBM at the Police Station
Armed police officers at the entrance to the Police Station
Armed police officers at the entrance to the Police Station
Another female UPND suppoters picked up by police
Another female UPND suppoters picked up by police
A female UPND supporter being handled by police officers
A female UPND supporter being handled by police officers


  1. By this act alone. Edgar Lungu has proved to all that he is not a leader. He lack confidence and has low self esteem. There is no way the the leaders of the opposition would be treated like this without knowledge of the head of state. He mostly ordered this. Zambia is slowly turning into a dictatorship and failed state

    • Characteristics of a failed leader. Why deny them food and water. Let me hear anyone shout “Zambia is Christian nation”. Sorry Jesus would not do that to prisoners.

    • The worse is not the arrest of HH & GBM, but the way those 2 mother’s are helpless being roughed up by paramilitaries. My heart bleeds even more to watch a grandfather forcing his soul to execute her daughter.
      Did Ester Lungu see those photos?

    • Now it makes sense why Mr Lungu ordered those Army Combat vehicles. He planned this a long time ago. What a dictator!!!

    • Often times we miss the point, how many times do we question and whine when ordinary people get remanded in custody? Maybe reverting back to the basics will help, breaking any part of the law attracts equal reprimand as spelled by the same law. Accusing Edgar Lungu here is lunacy. What an irony of life, when Edgar stays mute then he is weak, when the police make an arrest, Edgar is a dictator.

    • I don’t believe that they were actually denied all that is being mentioned, from my point of view they were denied to live the life that they live at home because you don’t bring beddings and a bunch of groceries to someone in cell? There is always a deference between life in your own bedroom and that of in police cells

    • Watch “Arise Zambia chagwa must fall” youtube video that preficted Lungu turning into a full blown dictator once allowed to rig elections.

      Zambia is fast turning into Zimbabwe

    • Lungu Lungu you have touched a tail of a Lion.Your end is near mark my words.Time for Jokes is over.This is not about tribe anymore but about a dictator hiding in the good people called the Bembas. I am Bemba but i promise to gun you down before you start killing all us all.

    • Loud mouth Mumba, what you should know is that you are only the three of you in this (HH, GBV & U). Grow up and accept defeat, Zambians want to move on and the three of you are dragging the country backward. Zambia is already free, we don’t need another freedom. Stop involving innocent people in your madness, you can use your wives and children in your so call freedom fight.

    • There is no 5-Star treatment in police cells. All detainees are treated the same. Even his excellency ha ha the supreme leader of the republic of dudumwezi wont be an exception.

    • Imagine OBAMA locking up TRUMP. Or Zuma locking up Maimane/Malema.

      Lungu has really taken away the achievements Zambian democracy.

      LUNGU is PISSED OFFf becoz of UPND’s boycott of his opening of Parliament.

      ZAMBIABWE still has a long way to go.

      Lungu & his PF00LS are the worst thing that has happened to Zambian democracy. As I commented when LUNGU was declared winner: “TODAY IS A SAD DAY FOR DEMOCRACY IN ZAMBIA.”

      In the run up to 11/8 polls, we the politically informed elites, stated on this social podium that attention seekers like HH and surrogates rode on the back of violence from their so called strong holds through public universities to their rallies, markets, roads and what have you. One wonders who lied to them that this was their time. Be rest assured that HH has no heart for Zambia. Shouldn’t he appreciate that God’s time is the best ie if he is not the devil. There was no wind for change on 8/11 believe me.

    • HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH reminds me of National Day of Prayer & Reconciliation.

      Ba police please don’t beat women like that. Be nice as you too suffer the same. Remember love your neighbor as yourself.


    • “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” (Martin Luther King).
      I urge all peace loving Zambians to condemn this kind of governance where ECL wants to silence opposition parties so that if need be, he can continue misusing GRZ funds on expensive things like private jets to the USA for example to name but a few.

      What kind of leadership is this ECL??

    • Whether HH should have been detained or not is not is not my bone of contention. But surely we cannot have two kinds of prison. One for the rich and one for the poor. Imagine a prison system where the rich are allowed to bring in luxuries with them.

    • The police are all bought by Lungu. Zambia is now becoming Zimbabwe. Many investors and tourists will flee Zambia. The day of eating only nshima is here. The alcoholic has seized the country and passive Zambians all sit and stare.

    • HH and GBM are citizens like anyone else in Zambia who has zambian citizenship.You break the law, it visits you.

      Why was Canisius Banda suspended from the UPND, if at all breaking rules does not matter?

      Is it not because he was accused of breaking UPND rules that Canisius was thrown out?

      Should HH and GBM break rules and the national laws while they know that doing so is wrong, and you want them to go free.

      Actually calling on people to rise against a government is NO PETTY CASE.

