Super Eagles out-smart Zambia

Crowds at the Zambia Vs Lesotho match held at the Levy Mwanawasa Stadium

Zambia suffered a major setback at Levy Mwanawasa Stadium in Ndola on Sunday in their already uphill battle in the 2018 World Cup qualifiers after losing 2-1 at home in Nigeria.

The defeat was a massive blow for new coach Wedson Nyirenda on his debut as Zambia coach as Chipolopolo suffered their third loss in Ndola in over 52 years.

Goals in the first half from Nigeria’s EPL stars Alex Iwobi and Kelechi Iheanacho in the 36th and 45th minutes handed them the 3 points in a first half they were in cruise control.

Both goals benefited from some amateur defending from Green Buffaloes defender Adrian Chama as memories of Zambia’s 3-2 away loss to Guinea Bissau in June quickly came flowing back.

He was replaced in the 46th minute by Kondwani Mtonga and that brought some professionalism to the Zambia backline.

Zambia meanwhile were the better side after the break led by Fwayo Tembo, Chisamba Lungu and Collins Mbesuma but for all their domination in that period, only had one chance converted.

The goal came in the 70th minute from Mbesuma who put his foot to the end of Fwayo’s cross to give the scoreline some respectability.

Zambia now turn their focus to cameroon whom they visit on November 7 as their seek to rebound from a painful home defeat.


  1. So the humble so called. President went to watch this team lose and spent millions of our tax payers money on logistics etc only for him to be a bad omen nd bad luck. When one is not blessed to be President then everything he touches turns into negativity. Another pillock is that max choongo who thinks that the sun shines out his backside. He is now claiming that my brother Larry apologised to him. Larry posted the video and nowhere in it did be apologise to that thug. Anyway Zambia deserves everything g it is going through due to bad omen under lungu.

    • Zambians are very hopeful people but they always put their hope in wrong people, they luck judgement, always getting the wrong side of the stick and only realises when its too late.

    • @NEZ. If you like the game of football you should not be denied the joy of watching football just because you have become president. KK and RB enjoyed watching football but the same cannot be said of FTJ, Mwanawasa and Sata. In English they call them hobbies.

    • Why did Edgar Lungu go to Ndola to watch soccer anyway? People were rioting in Luanshya yesterday when he knows Mbesuma and most dependable players had their families arrested. Even the FAZ president was not happy to see people who beat him up come to watch with him.

    • The bitter truth is that in Zambia you can dribble your way into politics with inane tactics like Dununa Reverse. However, real life demands proper plans and strategies, intelligent work and hard graft. That’s where filaisova attitude falls flat on its back.

    • Honestly is this Zambia National Team or North Eastern Rhodesia National Team?
      Even if Mweene is believed to be Tonga he is Bembalized being a ‘kopala swagger’. Collins Mbesuma(son of Francis Kajiya- a Lunda) is also Bembalized through his step-father whose name he bears & being a ‘kopala swagger’.

      There is little competition as selection is lopsided towards NER yet resources from SWR are used to develop the largely nonproductive/nonprofitable Muchinga. You can’t tell me that of all Tonga’s, Lozi’s, Kaondes, Lenje’s, Luvale’s, Lunda’s, Lamba’s etc found in Lusaka, Copperbelt & Countrywide they are all indifferent to playing football. Yet we used to have good players from amongst this group of people like:
      a) Obby Kapita, Jones Chilengi, Kaimana, Derby Makinka, Francis Kajiya,…

    • a) Obby Kapita, Jones Chilengi, Kaimana, Derby Makinka, Francis Kajiya, Keneth/Mordon Malitoli, Aggrey Chiyangi, Robert Watiyakeni, Moses Masuwa (Lundas/Luvales)
      b) Fanny Hangunyu, Dickson/Linos Makwaza, Happy Sichikolo (Tongas)
      c) Nyambe Mulenga(Lozi&Bemba)
      d) Gibby Mbasela (Lamba) etc. You can add to the list.

      Now suddenly can somebody tell me all these ethnic groups have suddenly become indifferent to playing football even when they live on CB & LSK?

      Total ethnic cleansing is going in everything in Zambia (Civil Service, Military, Foreign service, etc).

      One does not need to be politically & ethically inclined to be appointed in civil, foreign or military service or to be selected in sport!

      The end result is now poor performance economically and socially

  2. We’re not out of the race to the World Cup, nevertheless we’ve got serious work to do if we want to have the last laugh when the qualifying matches are over.

    • You could be right on not being out of the race yet but do not count on a miracle where competitiveness rules! Serious work to do indeed including understanding what it is that the Zambian team plays for. Patriotism or career? In a declared free market economy money talks and the way I see it a lot has been taken for granted that Zambian soccer players owes the nation unfailing patriotism at the expense of self advancement economically and professionally! For how long will they play only for praise of being patriotic? When the Africa Cup was won what did each player get? In this qualifiers group how much on comparative average do players of each team get paid by their respective governments? Serious work to right things yes! The last laugh……. not Zambia’s!

  3. This ka matimba nkonje is a very useless and low self esteemed colonial minded chap. so brain washed with useless English premier league. his commentaries were so pathetic as if he was using his a.s.s for thinking.

    why does this chap over hypes English football so much. he did a very childish job today as usual, wonder why ZNBC management could not sent innocent or frankly at least we could have had something not the the dung from matimba nkonje

  4. That was bad selection on the defense. I have mentioned again and again that people like Blonson Chama was better than Adrian Cham on that position. Midfield was no where this is the position that Christopher or Isaac Chansa was going to play and stabilize the game. Do not run way from experience just because you want to rebuild, you will end up losing game like this. Dada wake up call players who can do the business and jell with younger ones at the same. You lost that game because of silly mistakes at the back.

