Zambia Minister of Transport and Communication,  Brian Mushimba at LLDCs High-Level meeting in Santa Cruz Bolivia. PHOTO COURTESY BOLIVIA UN MISSION
Zambia Minister of Transport and Communication, Brian Mushimba at LLDCs High-Level meeting in Santa Cruz Bolivia. PHOTO COURTESY BOLIVIA UN MISSION

Zambia Minister of Transport and Communication, Honourable Brian Mushimba says enhanced transport, mobility and connectivity are indispensable investments vital for overcoming the geographical constraints of landlocked developing countries (LLDCs) and linking them to regional and global markets.

And His Excellency, Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu, President of the Republic of Zambia, has commended His Excellency Mr. Evo Morales Ayma, President of the Plurinational State of Bolivia, for hosting the High-Level Meeting on Sustainable Transport of LLDCs and wished all delegates fruitful deliberations.

Delivering a statement in Zambia’s capacity as chair of the 32-member of the LLDCs at the High-Level Meeting on Sustainable Transport of LLDCs in Bolivian capital Santa Cruz on Thursday, Mr. Mushimba said more resources were needed towards the achievement of sustainable transport.

Mr. Mushimba, who is the Ministerial Global chair of the LLDCs Bureau, called on development partners, the United Nations system, international financing institutions and development banks as well as the private sector to enhance financial and technical assistance to landlocked developing countries and transit developing countries for the sustainable and inclusive development of transport.

“As a Group, we have been advocating for dedicated funding and special facilities for infrastructure development and maintenance for the LLDCs, which we believe are critical in supporting our national efforts,” Mr. Mushimba said. “We are keen to ensure that the International Think Tank becomes fully operational as this will provide top-quality research on issues of critical importance to the LLDCs, including transport and transit issues.”

He called on LLDC Group all members to ratify the Multilateral Agreement on the establishment of the International Think Tank for the LLDCs.
“We have come together less than two months before the Global Sustainable Transport Conference taking place in Turkmenistan in November. Let us take this opportunity to consolidate a strong common position of our Group that we can take with us to the Global Conference,” Mr. Mushimba said.

The Minister said Zambia, as Chair of the LLDCs, was committed to finding solutions to the challenges faced by the LLDCs Group.
Mr. Mushimba recalled that LLDCs Foreign Affairs Minister’s meeting on the side-lines of the UN General Assembly 71st Session High-Level segment last month in New York discussed important issues on fostering coherence in the implementation of the Vienna Programme of Action, the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and other global development frameworks, as well as follow-up processes.

He said the meeting was resolved to illuminate the implementation of the Vienna Programme of Action for LLDCs as a necessary requirement for integration of the LLDCs into the global economy and for achievement of the 2030 agenda for sustainable development.

“As LLDCs, we cannot attain the Sustainable Development Goals without realising the priority goals of the Vienna Programme. At the national level, I urge all member states to mainstream the Vienna Programme of Action into national development strategies. This is the first and crucial step towards implementation,” Mr. Mushimba said.

He said the Vienna Programme of Action prioritises transport and transit infrastructure not only as a means of facilitating regional integration, but also as an enabler of sustainable development for the LLDCs.

“We also recognise the transformative potential of transport for structural economic change in the LLDCs. Infrastructure development and maintenance, including transport infrastructure, is rightfully reflected as the second priority of the Vienna Programme of Action,” Mr. Mushimba said. “For LLDCs, close cooperation with our transit neighbours on transport is a necessity for enhancing connectivity.”

The minister said development of transit and transport corridors and closer cooperation on improving the soft infrastructure, harmonization of transit regulations and procedures and trade facilitation measures have been effective in reducing the high transport costs and delays.

The statement was issued by First Secretary for Press and Public Relations Permanent Mission of the Republic of Zambia to the United Nations, Mr Chibaula D Silwamba


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  1. Good start Young-man, at least some fresh blood to change the mindset of old papas in that parliament. Please watch out for corrupt people who would want to be close to you. Never give them a change. stay focused in making a difference.


    • A product of a good education, international exposure and focus. This freshness is indeed good and for those of us who know Brian personally, the young man determined as he is, remains firmly grounded and down to earth…


  2. we are just good at talking that doing things. too many accidents in Zambia too which knocks out a lot of transports.invest in trains for both human and goods transport. this is what you find in developing countries


  3. I like his humbleness and humility. He will make good contributions to the ministry of transport and communications. He relentlessly delivers results if you go by his corporate background before he joined politics.


  4. Why we zambian always think negatively? this boy is a new man from mufurila secondary school to Mpelembe secondary and then to US where he was educated and worked there for some years . He has also worked in Rwanda. please give him chance to show the old zambian politicians how to develop the country zambia through education. we have so many cadres and uneducated ministers from the past. Let us learn to change and support young politicians who have good ideas and plans. Ovoid always hoping people to fail, that criminal and evil. Remember,” there are more days than money in this world.” stop this nonsense of condemnation of future leaders.



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