      And for HH and GBM who aspire for governance they aught to know that, at least are expected to o have read about it.

      With the heart of HH and GBM, who for no reasonable cause ousted Canisius Banda, I wonder if they were the ones in power they would have tolerated the behaviour they have so far…

    • Deny them food is another security concern, these pigeons are being protected by the police also despite being under arrest. They do not want to come out clearly the police themselves must have offered them some water which they considered much safer than from outside.

    • When you read what Nevers Mumba writes, everything makes sense to normal people, except PF & Mutati. The first cheque by Mutati was to pay for riot hammered vehicles. Did they buy from Zimbabwe????

  2. The questions: did they break any laws? Would a none entity have been subjected to the same treatment? Are people in remand allowed to bring there own beddings and food? Without assuming, did the directive come from the statehouse? Should political leaders be subjected to a different set of laws for optics and peace? Just questions no judgement

    • Ask Kapyongo, who successfully won ministerial trophy for successfully disrupting UPND in his constituency. Minister of police is the most important job in PF.

    • @3.1 Nostradamus – The questions are rhetorical. It seems you don’t understand the nuances of the English language. Nono has just made his point.

    • @Ricky, welcome to LT, no one teach Ba Nostra English culture. I think in Bemba. Thanks anyway for explaining to them. I think I made my point as well.

  3. Zambians please lets rise and fight Lungu.
    Like Mr Mumba is saying, there is nothing to dear. Lungu does not own Zambia.
    Now this is the time to fight for our Zambia.
    Enough is enough!

    • Why? 50.3% 0f Zambian are happy with PF and Lungu so why should we rise? Tripoli which teacher has not been paid. HH should spend a year in prison with GBM and see how much weight he will lose. This is good for GBM’s health

    • Just shut up chi Muke! Rise and fight for who and what? Get a life, there more to life than just idolising these two f00ls!
      Those are very pertinent questions!

    • Fighting for what,Zambia is already liberated during kaunda not these thugs who doesn’t no the meaning of liberation.they are jst fighting for their own.hh is shy to leave politics,what is doing now is to capture attention from masses.he lost clean.guys get back to work aba Bantu bataila ntawi.

  4. People forget that there is no VIP when it comes to the application of the law,if an ordinary citizen is arrested and is confined in the same jail as hh and gbm,they all should live under the same conditions.Look at the situation in our cells today,they are already overcrowded,where would those two double mattresses fit.Lets not seek unnecessary attention in this manner guys.

    • Dear Zamcab its common practice for people to take food for their incarcerated relatives. Why would police deny the two water and food?

    • @Zamcab:
      What an you are! If there is equality in the application of the Law, did Lungu relinquish the powers when the petition was filed with the ConCourt as the law requires!! You people who eat rats and caterpillars are id.iots!

    • This story is just nonsense. There is a time table of when food is taken for those in cells, not just any time you like. And the fact that they thought they’d have there lavish mattresses, pillows and blankets like they were at there homes is just laughable. Where on earth?

  5. I blame all this on The courts Who allowed Lungu to Be in that seat illegally.
    Should HH & GBM now fear to move in their own country.
    Guys, lets start fighting The congo way. Congolese know their rights.
    Come on lets join hands together.

    • GBM is used to such but I feel for HH. For GBM, be careful cos HH is a homo and may do something dangerous to u whilst in there

  6. The GUILTY are afraid.

    These umchristian actions are yet more proof that Lungu and his PF fear the exposure of his lies, rigging and illegal manipulations of the Courts will now be seen by Zambians for what they really are.

    • Iwe ka Muke, you are such a little stinking ulikasushi kankalmu? stop with your hate and inciting of violence. We may be needing leadership in Zambia but that’s not the way!

  7. HH and his vice Goon need to sober up- the consequences of illegality is what they face today- a dance to their own foolishness- it’ll be folly for any right thinking person to take to the street over another man’s foolishness- and all who fall for such petty mindless games shall have their fair share of the law! May the gallant Police do their job against unpatriotic myopic goons!

  8. HH and GBM are making us sick now. Move on please. Why do they keep going on about the August elections! They are inciting hatred. You lost for goodness sake. Get over it!

    • Looks like you have just arrived from another planet…who is creating the publicity? Police or HH & GBM. If UPND lost just leave them to lick their wounds than add salt to them. It appears there is someone with intention to slaughter humans in authority who is behind all this.

    • I think HH and GBM are having the right effect on PF. Instead of enjoying his hollow victory, Lungu has to worry about how to deal with HH every day to make sure the truth does not come out.

