Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company appoints Dr Mashamba as MD

Interim LWSC Managing Director Manuel Mutale (Right) is welcoming Dr. Mashamba while the LWSC Board Vice Chairperson Ben Zulu looks on.
Interim LWSC Managing Director Manuel Mutale (Right) is welcoming Dr. Mashamba while the LWSC Board Vice Chairperson Ben Zulu looks on.

 Interim LWSC Managing Director Manuel Mutale (Right) is welcoming Dr. Mashamba while the LWSC Board Vice Chairperson Ben Zulu looks on.
Interim LWSC Managing Director Manuel Mutale (Right) is welcoming Dr. Mashamba while the LWSC Board Vice Chairperson Ben Zulu looks on.
The Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company Board of Directors is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Sylvester Mudzibairi Mashamba as Company Managing Director with immediate effect.

Dr Mashamba, 53, holds a PhD and Master’s degree in Architecture from the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne – UK and a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture from the University of Zambia.

Dr Mashamba has a long career in academia and public sector spanning over 23 years. He also served as Chief Executive Officer for the National Construction Council for 13 years. He has lectured at the Copperbelt University rising to the position of Dean of School of Built Environment.

Announcing Dr Mashamba’s appointment, LWSC Board Chairperson Dr. Dennis Mwanza said he was pleased to announce Dr. Mashamba’s appointment after a rigorous and extensive search.

“After a rigorous and extensive search, I am very pleased to be able to announce Dr Mashamba’s appointment. He has distinguished experience in the management of public organizations and is a real leader in the field of development. I am convinced that with Dr Mashamba’s wide experience, leadership and management, LWSC will become the company of choice for water and sanitation service delivery,” Dr. Mwanza said.

And Dr Mashamba thanked the board for the confidence shown in him by appointing him Managing Director for the water utility company.

“I wish to thank the Board for showing confidence in me. The expectations from the board, customers and the shareholders are very clear and therefore, LWSC has no time to waste, we should all strive to make a difference in the lives of our customers, “he said.

The Zambia Water Sanitation Engineering and Allied Workers Union Branch has welcomed the appointment of Dr. Mashamba.

Branch Chairperson, Moses Mwale welcomed Dr. Mashamba’s appointment and pledged the union’s support.


  1. What has architecture got to do with water and sewerage engineering?Will he understand friction losses in pipes. The idea of running engineering institutions by engineers went with the white man

    • The solution to problems at LWSC is not finding a Dr as Md. The company needs to be transformed from council thinking mentality to business mentality. The attitude of the workers is pathetic. With the introduction of prepaid meters LWSC is making a lot of money now but no change has been seen only increased salaries.

    • Because the company needs a person with skills to understand the operation of the water and sanitation systems. In this case, a civil or water engineer and in some cases a business manager is needed in the top seat to drive the company forward. I have no doubts Dr Mashamba will be able to perform to expectations.

  2. This one is a dud. PHDs abd academic tyoes are not helpful in running public utility organisations. We need really leader managers with experience in Administering public organisations. I have my doubts about this one. No experience or know how.

    • Stop exposing yo ignorance in public. Mashamba is not just an academic. He served delligently at National Council for Construction for well over 10 years. He understands the public sector very well. As for the arguement about having an engineer head up LWSC I have only one question. Where were the engineers when an architecht was getting ‘their’ job?

    • In Zambia it seems ignorance is what keep us from making progress and being productive. Having a PHD, Masters, First Degree or a Diploma is like you have achieved competence in doing work. It is more of a paper tiger than a specialist. is Dr. Mashamba bringing competencies of management in architecture to Lusaka Water Sewerage? Or What did he achieve at National Council for Construction? And what was he doing in the UK? ( I am not disrespecting DR. Mashamba). Look at Zesco, even though the current MD has a degree in Electrical does not qualify for the post. Look at the answers he was giving about load shedding when MPs questioned him. Zamtel whose MD has Masters is even worse than Zesco. It is people with PHD or no PHD with right, specific, substance and passion that are productive and…

  3. people from academia are full of theories. Further, the name sounds like a Zimbabwean, I thought LWSC is a strategic and security company

  4. Not the right man for the job.No offence intended.Is from construction and accademic background.You needed someone with a background and experience of managing a water company.Perhaps someone who understands the current challenges facing the water industry in cities like LSK

  5. The board needed to have looked at someone with a serious background of water and sanitation. We need such strategic institutions to be handled by appropriate technocrats who understand the technical operations of the system.
    Architecture has nothing to do with the operations of a company like LWSC.
    You need someone who is well grounded in Water and waste water engineering.

    • The majority Board Members are unqualified. What they have are academic qualifications and no practical experience in utility save university ideal experience at board level or similar setting by the passage of time. The only thing the Board knows is to recruit a person with academic qualifications like themselves.

  6. Corruption at its highest indeed! What does this PF cadre know about water???
    Zambia is indeed full of fools & *****s.

    Reviving the country should rationally start by appointing the right people for the right jobs!
    What tangible technical & engineering contribution will this PF fool of a MD make if he was invited to participate in a Water Seminar or Conference say in The Netherlands or Germany?

    We told The Zambians, especially the thieving Bembas & their Eastern cousins that it would be an economic suicide to vote for PF & keep ECL as President.
    I can only foresee two things – water problems in Lusaka will continue & might even deteriorate while the tariffs will skyrocket.

    Tighten your belts you fools – maybe next time you will vote wisely!

  7. As long as the utility company continues with Manucipality mentality, nothing will change. Operations should be “business like ” not father “Christmas “

  8. What we need in Zambia economic managers that turn around ailing companies not water and sanitation engineer foe Nkana water and sewerage nor Lusaka water and sewerage.These economic managers who understands the company as a business and profit making organisations will in turn hire professionals to head various department in the company.Its high time Zambia start reading about success and motivational books,CDs and other personal development literature from world renowned writers,billionaires,millionaires-(not in Zimbabwean dollars) and world business news.These political appoints boards of LWSC, NWSC, ZESCO, ZAMTEL, FRA, ZRA and ZR etc has not added any value to the ailing economy of Zambia. Ask or reading about Warren Buffet instructions to his top management that managers his…

  9. @Abena Diggers, I agree with you. As one goes up the corporate ladder, the ratio of technical Competence to Managerial competence can be as low as 10% to 80%. You need Turn Around Managers to run these corporations and then hand them over to competent Managers regardless of background.

    • @Chali,We have got a very big problem in Zambia and Africa in particular.Most learned Africans and Zambians in general fail to make a grade at home despite good papers because they think their good papers will produce the desired results instead of them as persons managing those institutions.If they happen to go Europe or USA they are taught how to make use of what they learnt at school/college to turn around the companies they head.An African or Zambian mindset is that of showing off and being praised /worshiped because of your qualification instead of being a great thinker and influencer/motivator of low caliber personnel through your qualifications. When I was growing up a youth and young adult I disliked reading articles on business news and investments in the two daily…

  10. Congratulations Dr Mashamba. The Board has made an informed decision to give you a noble task of serving the people of Lusaka with water supply and sewerage services. It is not simple and not one man’s show. Management skills and teamwork are key to success. All the best of luck.

  11. Please stop judging the book by the cover . Read it.
    For your own information there was criteria and the net was cast wide.
    So stop the unnecessary Innuendos’.

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