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UPND accuse PF cadres of planning to disrupt court session in Kasama

Headlines UPND accuse PF cadres of planning to disrupt court session in...

Kelvin Sampa hands over a vehicle to chief nkole mfumu which he donated to the palace to be used by the people in his chiefdom.
The UPND has accused PF cadres of planning “to seriously attack Court as they did in Lusaka in Mulenga Sata’s case.”

This follows the matter in which UPND parliamentary candidate Sibongile Mwamba challenged the election of Kelvin Sampa as Member of Parliament for Kasama Constituency.

PF cadres were annoyed yesterday after realising that Kelvin Sampa failed to organize lawyers to represent him in the petition.

And worse information reached them that UPND has overwhelming evidence about PF electoral malpractices.

Yesterday, Kasama town was filled with debate about PF unruly behavior at court and how the PF cadres beat up UPND members while police kept arresting UPND members on trumped up charge during the campaign period.

A reliable source has revealed that Kelvin Sampa who was aided to file in his nomination by ECZ plans to file in a notice of advocacy to increase the number of lawyers to represent him to survive the petition.

Meanwhile, police in Kasama are expected to increase the number of police officers at Court this morning when the matter comes up for a hearing.


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  1. Lies wont take you anywhere ba UPND. Anyway you had planned long ago to not to accept the result

    • Rigging is not only tempering with the results but every thing that creates disadvantages to the opponent such as cancellation of rallies last minute when the rallies for the ruling candidates are not cancelled at all.

      Disrupting opposition meetings while the ruling party can hold theirs even without a permit.

      Police brutality against opposition members each time PF provokes them.

      A total of un even playing field created by the rulling party to disadvantage its opponents amounts to rigging.

      All the violence and intimidation leveled at the opposition supporters is rigging evidence of most of you PF id1ots did not know.

      These past elections were rigged in favour of the PF and Lungu.

      By wanzelu

  2. That woman Sibongile was there when counting was being done and only when she noticed the wide margin that she went out of the totaling centre. She could not believe that people who ate her cattle the day before could fail to vote for her. She was then later forced to petition. What rubbish is this in Zambia kanshi?

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