  9. Be ready to to do the time when you do a crime. What is so special about HH and GBM? This has nothing to do with dictator ship. Just follow the law and all will be well

  10. I will never understand why some pipo blame ECL for this, no one is above the law……!
    if that woman was my wife – that was going to be the end of her in my house –

    • Like seriously these women are plain idyats! Why get into trouble over these two f00ls! Instead of being at some market stand selling in order to raise some income, styopet indeed!

  11. Elections are long gone and these two lunatics are still yapping like dogs with rabies. The former pastor now satanic believer Mumba talks of God as if God allows lawlessness. God will actually punish those who disobey leadership including leadership on earth. Nevers should know this better. There is no liberation here to talk about but just trying to keep themselves seen. Continue by the time you are done with all these childish behavior, your legal bill will hit 500 million. Rich f00ls.


    • Yes you are right there..Leadership ends at some point. So you go tell that to the egg/oval shaped head you call HH to wait for Lungu’s administration to finish in 2021. This is the wrong way of trying to seek international attention by deliberately being on the other side of the law. The Police are just doing their work period. It has nothing to do with ECL! You guys really take too long heal huh!

  13. we want to call on you out there to remain strong as you join the struggle for the defence of our democracy.”………..hakainde again asking his followers to demonstrate,if this was WhatsApp i would have posted some emojis like smh.. non the less are mattress and blankets allowed in the cells? i have been arrested before and the procedure is as follows .chosa nsapato Na built ,chosa vonse muma tumba,ngena mu cello…the pattern is the same for every culprit,but no I did not find blankets or companion was told at exactly what time to bring my food..I was allowed to have a coat incase it got cold at night,i had to sleep on the floor just like any other guy in the cells, Mr President of upnd,i hope you have learnt something or not, Edgar lungu is the president of Zambia and…

  14. Got to agree with Nono. Did these guys break the law? I’ve never seen a country where one is put in cells and a mattress or cushy beddings are brought for them from home. As for food, it is a no. I know it does happen, but it shouldn’t. In this case it may have been a good thing. These are political leaders. Until you establish whose bringing what, you can’t risk.

    I feel sorry for those ladies. The sort that have heed the call to rise and fight despite the fact that their lives would still have been the same under HH. I wouldn’t do it.

  15. Docille zambians as usual, sit and discuss second hand vehicles they buy, their country has been captured into a dictatorship …. all they worry is where to buy kapenta next.

    • Bakaponya are too obsessed with survival and fun – it is booze or dununa reverse every day. No time to be circumspect and figure out where Lungu is taking Zambia.

  16. I see William Banda, could be he’s the one who blocked roads. Anyway let’s wait for the court hearing before commending or condemning.

    • Nothing will come out of the court. Imprisoning HH will make Lungu look worse than the Boors during apartheid. At least the Boers did not kill Mandela in prison. Lungu will do anything. He is so desperate.

  17. When Michael Chilufya Sata was arrested and locked for a false and trumped -up charge of motor vehicle theft, nobody made the sort of silly noises we are hearing from UPND zealots on this site. Sata served his time and was released when his innocence was proved. There were no thugs or misguided old women agitating for his release on the streets. Sata came out of his incarceration even stronger and emerged victorious in the 2011 elections. The rest as they is history. What is so special about these two egocentric goons – HH and GBM?

    • Was it HH or GBM who arrested him? It was Rupiah Banda and I should hastily mention that it is simply stupid to compare the two scenarios. Two wrongs have never made it right @Stringer. You think what is happening in the country is healthy?

    • Sata stole the 2 vehicles and was arrested under the law he crafted with his little god chiluba who he wanted to rule forever,the law was designed to punish a small boy who they acussed of sleeping with chilubas wife vera.However the truth was chiluba was looking for a way out of vera.Chungu then op chief tribally saved sata by pretending he worked for OP thats why he kept the vehicles.Why do you think among satas first appointments was that of chungu as PS.

  18. Upnd a freedom movement to liberate Zambians? Certainly not me because I’ve never been a slave and never will be.

    • kekekekekekeke…wamuchokamo monga ine, nice one there!

      The problem is this oval head HH guy thinks he is a hero, well not to me!
      As for Nevers, it’s justifiable for him to make noise so that he remains relevant to these two goons he is using as mega cash cows! Dullards!


  20. Have people wondered how this tribal talk has suddenly taken center stage. The thing has been trumpeted by HH. He told the people in Solwezi that bembas were taking wealth from NWP to develop Muchinga Province and many other inciting stories. What GBM doesn’t know is that he’s expendible and was going to “eliminated ” if HH had won. All that was required is to report that he had forged certificates.

    • Stringer. It was a minor infringement . You were thinking faster than you could write. It happens to the best of us.

