Energy Regulations Board (ERB) offices
Energy Regulations Board (ERB) offices
The Energy Regulation Board (ERB) says it has revised the grading system for filling stations by assigning points to consumer services related requirements as opposed to technical requirements.

According to a press statement issued to ZANIS by ERB Public Relations Manager, Kwali Mfuni in Lusaka today, the move comes in the wake of complaints from motorists about the quality of service offered by Oil Marketing Companies and Dealers at same facilities which were rated highly by the Board.

Ms. Mfuni explained that previously, the grading criteria based on technical requirements was primarily focused on safety and product quality which saw filling stations being graded according to compliance level with technical regulations as outlined in their licences.

She said the revised grading criteria of filling stations will commence this month and has allocated 32 points out of 60 to consumer services in order to address concerns from motorists such as provision of compressed air and dispensing wrong fuel for engine type.

Ms. Mfuni said under the new grading system, filling stations are required to provide compressed air and assistance to operate the equipment, alternative energy source to continue dispensing fuel in the event of power outage and confirmation of the requested fuel type to avoid cross contamination.

She said filling stations will also be expected to offer additional services such as wind screen cleaning and oil check as well as efficiency in serving motorists and general courtesy.

Ms. Mfuni said the revised guidelines are intended to motivate Oil Marketing Companies and Dealers to meet customer expectations with regard to quality of service.

She further said the revised campaign will also allow consumers to participate in monitoring services at filling stations and promptly report any anomalies.
Ms. Mfuni encouraged motorists to patronize highly graded filling stations to ensure they get value for money services.

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  1. As usual it’s the blind leading the blind. For a small brown envelope those ERB inspectors can give you any grade you want. And of what use is the grading anyway?


  2. This is long overdue ERB. You have been unfair to OMCs who have invested so much in giving customers value for their money – neat surroundings, modern buildings, excellent customer service and they have not earned a grade for that from you people, what we see are grade AAs all around whether good or bad. However, you are better late than never and go a step further by providing information to us customers on the benefits of buying fuel from grade ‘A’ service station so that other may be motivated to upgrade their service standards. Well done ERB.



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