Four Zambians scoop global finance award in South Africa



team-athena-zambiaFOUR Zambians have won the globally acclaimed 2016 CFO Case Study Competition organised by Africa’s world class business firm, Charter Quest. The award was presented to the winners at the Finance Indaba Africa 2016 Expo in Johannesburg, South Africa last night.

Press Secretary to the Zambian High Commissioner Nicky Shabolyo said in a press statement today that the Zambian team, Athena, was presented with a 100, 000 rand cheque and a trophy at a ceremony held at the Sandton International Convention Centre last night.

Mr Shabolyo said the Athena comprises David Mwanza, Chanshi Mwandama, Elinah Nyala and Chileleko Hanjawa  who are financial experts studying Accounting at the Copperbelt University.

He said the four beat Australia and Ghana after making it to the last three in a competition that started off with 320 teams representing 1,278 aspirants, 53 universities in 25 countries across five continents.

The Zambian team entered the final stages after the Project Board of The Chief Financial Officer(CFO) Case Study Competition on 1st July, 2016 announced the top 6 teams who were to be invited on an all-expenses paid trip to Johannesburg for the global semi-finals and grand finale at the Finance Indaba Africa 2016 Expo which eventually took place last night.

The other five teams were Allez Consulting from Australia, Team Dolphins from Indonesia, Team Snipers from Ghana, Team UKZN from South Africa, and Team UP 116 from South Africa.

The competition format is that the participants are given business case studies in which they are required to analyse scenarios and challenges of a particular organisation.

They then present their findings and recommendations to a board of directors.

Mr Shabolyo said  participants were in the initial stages of the competition required to compile and submit reports from their respective countries.

He disclosed that eliminations were conducted at various stages of assignments and report presentation until the last six were picked and invited to the grand finale in Johannesburg.

The last three, Athena from Zambia, Allez Consulting from Australia and Team Snipers from Ghana, had to compete in an extended case study which had more scenarios.

The Press Secretary said the  excited Zambian team drew their motivation from Indira Ghandi whom they quoted as having said: “’Be the change you wish to see in the world’. We want to see Zambia and the African continent at large wake up from its slumber and unlock its untapped potential to become self-sufficient; we are burning with determination to be part of this change.”

The winners were picked by a team of accomplished financial advisors from various renowned South African blue chip companies which included CFOs from Telkom, Phillips, Johannesburg Stock Exchange and Telesure.

First Secretary in charge of education, Mrs. Emmerentiana Bweupe and First Secretary in charge of Tourism, Mrs. Patricia Muyamwa attended the global semi-finals and grand finale at the Finance Indaba Africa 2016 Expo.

Finance Indaba Africa is the biggest annual expo and conference for finance professionals.

It brings together peers, technology suppliers, platforms, banks, tools, specialists, CFOs and thought leaders. 5,000 visitors tap into a wealth of resources, knowhow and inspiration and gain unparalleled insights.


    • Congratulations! You make all the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise proud!! We are all excited and happy for you.

      No Single Zambian Is Qualified For Stupidity … A Smart People, We Are!! So, Help Us God ~ B R Mumba, Sr

    • Absolutely wonderful !!! well done !!!the future of Zambia is in the hands of our youth. our obligations are to support our youth in any way we can . well done again you heroes!!!

  1. Congratulations. The first good news from Zambia this year. You guys represent the Zambia we all want to see. Stay focused.

    • That’s the challenge when you imagine tribe, think tribe, dream tribe and eat tribe. Chanshi Mwandama is Bemba! Are you happy??

    That bemba question is irrelevant it belongs to the passed centuries! I for one know of Mainza Morris who is pure English and white. Names could deceive!

  3. @TRUMP LUNGU you are a piece of work indeed. Anyhow, I hope we can have young people like those setting up outfits to rival the likes of Deloitte and KPMG! Well done guys!

  4. Ok. apart from being the change, what else was in the project and what was the project case title? any way congrats young people. wish Lungu could see that there’s potential in Zambians other than those who drink and dance with and for him

  5. Trump what have bembas done to you? Here bright young zambians instead of being happy for them all you do puke negatives.

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