  5. Filachitika. It’s painful to lose. This time there was no rigging and constitution court. Our strikers should as sharp as kaiser Zulu and Mweene should have as strong as ECZ.

    • Its finished I hoped for a miracle to disprove my doubts about Zambia carrying the day! Now my prediction is Zambia if not getting into the usual mathematics on qualifiers will top the group from the bottom!

  6. In the olden days somebody would have been accused of having a hand in the selection of players yet Zambia never posted as bad results and under his so called chaotic leadership by the jealousy and bitter people brought us afcon yet the transparency and corrupt free faz exco have not won a match since they took over from the great.

    • You should have convinced your Dununa Reverse God to make your Great whatever as Sports Minister so that he could have continued to run FAZ from State House.

  7. Anyone who expected a different result should be a citizen of Cuckoo land. For the first time ever Nigeria has beaten Zambia at the latter’s home. Since the arrival of Kamanga its lose lose lose lose and keep losing for our one time nations cup champions. Government give FAZ’s money to our netball team

  8. The defender called Adrian chama is useless,why do you call him?Emmanuel mbola ,Isaac nkauso can do that job,please nyerenda use your brain before you are insulted.

  9. Comment:Zambia did her best. let them not lose focus. with help from other matches in the group something positive could still be achieved. congratulations to Nigeria., however this is just a match won and not the group won. the job is far from done.

    • Clearly you must be 14 years old. Your argument has been doing the rounds in football circles for the past 50 years and all of us are tired of it

    • Iwe na iwe when did we start this calculating game? Ages ago and we have never qualified through mathematics; If so and so beats so and so then we can get through. Aikona man. Its supposed to be if Zambia beats these teams we qualify.

  10. Kambwili says, “Don’t worry country men & women, its global”
    Even Cape Verde lost 2-0.

  11. Looking at Nigeria and Zambia player for player, we can’t compete by far. Better to withdraw. I see Zambia losing all the games. Let’s just face reality, all the other three teams have better players than Zambia and please don’t blame the coach. We simply don’t have players to qualify us to a serious tournament. Imagine not even a single player playing in a major league competitively and we call ourselves a soccer nation! Nigeria had almost the entire team in major leagues of Europe! We can’t win, and we shouldn’t cheat ourselves. We are OUT ALREADY!

  12. Happy for the super eagles. Thats how to play soccer, crash little teams like Zambia and give yourself a cushion the rest of the way.

  13. I agree with Davis Kaputo and for once with Jay Jay look at the quality of players we have and look at the Nigerians miles apart. Even if you bring in Guardiola or Wenger as coach not with these current crop of players

  14. player by player Nigeria beats us in quality. Simply put we don’t have quality players. We fail to send our players to reputable clubs because of greed among our officials. I have experienced incidents where a FAZ official refused to release an international transfer because the prospective club has paid by check instead of hard cash. We miss zccm sports policy.

  15. It’s like UPND soccer fans don’t accept defeat. One of the two teams had to emerge winner. And Nigeria carried the day. soccer is about making use of an opportunity at goal and hitting the ball right. i’l be glad to hear from a real soccer analyst not a political one. Go Chipolopolo Go!!!!!!

  16. why start with Chama in defence? even from the word go you can tell that Chama was a suspect and the coach allowed him to go up to the end of first half sure. this is what we call lack of game plan.

  17. I agree with Jay Jay, its high time Zambian academies invest in proper expatriate coaches at a grassroots level. You will not improve as long as we still have poor managed academies in Zambian.

  18. I agree with you Vundende. Honestly speaking there was no game plan. They could have first studied the Nigeria game plan and then start to unleash theirs but you could see that it was individualities that was at play. Decision making is a critical point in human life and if it means remove a person right at the beginning to save yourself just do it. You don’t wait until you see blood on your face to know you are hurt. Stabilizers like Christopher and Felix could have been the best in the midfield on the day. I know this may not sound well with other but that was the true state of yesterdays loss.

  19. i dnt know why soccer cadres …………………. behave like this…. your comments are always negative…………….


  21. I told you. I even said I wont watch the game because I could see there was no hope. Why I told you was because the writing was clearly on the wall in big bold letters but you opted to be blind.
    1 Kamanga has not won a single game since his arrival meaning he knows nothing about soccer.
    2 Nyirenda has never coached a team so how can he succesfully coach a national team?
    3 Kennedy Mweene has not played a single game the past two seasons at Mamelodi but you still feature him as no . 1 choice!
    4 Mbesuma must be given credit for his efforts but he has aged and therefore cant play 90 minutes let him play 60 minutes and then blood in a successor.
    5 Lungu should not have been in the stadium he has no positive psychology on the team because he has no charisma he should have watched it…

    • Zoona a Lungu aganiza nia KK 11 forget it. Lungu has this scared man demeanor that isn’t inspiring

  22. Pack it in leave Lungu out of the equation he proved himself with a clean election win and you were left bitter. Bola ni ku makasa if playears fail to deliver in football the coach is always the first to be scrutinised. Look at his game plan.I now understand why you lose elections mixing water with oil no strategy.Icnidikeni ba sangalatoni.

  23. Full falias u cried for power to lead faz u have not produced any positive result how possible that u can lead the country coach fail faz fail privatisation fail caos stay beter than human in their land you’re the source of desurpointiment in Zambia.

  24. Full falias u cried for power to lead faz u have not produced any positive result how possible that u can lead the country coach fail faz fail privatisation fail caos stay beter than human in their land you’re the source of desurpointiment in Zambia.

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