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Rampant mealie-meal smuggling to DRC irks Minister

Economy Rampant mealie-meal smuggling to DRC irks Minister


COPPERBELT Minister Bowman Lusambo has bemoaned the rampant smuggling of mealie- meal into neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Mr Lusambo who toured the Kasumbalesa border post on Friday noted that  the extent of mealie-mealie smuggling taking place through the border post could create an artificial shortage.

Mr Lusambo said President Edgar Lungu was concerned with the continued smuggling of mealie-meal to neighbouring countries as the artificial shortage created causes the increase in the price  of the commodity.

The Minister who was in the company of Provincial Permanent Secretary Howard Sikwela and other senior government officials arrived at Kasumbalesa around 23:00 hours and went straight to inspect the border post.

Mr Lusambo took time to query police officers manning the border over the rampant increase in smuggling of the essential commodity to DRC.

He was briefed that in collaboration with officers from the Zambia National Service, they have managed to seal the border although the smugglers have now resorted to using other clandestine routes to smuggle mealie meal out of Chililabombwe.

Shortly after visiting some of the routes used by the smugglers, the Minister and his entourage were attacked by the suspected perpetrators who threw various objects at the moving motorcade.

Speaking after the spot checks, Mr Lusambo promised that Government would beef up security in the border town to help curb the vice.

“As Government we are concerned and we will conduct more operations through the Zambia Police. I know these people were tipped of this operation. We will go back to the drawing board to ensure that we deploy more officers as we have noticed that there are a lot of roots used,” he said.

Mr Lusambo said wants to bring sanity to the Copperbelt by tackling various issues among them the illegal smuggling of mealie meal to the neighbouring DRC.

He said that the country was losing millions of Kwacha in smuggled mealie meal to neighbouring countries, a trend which should be stopped.

He further warned Zambian transporters and traders aiding the illegal export of mealie meal to the DRC that the law would soon catch up with them.

He added that Government had not opened up the maize export market and all those found smuggling the community would be arrested.

The operation ended at 02 hours on Saturday with Mr Lusambo promising that he would return to the border town to check if the measures employed would be successful.



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  1. Hunger is pushing many people to become muslims in Zambia. Muslims are donating food to Zambians next day you find Zambians dressed like muslims

  2. this chap lusambo is very good at talking and just warming his chair. Can he for once do something and let his actions speak for him? Very dull mambala . This is the calibre of leadership under pf. Zambians are been taught a lesson for allowing pf to steal leadership

  3. @Crusader,yor observation is right.Our brothers the Muslims have an agenda,the more the poverty-the easier it is to spread Islam.There will be Mosques & madrasas all over,scholerships to Muslim countries,at the end of the day we will be singing “Zambia is a Christian Nation”,we have a God fearing President!!!!

  4. Support this young man he’s doing a good job. If l were him, l cud engage the Army as well cos, its we the same Zambians who shall cry foul when and if mealie meal runs out.

    I am not in anyway suggesting that we should STOP exporting mealie meal to the Congo DR or anywhere else for that matter, we have to do these things right and correctly in order to collect the much needed revenue for ALL Zambians to benefit from.

  5. Firstly I don’t accept the fact that 56 years into freedom, DRC can still not produce enough food for itself. The next stupid thing is that Zambia itself 52 years old still talks about ‘smuggling’ of mealie meal into the DRC and others alike!

    When will the time come for exporting our surplus food for economic growth? Is this not where diversification must lie?

  6. The sickness in our society is manifested by a simple story about mealie meal smuggling degenerating into a Religious discussion. If charitable donations spread Islam, then the question we should be asking is that why are we as not paying our Tithe.

    Pay your 10% tithe, and make it the law before we can call ourselves a Christian Nation. A so-called Christian nation that is based on other than Christian laws is hypocrisy.


  7. I somehow doubt if we are real humans. Looking at the issues in Africa like failing to grow your own food or following simple methods of import and export points to a big mental problem among our people. Instinctive survival is stone age. 50++ years wasted.

  8. Ndanje khakis. You stuupid layer. You think you can encourage smuggling. chinbwi. How can it be US$ 50 when it is 110 at Kasumbalesa. Polo yako. Ku sa punzila.

  9. ‘Government is losing millions’-which millions when exports do not attract any tax. That’s the problem of having ministers who are semi educated. We should produce more and export more in order to grow our agric sector period.

  10. Equally concerned about the spread of Islam. This is enabled by pf leaders through subjection of poor citizens to severe hunger and poverty. The creation of the religious ministry is in line with what is happening now.
    After 5 years half of Zambians will be Muslims.
    Will there be peace any more in Zambia?
    Muslims want to lead Zambia and reverse the Christian nation declaration. This is a time bomb.
    Difficult times lie ahead in Zambia.
    Is Lusambo going to stop the Mabvuto Lungu deals? Will he not be transferred to another province?
    How do other pfools look at it other than trying to expose them?
    Lusambo with mmd mentality like Mulusa will soon know that he is becoming a threat to many pfools.
    He will just have his leaps rubbed with honey ? to lick ? or else be moved from one…

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