  21. Honestly speaking No one is above the Law……NOT even ECL….But the actions by UPND is proving to be a threat to national peace and security, and the police have a constitutional obligation to maintain law and order, but not to the extent of denying basic fundamental needs like food and water these 2 leaders.
    On paying Civil servants My advice to the government is to resolve an actual date when they will be paying civil servants…..because they are now complaining that the way government is paying them its affecting their planning and budgeting. It was 14th to 15th …… want to 20 to 21st……… went to 30 to 31st….now its 3 to 4….of the following month after they work.

  22. That is what illegitimacy does. Lungu is persecuting the Petetioners to try and coerce HH & GBM to abandon the Petetion Hearing and recognise Lungu the dictator. This is the beginning of dictatorship under the illegitimate Lungu Regime. The Petetioners have been arrested on tramped up charges to harass, persecute and beat the Petetioners into submission. Lungu will not succeed in breaking the spirits of HH & GBM . Instead he will harden them. Meantime the whole World is watching the persecution of these Petetioners. Its time the toothless Sadc and AU intervened into the Zambian electoral dispute. Lungu wants to attract attention and then lead a negotiated GNU which will include the Petetioners. That will fail.

    • Actually, this is what breaking the law does. You lose the elections and start going around telling people to rise against the elected government is actually treasonous. Let them face the law in court and defend themselves. They might be facing such a long time in prison that they’ll be constitutionally barred from standing in 2021. Stupidity knows no bounds.

  23. Zambians are now coming to tames with the truth.The Bad egg is Lungu not the tribes.This thug thrives on our weakness.Zambians lets rise like we did with Kaunda to fight Lungu and put a nomal person in state and save our our future generations.The problem is Lungu.

    • The problem is not the people and not even tribes. The Tongas you keep talking about are our people. Each one of us here has a Tonga or Lozi for a friend, cousin, spouse, uncle, auntie, nephew, niece, brother, sister, grandmother, grandfather or in-law. This is because Zambia is one country and for 50 years we have been integrated and if you think of rising up, who are you going to fight. Your own people? This is one country. The only problem is people like you and me who are agreeing to be used by politicians. One Zambia, One Nation and One Leader. He is the president for Dundumwezi as well. People of Dundumwezi are ours. The Job for Lungu is hear their cry and provide services to them.

  24. Mumba, we as teachers were paid on Monday… plz stop misleading people..! No one is above the law. Its not Lungu who picked your two rich but police coz they broke the law..! For as long as u continue inciting your cadres to rise against government, u will be police customers..! I feel for hh coz he is a gentleman but bcoz of gbm, he has found himself in trouble. Its not the first time hh has lost elections but he had been cool and gentle in handling his defeats. Gbm is putting hh into all this..! Other political party leaders have accepted defeat and are free from police..! It’s not Lungu to blame but gbm’s kaponya behaviour..! I can for see treason charges on hh and gbm if they continue inciting people to rise against the president..! Again, no one is above the law..!

  25. Why is this the president’s fault? God knows when African presidents will stop commanding everything if he ordered this. Sort out the constitution, let these big positions be voted for and not be appointments by the president as is the case now. Otherwise these things will always keep happening, sometimes started by an officer in charge who is looking for a promotion and knows he will get a pat on the back from his boss for roughing up the opposition.
    To the public, don’t heed to calls to rise and fight by your leaders, they gain political mileage, you get locked up. Their wives and children are safe. I wouldn’t do it.

  26. We the people of Zambia entrusted power in our leadership. The Police are doing tremendous job by arresting perpetrators. When you have lost an election, just accept and move on. It is not the end of the road. How many elections have you lost so far? Is this the first election for you to behave in the manner you are behaving? Ah! Yes, Democracy! Now that you have too much freedom, that is the reason of you misbehaving. How I wish, the Late P. L. Mwanawasa and Late MCC Sata (May their Soul Rest in Peace) were around, Hechi Hechi would not be misbehaving the way he is doing now. Anyway, if he continues like this in 2021, he will again be humiliated big time.

  27. Don’t worry HH is being trained. It is ok for him to go through all this. He is just being HUMBLED so that one day when he becomes president he would have acquired enough experience reason with the rest of the people.

  28. The paradox of your Ministry of guidance and religious non.sense is that the country will be thrown into a circle of intolerance, clampdowns and illicit interpretation of laws. This is just the beginning. Those pictures of the women being “handled” as one of the captions reads, says a thousand words about what we as a nation are allowing. When you give your power away it is difficult to regain it – ask citizens of autocratic countries and they will tell you! You all have been warned. I don’t care what HH and GBM did – I am concerned about how the citizen is being treated.

    • Don’t get into trouble! I’m angry with these women, if they were my relatives I would be having a word. Where are HH and GBM’s wives?

