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Siamunene asks the High Court in L/stone to nullify Sialubalo’s election as Sinazongwe MP

Headlines Siamunene asks the High Court in L/stone to nullify Sialubalo's election as...

Richwell Siamunene
Richwell Siamunene

LOSING Patriotic Front (PF) Sinazongwe Member of Parliament (MP)
Richwell Siamunene has asked the High Court to declare the election of
United Party for National Development (UPND) Sinazongwe Gift Sialubalo
as null and void.

Siamunene, 44, has told the High Court that the election of Sialubalo
during the August 11, 2016 General Elections could not be deemed to be
free and fair because of alleged widespread  violence, intimidation,
bribery, and other electoral malpractices instigated by UPND

Appearing before High Court Judge Matthews Zulu in Livingstone
yesterday, Siamunene said the election of Sialubalo was very hostile
and fragile.

Siamunene, who is the Petitioner and first witness, is being
represented by Bonaventure Mutale of Ellis and Company as well as
Friday Besa of Besa Legal Practitioners while Sialubalo (Respondent)
is being represented by Cheelo Mwiinga of MAK Partners.

The former Defence Minister got 6, 171 votes while Sialubalo got more
than 34, 000 votes during the General Elections.

Siamunene said UPND supporters were campaigning in nine polling
stations that he visited on the actual voting day out of the total 14
polling stations for Sinazongwe Constituency.

“The widespread violence, intimidation, bribery, and other electoral
malpractices prevented me from getting the notes that I needed.

“My supporters were threatened, insulted and even chased from some
polling stations. There was undue influence on the electorates,” he

Siamunene said PF supporters were also intimidated and attacked on the
nomination day where UPND supporters were heard saying “Amubaume” in Tonga or “beat them” in English in reference to his group.

He said one incident where his supporters were attacked on the voting
day was captured on camera by Zambia News and Information Services
(ZANIS) and it was aired on Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation

During cross examination by the Petitioner’s Lawyer Mwiinga, Siamunene
said some people who allegedly attacked his group were not reported to
police because of longer distance in rural areas.

Siamunene also said he did not personally witness some of the violent
practices as well as intimidation and electoral malpractices by UPND
supporters  saying he relied on information he received from his party

“I was merely told of most incidences and I verified those reports.
Some of the people who actually witnessed are already witnesses in
this case,” Mr Siamunene said.

Siamunene also agreed that Sinazongwe Constituency has always been
under UPND MP from the time the opposition party was established.

He, however said he could not accept the results of the 2016 elections
in the constituency because of electoral malpractices and other wrong
vices even if he only got a single vote.

Trial continues in the as more witnesses are expected to testify.


  1. That’s a futile exercise. Even if the court nullifies the elections and calls for a by-election, Siamunene will not win the subsequent election. Anyone who will contest on UPND will win. It’s the Same futile attempt by Sibongile Mwamba to challenge Kelvin Sampa’s Kasama win. Anyone who stands on PF in Kasama is guaranteed victory. So bo Siamunene, use that money you are paying lawyers to restock your cattle farm.

  2. Siamunene is right. In fact there was malpractice in Southern Province more than anywhere else in the Country.
    Sinazongwe and Sinazeze do not tolerate other party members. They do not tolerate non-Tongas.
    As far as tribalism and violence are concerned, I would rate Sinazongwe/Sinazeze No.1 or even just 2nd to Namwala in the Country.
    HH is wasting time. The tribalism and hate exhibited by Tongas are a big bottleneck to HH’s quest for Presidency.
    I have got first hand experience in Sinazongwe, which I will never forget. I have temporalily forgiven them for the sake of my Christian life. Sometimes the more I try to forget the more I remember the horrible times.

    • @Tutu

      Just like in muchinga PF stoned the helicopter hey? And UPND never went back to campaign.

      PF violence was wide spread mostly in PF strong holds.

    • you are a liar !!!!!!!!!!! there was no malpractice or intimidation in Sinazongwe. Elections were peaceful. And for Siamunene to say they can’t report incidents to the police because of the distance is also a lie – anyone can phone the police that are situated in Sinazongwe and Sinazeze and they will come to assist you. YOU LOST BECAUSE THE PEOPLE DO NOT WANT YOU. YOU HAVE DONE NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING FOR THE AREA SINCE BECOMING MP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Really laughable…lets see where your Certificate in Marketing from Katondo College will take you now ba Richwell!

  4. Ba Siamunene, u are just wasting the court,’s time and your money. Use it to finish furnituring your lodge in Sinazeze coz no matter what, you’ll never be Sinazongwe MP again. You betrayed the people of Sinazongwe by defecting to PF without consulting them


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