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Zambian born, Joseph M. Chalwe professionally known as Jhey-Dot, is an academic currently pursuing a PhD from Vaal University of Technology. He is also an upcoming rap artist, song writer and music producer based in South Africa.

He is a Christian artist and also a promoter of many young artists. He is a co-founder of Creation Waits Ministry a fast growing Christian organisation that deals with young people and is a record label .

Among his many works is a solo album (The T.R.A.D.E.) which has earned him a nomination at the Mzansi Christian Awards (MCA) as Rap artist of the Year in October 2016. Additionally, He has been involved in several events and shows within South Africa and outside.


Jhey-Dot is a passionate activist for the poor and needy children. Among his works are several charity visits and donations to the poor and to the Children. He spreads the gospel in music and in action.

It’s his ambition to empower society through the message in his songs, sharing and exchanging technical skills and talent with artists from all walks of life and races. He has so far done a number of collabos with different artists from different countries (e.g. Botswana, Mozambique, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, etc.) (https://soundcloud.com/creation-waits-ministry). In addition to this, Jhey has shared the stage with American artists like Sho Baraka, Da Truth, Suzy Rock, Bizzle and Lavoisier during their African events.

He is energetic and driven in his major philosophy as regards to faith, art, and music production in Africa. He believes in the abilities of Africans and their dynamic diversity.


KAPA187: What was your inspiration to pursue a career in music?

Jhey-Dot: I am a born again Christian and I have a gift of making music (Rap and Producing). Our great commission as Christians is to go out and make disciples, so to me pursuing a career in music is a way of answering the call of God on my life.


KAPA187: How did you come up with the name Jhey-Dot?

Jhey-Dot: My birth name is Joseph Musonda Chalwe. So in high school my best friend Frank Sikavizya started calling me “Jay” and it stuck amongst all my friends and family. So in order to be different and stand out I spelt it as “Jhey”. I didn’t want anything else added to the name so I came up with “Jhey-Dot”.

KAPA187: Why did you choose to be a gospel artiste as opposed to doing secular music?

Jhey-Dot: As I mentioned earlier, I am a Christian who is just telling the world about Jesus through music. In addition to this I wanted to play my part in making gospel music that is of good quality to be played on mainstream platforms. Gospel music can also be just as hard but faith based.


KAPA187: Your album “The T.R.A.D.E” was well received and has earned you a nomination at the Mzansi Christian Awards (MCA) as Rap artist of the Year. How does the nomination make you feel?

Jhey-Dot: It’s a great feeling and also humbling because you see the hand of God at work in my life. I give all credit to God and my team who selflessly work hard to make these things possible. It’s a great opportunity.


KAPA187: Gospel music that has a “Secular” sound to it has been criticized as not being “true gospel music”. What is your take on that?

Jhey-Dot: Well Kapa like I mentioned, gospel music, and in this case, gospel rap can also be just as hard but faith based. I understand the critics plus gospel artists have been known to lose their identity in the long run because they lose purpose and make it strictly about music in my opinion. I believe that we just don’t need artists but we need artists who carry the presence of God. Any music inspired by the presence/spirit of God is true gospel music regardless the sound.


KAPA187: Having done a number of collaborations with different artists, who are some of the artistes you would like to work with in the future.

Jhey-Dot: I am grateful for all of these opportunities I have had to collaborate with a number of artists from all over but future collaborations are not a big goal of mine. I’ll work with whoever God leads my way, the main goal however for me is to team up with other artists and inspire change in our generation for Jesus amongst young people.


KAPA187: You are currently pursuing a PhD from Vaal University of Technology in South Africa, how do you manage to balance that with your music career?

Jhey-Dot: God gives me the grace to make this possible. I just try my best to work hard and have fun along the way. I don’t take anything to be more serious than it should because I know it’s not about me but God. I also have been blessed with a great manager and team. We love what we do.


KAPA187: What would you say to successful artists who feel like they do not need a formal education because their talent is already sustaining them?

Jhey-Dot: I am not one to judge because each one of us have our own goals in life and have different situations. But personally I just believe that things have changed. We are living in an information age. And in order to take our nation forward and be a powerful people we need to attain certain skills and training. In that way we will empower and support more people beyond music. A formal education is great for personal growth and for financial security but most of all, it makes an artist even a greater example for young people.


KAPA187: Apart from music and your educational pursuits, you are also an activist for the poor and needy children. Tell us more about that.

Jhey-Dot: It’s more gratifying to live life sharing the love of Jesus. I am so firm in that. I am a partner in a non-profit organization called Family Care Ministries. The organization supplies food, clothes, gospel literature and support to orphans, the elderly and needy. God uses our efforts to reach out to these lovely people throughout the year and in December we organize Christmas parties for them. I also occasionally support my friends in other projects, like the sanitary towels for girls in rural areas and the home cooked meals for street kids in winter. People should know that you don’t need a lot of money to make a difference in someone’s life.


KAPA187: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years

Jhey-Dot: “There are many plans in a person’s mind, but it is the counsel of the LORD which will stand” ~ (Pro 19:21). I plan to continue serving God through music and my life. Taking what I do to another level, grow in my faith, grow the brand, having my Doctorate and I’d have released my new album. And making my contribution to Zambian music.


KAPA187: Any last words…

Jhey-Dot: My team and I are grateful to God for the Lusaka Times and the opportunity you having me on. We are giving you guys the exclusive. We are busy with plans for a series of concerts in Zambia. We will keep you updated with further details as they develop and time draws close. They will be awesome, we will be joined by some of the gospel artists in Zambia. For now the lovely readers can connect with me on social media: Jhey-Dot on Facebook, @Jhey_Dot on twitter,@jheydot on Instagram and can watch my videos on ZNBC or on Youtube (CreationWaitsTv). Love you guys and remember Jesus loves you more!!!


Listen to his album T.R.A.D.E below:





  1. We thank God for you my nephew. You have grown so much.

    God bless you and all the people whose lives you are blessing.

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