    • @Kumikoti, not many wives are Winnie Mandelas. The Winnies are out there supporting the leaders they choose to support. What is at issue here is what does your constitution say about freedom of expression, and what is the interpretation of gatherings and assemblies. Most of you are stuck in the State of Emergency laws which were lifted 1991 or shortly thereafter. Most of what Police are doing is premised in the State of Emergency! I am sure you will diss Brig Miyanda when he voices reason here!

  29. Good job Police- clamp down on all law breakers irrespective of creed, ethnicity,political party or race- no one is above the law!

  30. Interesting transformation:
    What does a man do when he exhaust all legal proceedings against a Democratically elected Government? What does a man do when there is no more media coverage for him? Do prisoners or detainees sleep comfortably in Jail in Zambia on own mattresses? Do they eat food from outside prison or jail? Okay now HH has confessed that he is rebelling against Government, so whosoever is crossed by police should not escape their drug net. Boy, girl, woman and man. The law has no bias. Cage the rebels.

  31. In Zambia some people don’t understand the law hence all this blind sympath over day light law breakers.HH and GBM went to luashya assembled their members without a police permit(unlawful assembly).I think the Goverment can do better by investing a lot of money in education to avoid blind following and increase people’s way of looking at things.Law should be applied equally on both the rich and poor.Remember because the same lawlesness we lost Mapenzi.Nevers can do better by telling the citizens to desist from following or participating in breaking the law.

    • Truth is those rioting know they are breaking the law. No sympathy from me for these women. Mrs HH is nice and safe and so is Mrs GBM. Why should my wife go and get herself into trouble. Someone has pointed out that if that was their wife ninshi fyapwa, got to agree.

  32. They didn’t have to deny them food. blankets and mattress yes we know that cant be allowed, but food c’mon why deny people their own food? Even if they are incarcerated awe this isn’t right

    • It is not a right to have food brought into prison from outside – it is just a privilege even though it is common practice. That place is not a hotel, they can as well eat what their fellow detainees are eating. Nobody has ever died from eating prison food. In fact, like for GBM, it can even be good for him. He needs to trim down that big stomach and maybe he should grab this opportunity with both hands.

  33. That UPND woman in the grey top, what is she doing messing up with HH? She looks good and would be more useful serving the appetite of tonga bulls than wasting time with useless HH politics.

  34. are person who is out side is more self than a person jail what are u saying in zambia will never believe in one man state

  35. Mulandu ni mulandu regardless who has committed it… Cells are not hospital where you can take your own beddings… And those women, are they married? I would not allow my wife to be a carder… Njala and feeding on HH and GBM crums!!! Mwalafwapofye!!! *****s… We need peace and move on to 2021… VIVA ECL..

  36. Politically impotent HH wants to run down our beautiful motherland. Unpatriotic surrogates pay homage to him. There is only one way to change government in Zambia. Through the ballot. Any other which way, is treasonable. This is full proof that if police did not timely stop GBVM’s militia training in the run up to the polls, Zambia would have disintegrated into chaos. With this view in mind, police is doing just fine. A timely advice to PF, HH is frantically looking for an opportunity to rebel. Conduct yourselves soberly.

  37. The GM, Truth is those rioting know they are breaking the law. No sympathy from me for these women. Mrs HH is nice and safe and so is Mrs GBM. Why should my wife go and get herself into trouble. Someone has pointed out that if that was their wife ninshi fyapwa, got to agree.

  38. This HH, does he think that he is in a hotel?
    They can’t allow him to take his own beddings into the cells, supposing he introduces cockroaches into the cells?
    Even in hotels they don”t allow you to bring your own beddings for similar reasons. HH should realise that while he is in police cells he is a Kaili, a nobody.


    • So the guy who got speared in the bum also speared himself??
      I went to thie place myself. What is true though is that all Tongas are a peaceful and generous lot but are unnecessarily suspicious of others and if you add UPND to this then you get tribalism and violence.

  40. Today a bag of unga is at k100 in shoprite k130 in Komboni’s where they voted for Lungu.lungu work up don’t fight the opposition fight the hunger that people are going through those unwise people who voted for you

    • Wel fight both criminals and njara. Don’t bring confusions just because we are suffering NO! Police ARREST all criminals

  41. HH basa, police cells are not hotels. Even in hotels they don’t allow you to bring your own food and blankets. You are expected to enjoy the food and facilities that you find there.

    • I don’t agree that inmates should be denied food and water. They should be given AT THE DESIGNATED TIMES. What I disagree if for them to have double standards in the cells. I hope that this makes them realize that the comfort and luxury they have been enjoying and went to bring into prison is possible because there is peace in the nation. By inciting the nation and if we loose our peace there will be no luxury even the cows will be looted, the milling plants will be looted, banks won’t operate and they will taste real poverty. HH and GBM, which country will you rule if you divide Zambia. You will also find it difficult to govern. Leaders are unifiers not dividers of people.

