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Clients Cheer New ZRA Chief’s action to lock out late comers


Commissioner General Kingsley Chanda
Commissioner General Kingsley Chanda
JUBILANT clients standing in long queues at Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) head office in Lusaka yesterday cheered the action taken by the new Commissioner General Kingsley Chanda to lock out late comers.

They commended ZRA for the action which they hoped would would stamp out late coming by employees which had become the trademark of the authority.

In an interview, the customers said that the action was timely and hoped that other Government entities would follow suit to resuscitate a good work culture in the entities. “This action is very welcome and timely as many workers in Government institutions have a poor work culture.

We were being made to wait for officers to turn up long after reporting time,” one of the customers said. Scores of ZRA employees at the firm’s head office were locked out for reporting late for work. Mr Chanda, who supervised the action, advised employees who were in the habit of reporting late for work to resign.

He said employees who failed to report for work at 08.00 hours were free to resign because the culture of late reporting for work was unproductive.

He also warned the employees to improve their attitude towards work for the authority to meet the expectations of stakeholders or resign. “I will not allow anyone to report any time they want and I will also not allow you to knock off from work any time you feel like,’’ he said. Addressing the culprits later Mr. Chanda said it was high time employees changed their attitude towards work.

He said that was important more so that the Authority was below revenue collection target by over K300 million.

“I did write to all of you that things must change and I was not joking, I was serious. If you feel you can report for work any time and you feel you can knock off any time you want, please the door is open, resign, Go in the private sector, run your own company because then you will be free to decide to go for work or report late. You can do anything. The only challenge is that your company will collapse,” he said.

Mr. Chanda had urged employees to abide by their signed contractual obligations. He said employees had a tendency of reporting late for work and at the same time knocked off early, usually by 16:30 hours, a situation which he said had affected productivity to a great extent.

“The business community is complaining about the attitude of ZRA officers, not just towards taxpayer but even towards something which is keeping your families going,

“This is the last warning I am giving you, those who knock off early and those in a habit of coming in late , this must come to an end,” he said.

Mr. Chanda later had a quick familiarisation tour of different ZRA offices at the Head Office.


  1. Good effort though just a drop in the ocean! The effectiveness of such a measure can also be questioned. Public sector employees are always in the habit of mistreating their clients in many ways than one.

    A migration to e-services where possible can go a long way in dealing with such problems …

    • I should have added that fire fighting is not the best tool to solve problems. Surely ZRA can afford electronic clocking systems which all line managers can have access to.

      In addition clients visiting the tax collector can on the spot assess their level of service satisfaction
      with all info being available to the Commissioner General when he needs it …

  2. Very good. Public offices are a shame in Zambia. People are at the mercy of staff that get away with tardiness.

  3. One complaint is that they live far from their work place. Then I thought of a salesman man working in an Indian should and has to travel from the outskirts of Lusaka, the chap is poorly paid, has to hitch hike but still arrives at work even before time.

  4. Corporate culture is not influenced by “naming and shaming” type of management. The only thing that the CG has managed to do is to embarrass the employees and dent his institution public image. So as a member of the public my perception about ZRA has changed and am inclined to believe what the post says about it. Picking up a group of late comers and making them a public spectacle and say nothing positive about those who come early and knock off late (without overtime) is poor type of governance. Why not write a memo to all employees as opposed to washing dirty linin in public? For such positions, I think a special committee must shortlist through a robust recruitment process and let the President choose from the shortlisted candidates.

    • Are one of those locked or do you get preferecial treatment at ZRA? My friend for me who has been asked to pay something to have my papers processed at ZRA this action is even below my expectations. Even that office orderly at Kitwe Nchanga House treats as subhumans.

    • “I did write to all of you that things must change and I was not joking, I was serious. If you feel you can report for work any time and you feel you can knock off any time you want, please the door is open, resign, Go in the private sector, run your own company because then you will be free to decide to go for work or report late. You can do anything. The only challenge is that your company will collapse,” he said.

      @Steve- Read the above paragraph and you will realise that a memo was sent to everyone. This is the biggest problem we have in Zambia- Laziness. We need to eradicate this malaise if we are to develop this nation. Kudos to CG.

    • You have got a problem…..he is trying to make things better. Stop being theoretical we have no time for such nonsense.

    • Steve you are one of those that was locked out and you want to pretend the bwana was at fault. Please quit. We can come and take up your job. You are not the only one with qualifications.

  5. 6.1 Ndanje Khakis thanks for your comments, I don’t work for ZRA (i wish I could). Please desist from paying somebody to process a document for you, that’s corruption which undermines institutional integrity and deprive the government on the much needed revenue to deliver development. other wise, thanks.

  6. it reminds me of the Concourt Vs UPND where some political party decided to avail alleged facts after the expirely of 14 days and still demanded to be heard. My boss once locked me outside in 2008 and since then my working culture changed. arguing about this is like demanding to continue playing football after the referee has blown the final whistle, even going to the extent of blaming the FIFA president for that. Accept and move forward like I did even though its painful.

  7. @ PF mpika cadre everything works on theories and principles, we go to school to learn how to run institutions successfully. i want to believe that there is procedure of dealing with late comers, If one is in a habit of coming late, it means his supervisor is not doing his job. So charge the supervisor.

  8. @ honest, the point is simple your boss did not follow company procedure in dealing with you although it worked. You are talking about concourt vs upnd, playing after the whistle has gone etc, you are basically saying stick tom the rules-if the whistle has blown, don’t play. I remember a case in one of the local courts were the Landlord locked the house to demand payments, but that was not in the tenants agreement, so the tenant went to court. He worn the case and damages were given to him…very smart tenant lol have a blessed day my friend Honest.

  9. It is a good initial step, but keep in mind that it is not a sustainable solution. It is just like treating symptoms without addressing the root cause. What you need is an indepth study of what causes late coming, then address those root causes. But pa zed we always think research is a waste of time

  10. e-governance is the only avenue which will help to improve efficiency in GRZ MPSAs…howver great move by the new Commissioner, ZRA is a strategic institution which needs to be manned by serious people who are equal to the task

    • report it my friend thats the way to go. This is the only way we can show true patriotism to our country. corruption must be faught aggresively otherwise it will consume our children and children’s children. Stay blessed.

  11. I like this spirit and I would want in all ministries people to be reporting in time this is the spirit that late Michael sata had

  12. CG should call for morning meetings (briefing) with his immediate subordinates. His subordinates with their own briefings until even the cleaner is catered for. “Muzungu anikondi type of management” is not good. So CG has failed to command the respect from his employees and must be replaced by a well meaning and more charismatic guy who can help improve the situation.

    • @Dodoma,,, he is barely a month in office how has he failed? he is just implementing that now….Watch the space

  13. Good Move by CG, I hope people learnt one or two lessons & change the altitude towards work, also address the other side of the Coin, it could be staff are not motivated, as far as am concerned ZRA is one of the waste paid Quasi GRZ institution considering they are the ones collecting a big chunk of GRZ much need Revenue, BOZ NAPSA ZESCO etc….are paid way better than ZRA yet they are in the same category. This is very welcome move by the ZRA chief but focus very much on the root coz of such altitudes,,,,,otherwise Bravo!! & keep working had for a Better ZRA

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