    • @Terrible – KK was shocked when he saw the conditions of prisons when he was ushered there. Most politicians think they are OK thrusting their opponents into those conditions until they themselves taste it first hand. Fact is we are all not yet what we are supposed to be. States change. Your rebel today is your leader tomorrow. Karma is a B**tch my friend.

  42. Yesterday I promised to do a small piece on what God may feel about. God gave the gift of wealth to HH, i.e. if the privatisation stories are not true. When God gives you wealth he expects you to use it to serve God”s people, it may be your family members, or displaced villagers, or those who need to be helped out of poverty. I have in mind those villagers in Kalomo who were shown on ZNBC TV sharing water from a shallow well. I am sure would want HH to use his wealth to help such people and these are his clansmen and women. Instead he uses his wealth on wealthy lawyers and fighting personal battles. God does not look with favour upon people who abuse wealth that He has given to help mankind through other people. God gives and God takes. HH better heed this biblical warning for God can…

    • Walanda Bwino. These are battles for politicians and they are using the poor people to fight for them. The poor people are being told that they are suffering because of the government. Remove them and put us there and your lives will change and the people are so agitated that they are even ready to kill, without realizing that the person who is saying that has never even sank a single borehole or clinic or classroom block or even a pit latrine. Twilakonka Chinampofu

  43. Comrades and Citizens of this beautiful and admired country. Think Use your brains and not your emotions. don’t be manipulated by politicians, whether from PF and from the UPND. Insults will take you no where in fact it just shows how much reasoning there is in your heads. You call this a Christian Nation when you worship individuals, some of you HH and GBM and others Edgar. What you must understand is that this is not your battle. You are only being used by a few politicians who want to be in power for their own personal gain and a few of their friends and relatives who they will appoint into power. For most of you nothing will change. What makes you have so much faith that HH and GBM were going to FIX things, when they have never done anything to show what they can fix? Ask yourselves…

  44. Hh is a danger to this nation. Why insisting people for is failures to rises against the government for us people. And for u tambas fake supoters Malibu. Police incito iyo bamiletela kuli hh NA GBM arrest every enemy of peace, period. Atase every morning hh this hh that growup man mile line ends nano mwenka.

  45. I loved Chiluba and adored Sata but when Mwanawasa incarcerated them on trumped up changes, I prayed for them, not rioted and it worked. Chiluba was acquitted and Michael became president. Violence will not take you anywhere but prison.

    • I see you prefer crooked leaders. Chiluba who stole our money and started living like a King and Sata who made sure his Kaponya friend was at RDA in order to steal money. No wonder we are so poor when leaders steal and misuse our money as is the case now we praise them

    • So you think Chiluba was a thief? Then why did Mwanawasa let key witness Shansonga flee the country? Don’t talk about things you only read from newspapers.

    • Its not a secret that Chiluba was a thief, talk about the custom made shoes and suits. The countless assets that he acquired during his tenure. The abuse of the ZAMTROP account among other things

    • # 65

      Chiluba was found GUILTY of misappropriation of 46 Million USD by the High Court of England. Ask RB, Sata and Lungu why they refused to register Ruling in the High Court of Zambia

  46. @1.11Anne Marie, poor and unreseached examples. If Trump commits treason the system will deal with him without wasting time. Same with Malema. They have not been arrested because they have acted within their laws which may be different from ours. Not long ago you would be sent to life jail in US for being a Communist.

  47. Hh insisted mulandu sana. Wait a minute suppose they do what he is telling them . even in cels u hear him saying be strong to support his rubbish . OK be strong u will find stronger people than u.

  48. I thought HH and GBM are fighting for their imaginary Zambians who are not free. Test the hard floor of the jail cell. Why should you sleep on a mattress. HH and GBM should be kept under lock and key so that their cadres run out of steam. Police keep your eyes on William Banda, the arsonist. As for the stup@pid women who were rioting did they see Mutinta Hichilema and Chama Bwalya rioting with them.

  49. senior Engineer i wonder whether you are a real engineer or you dream to be one, there is no prison for the rich and poor but we all have equal rights whether a prisoner or not you can also take your own bedding in prison its your right my dear poor engineer

    • Now you want Human Rights to work for you. Remember you thought that the Referendum was a waste of time. For your own information one of the rights that the UPND denied the people are the none-derogabe rights. These are the rights of people in incarcerated. Currently you lose your rights when you break the law. None derogable rights are those rights which can not be taken away from you even when you are incarcerated. These were proposed in the bill of rights which you rejected. By now these would have been law. Next time don’t follow things blindly. You will follow blind leaders who could also lead you to be in those jails. Those women are victims of following blindly. They are fighting for things they don’t know. Let GBM and HH fight their own battle. You won’t benefit anything my…

  50. This is now total madness and insanity going round in our FORMER CHRISTIAN NATION ZAMBIA!!!!!!!! Hoe can police officers denies food to be given.Police officers if this is how you were trained now its inhuman and cruel.I pray that the long hand of God full of wrath fall on all of you who denied.If there is anyone behind your act may he also receive a case from God of heaven.
    Zambia has run out of democracy why all these issues?







  52. each state in the world has an obnoxious law for dealing with sedicious and treasonable behavior from a minority group. the us and uk have an anti terrorist law, south Africa also has anti terrorist law. Zambia has the state security act, under which the preservation of public security regulations falls. suspects arrested and charged under this law are kept in penal confinement. in Zambia the penal confinement facilities are at kamfinsa, mukobeko and chimbokaila. such remandees are considered a high risk and are denied everything whilst incarcerated. it is not suprising that under five and his fat pimp were treated in this manner yesterday.
    as this offence is non bailable, they will b transferred to the penal cells in kitwe, kabwe, or Lusaka. the state is therefore protecting the peace…

  53. It gave HH & GBM an opportunity to live like their poor followers for whom sleeping on crockroach infested bedding is a daily reality. Perhaps they can reconsider asking these people to cause more discomfort in their lives through rioting which will destroying their personal property further.

  54. Kapyonga you have such a bad heart. You did not succeed in bringing down the helicopter so now you want to finish the job. I this what you have been planning with your “humble” leader. Come 18th October and people will gather to pray and fast. What hypocrisy………….

  55. Hoping for international attention depends on the situation on the ground. America has been known to support totalitarian regimes depending on what they want. They sponsored the Operation Condor in South America to ensure army generals overthrew socialist governments. They support Israel the worst human rights violator. They created Bin Laden. The list is endless. Ati America will intervene, ni America ya kwa noko

  56. the state is therefore protecting the peace and tranquility that the majority of us Zambians are enjoying. if a government is running the country with an absolute majority in parliament after a general election, then it follows that the majority of the citizens are happy. I challenge the under five bloggers posting on this site that if it were PF LEADERS who were in the cells at luanshya, Zambia would have woken up to mayhem throughout the country. this is the barometer all civilized citizens use to gauge the popularity of the regime in power. under five and fat albert can rot in prison, upnd mps can walk out of parliament, this will not affect government operations. infact, with a working majority of more than 100, PF can pass any law, including amendments to the constitution without…

  57. Yes, tomorrow it might be my uncle, next year it might be myself BUT SURELY NOT WITHOUT A REASON. At the rate this man, Mumba, is mouthing might end up making a wrong combination of words that can earn him trouble with the law. Loosing comes in many ways. Some times it can be technical but it’s still a loss.

  58. “…. next month it could be your uncle or father and who knows, next year, it could be you.” Frankly, I don’t think it could be me. If I lost elections, I would just accept and not go around asking people not to recognize the winner and, in fact, rise against the elected president. No sympathy for HH and GBM here.

  59. Police state! Fully armed police handling defenceless women so badly.
    History has proved that the end of every oppressor/dictator always surely ends miserably and Zambian dictators turn is around the corner.

  60. until recently, the us had over 100 political prisons on Guantanamo bay in cuba through its anti terrorism act, Russia has its own prisoners, uk has its own detainees arising from the various bombings that have been going on, china has its own prisoners under similar law, Zimbabwe has its own trouble makers in detention, Uganda has its own malcontents in detention. in Zambia, this is the first lot after the lifting of the state of emergency by FTJ in 1991. But it seems, Zambian that were not there when these provisions were invocked do not understand the line between the various freedoms spelt out in the constitution, and the need to observe the public good. if under five and fat albert think they are free to go round the country whipping up people to rise and rebel against an elected…

  61. rebel against an elected government, then they are in for a long time in prison. you don’t play with the state when you know you are on dangerous waters. this regime has been tolerant with under five and his pimp fat ablert with the manner they have been conducting themselves. how do you tell all Zambians I don’t recognize your president and government? how do you burn, maim and displace people who do not speak your native language from your area and thee government just sits idle? there is more to come for under five and his fat pimp. by 2021, they will be political history because of their viciousness and greed.

  62. The path HH and GBM are taking is very dangerous, not to the country but to themselves!!! If they have wives, children and other relatives that love them they should quickly advise them to stop this nonsense!!!! No one in this country has ever become president by daring a dully elected government in this manner. Sata won the hearts of people because he used to quickly move on after loosing elections and focus on the future elections. Not crying over spilled milk like this!!! Ask Dean Mung’omba if you want to know how dangerous such a path is!!!! don’t mess with state agents!!!!

  63. HH and GBM are citizens like anyone else. You break the law, it visits you.

    Why was Canisius Banda suspended from the UPND, if at all breaking rules does not matter?

    Is it not because he was accused of breaking UPND rules?

    Should HH and GBM break rules and the national laws, and you want them to go free.

    Actually calling on people to rise against a government is NO PETTY CASE.

    And for HH and GBM who aspire for governance they aught to know that, at least are expected to have read about it.

    With the heart of HH and GBM, who for no reasonable cause ousted Canisius Banda, they would have tolerated this behaviour they have so far been exhibiting, had it been Lungu exhibiting it against them in power.

  64. @22 Moses, I am a Freeman. I wake up at 6hrs tend to my broilers, eat my breakfast then go to my farm in Lufwanyama. In the evening I freshen up and go to my club. I pay for my Dstv, my power and water. From time to time my children some abroad visit me. We have a great time and nobody bothers us. I freely attend mass without interference. Lungu has never bothered on any occasion. This is the freedom I enjoy. So Moses I don’t know if Lungu checks on daily life.


  66. This is putting the country on the menu for Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch. Zambia needs peace and democracy and a respect for human rights in order to remain united and develop.

  67. Devil’s Nation and not Christian Nation is what Zambia has become! The DEVIL running Zambia is neither in heaven nor underground, but at State House in Lusaka.

  68. Let HH and GBM rot in Jail. And please throw away the keys. We cannot continue with this nonsense. They think they are untouchable. These people lost the elections, but they are there telling people that Lungu is not the President. HH is the President. How can you continue claiming you won when UPND never won anything. The Majority Members of Parliament are PF. The majority Executive Mayors are PF. The Majority Councilors are PF. But only one HH won the Elections??!! This guy is a joke and sick in the mind. He should be taught a lesson.

  69. These guys lost and liberation for what! They are sick people. Ati denying them blackets. Nivozifunila ivo! These f.ools asked for it! Hammer these fontins. If I were Lungu I would squeeze their spheres as well!

  70. I have just read all the comments and my conclusion is that Zambians have moved from the electioneering and want to settle down to real life issues. HH and his Muppet GBM seem to be stuck in a time warp and are suffering from delusions after their 11th August 2016 defeat.
    Who in their right senses would drive around the country addressing citizens not to recognize a legally elected president and expect to get away Scot free? They contravened the law and they are now reaping the fruits of their malefaction.
    As for being denied luxuries such as mattresses, electric kettles and duvets, the police were acting professionally as police custody implies you are the guest of the state and will comply with all rules and regulations of being confined to police custody.
    By the way police custody…

  71. In the movie “Tears Of The Sun” where Bruce Willis had gone to rescue a female white doctor from a civil war in an African country, the priest told Bruce “May God be with you” he answered the priest “GOD LEFT AFRICA A LONG TIME AGO”
    I thought he was stupid or blasphemous. Now I have second thoughts. He may have been right if such cruelty can be perpetrated in our ‘Christian Nation.

  72. What must be done to someone who breaks the law? GBM and HH must be dealt with in the same way that we the poor are dealt with. No one is above the law we have people in prison who have not been head. Truth be told that’s were those two men belong.

  73. Th one who broke the law BIG TIME is ECL, he is the one who must be in jail not HH and GBM! Everybody, including themselves know that the CHILD OF A DEVIL and his followers is ECL!

  74. @93, the child of a DEVIL IS YOU. in your small brain, more than 100 mps in parliament does not mean anything to you, but in real terms, its more than two thirds majority. add to this number, the nominated mps and you have an absolute majority. such a government cannot be ruled by a minority clique of one section of Zambia. the police will ensure this clique is put away. there are better things to fight for, not political office. those who engage in violent ways for this office end up………

  75. vimangeni ,vachilamo.everyday is about HH this GBM that thats too much.i wish they were in the Kaunda days they would have dissapeared by now.

  76. There are no two (2) laws I the men HH & GBM broke the law then they deserve being in the jukes for a while. Look elections are over and how they got dribbled kaya? It time to move forward as a nation and President Lungu has many things to look at on his table and should not be seen or taking pleasure in his police arresting HH & GBM. Lungu should leave those alone because they are state in a mourning mood. Other wise he will be building the profiles.

  77. Hh and GBM are both Zambian politicians who if voted into office will have the power to enforce the law. They will do that through the many government when agencies. These agencies will ensure that all Zambians do not break the law. Unfortunately some laws are not good, eg public order act, as bad as it may be, it is our law and therefore must be followed by all of us. Hh and GBM are not common people like me, yet the law should visit us equally when we break the law. What the agencies need to do is to them a fair hearing to prove their innocence. There no need of holding hands together, for what? 2021 will finally be here, if PF will not perform we vote them out, simple. In democracy its only the vote that change things, and nothing else at this juncture. What ever means that may be…

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