Government to issue a comprehensive statement on Fuel increase

Chief Government spokesperson Chishimba Kambwili
Former Chief Government spokesperson Chishimba Kambwili
Chief Government spokesperson Chishimba Kambwili
Chief Government spokesperson Chishimba Kambwili

GOVERNMENT has appealed to Zambians to remain calm in the wake of the increase in the pump price of fuel.

Chief Government spokesperson Chishimba Kambwili said in an interview yesterday that Zambians must not panic because the increase in the pump price of fuel is not meant to punish them.

Dr Kambwili, who is Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services, said he will issue a comprehensive statement on the move by the Energy Regulation Board (ERB) to increase the pump price of fuel.

“I wish to appeal to Zambians to remain calm. I will soon issue a statement as to why Government allowed this move,” Dr Kambwili said.

And Minister of Finance Felix Mutati is on Thursday expected to inform Parliament on the state of the economy.

Mr Mutati said in a separate interview that his statement will address fears by some people that Zambia is headed for tough times.

On Friday, the ERB announced an increase in the pump price of fuel with petrol now costing K13.70 per litre from K9.87 while diesel is now pegged at K11.40 from K8.59 per litre.

Meanwhile, Patriotic Front Secretary General Davies Mwila has said that the removal of fuel subsidies will benefit the poor because the money saved will be channelled to socio-economic development programmes.

Mr Mwila said in an interview yesterday that the party has not departed from its pro-poor policies because it was founded to improve the lives of poor people.


  1. Ba pf you think you still have time to fool people? Bafikala fuel yena just shut up don’t even talk about it

  2. We will await that pillocks rants frank bwalya because he is government spokesman and even president. Even lusambo says more than lungu

    • Chimbwili will say that PF allowed the 38% petrol price increase because the IMF said so. This is the cost of reckless living and vote-buying through “massive infrastructure”. Zambians should now park their cars and just walk on those thinly tarred roads they were dancing Dununa Reverse for.

    • Kambwili must shut up! A few months ago, he announced that Edgar lungu had struck a deal with some Saudi connection which will see fuel in zambia reduce to as low as K5!

    • While we agree that subsidies will have to go in one way or the other, can’t we do it a little gradually? We know that this is one of the prescription of the infamous IMF and a begger is not a chooser at all at all in this context. Also zero in cutting government’s unnecessary expenditure and pay civil servants on time. Let’s also plan our development agenda wisely now that the nightmare of election after the other have been fixed. Trade carefully.

    • Which comprehensive statement? Kambwili and his PF government are accusing opposition UPND to be behind the increase in fuel pump price while the global pump price has dropped to unprecedented levels. Kambwili also will assure the Docile loving people of Zambia to be patient with government as the so called humble president Edgar Chapona Lungu is finalizing his oil deal with Saudi Arabia and when that deal is done in the next one month we will start buying Petrol at K5.25 per litre. That’s the kind of propaganda Zambians love to hear. who has cursed us in this country? Honestly can anything good come out of PF? talk of corruption in the PF government (check Auditor General’s report), As am talking Zambia has been ranked as the third hungriest country on planet earth what else do you need

    • 38% hike is no small adjustment and we definitely need a comprehensive statement which should include the Saudi Arabia oil deal. What effect will this have on the struggling mines when electricity tariffs are also hiked? Copper prices will remain suppressed for most of 2017. We hope the delay in budget presentation is meant to look at the many side effects these measures will cause, e.g. Job losses in the mines, many shops closing down at our new shopping malls due to lack of business due to reduced spending. What happens to salaries? PAYE tax and other taxes?

    • This is not typical Kambwili …..he never gives himself a buffer zone to give a comprehensive response…. He always has an answer on his finger tips!! He is trying to give an impression that ERB increased the price but government didn’t have time to put together an explanation to the people by the time the price was effected. Bollocks!!!! This is a minus for you Sir

    • No statement from ECL???
      ECL knows how to play on zambian minds, he is been using prayer and reconciliation. Remember when zambian kwacha lost value, Lungu went for prayer and reconciliation and all zambians were happy. Also remember when that upnd girl was shot, Lung went for prayers and all zedians were happy. Today fuel increase ECL runs to prayer. Next will be subsidies removal & ECL will run to national prayer again.

    • I have always warned Zambians that PF is quickly turning Zambia into Zimbabwe with Lungu under the mentorship of Mugabe.

      What I have said has come to pass. I speculated on Sata ‘s demise due ill health but PF minions insluted me in denial instead making contingency measures to mitigate the effect of his death. It came to pass.

      Now Lungu is sick and if you hear he has been flown out in hurry without a proper send off just know his time is nigh. The COMESA excuse though plausible is one we have heard before . To me this is a pretext to send him for medical treatment abroad. But still the prospect of him getting out that sickness are extremely slim as has been given a few months to live. Rumour has it that he has been given no more than 8 months to live.

    • The major problem with some people its denial, what we all know is that the Majority of Zambians voted against one individual period!

    • So when & who reintroduced the fuel subsidies after Sata removed them in May, 2013? Why not just say fuel increase? Ur just hiding under removal of subsidy cos u know worldwide petroleum products prices are low.

      THROW BACK 2013
      Media Statement for Immediate Release

      LUSAKA, Thursday, May 2, 2013 – His Excellency, Mr. Michael Chilufya Sata, President of the Republic of Zambia, has said the removal of the subsidy on petroleum products will enable the state to have more finances available for spending and guarantee proper implementation of all government programmes and projects.

      President Sata said it is necessary that the subsidy on petroleum products, which has been a burden on state coffers for a…

    • President Sata said it is necessary that the subsidy on petroleum products, which has been a burden on state coffers for a longtime, is removed and consequently the price of fuel adjusted upwards in order to attract wider social benefits for the general populace.
      “In 2012 alone, the Treasury redirected resources amounting to KR754 Million (K754 Billion) from implementation of other government programmes and activities in the Budget to finance the fuel subsidy,” the Head of State said.

      “For the 2013 budget, the Government has already paid a sum of KR571.5 Million (K571.4 Billion) in fuel subsidies as at 18th January, 2013. It is estimated that more than K1.1 Trillion (KR1.1 Billion) will be paid in 2013 as subsidies if no adjustment is made to the price build up and/or the pump price…

    • “Our people may wish to know that the estimated K1.1 Trillion (KR1.1 Billion) subsidy can go a long way in financing the construction of more than 100 new rural primary schools or over 120 new rural health centres to help the majority marginalized Zambians.”
      The President has further explained that these funds are diverted from expenditure on social sectors and infrastructure development that if spent would have accelerated poverty reduction and employment creation especially for the youths.

      “The removal of the subsidy will make more finances available for spending and guarantee job creation and the development of infrastructure such as schools, universities, hospitals as well as the Link Zambia 8000 project, which will open up the rural areas for increased trade and investment,”…

    • “The decision will also make funds available for the upgrading of the Indeni Oil Refinery to enable it process pure crude oil, which is cheaper to import and will result in cheaper imports by about US$10 Million while providing other by-products to be used in the plastic, road and fertilizer industries. I believe the overall short and long-term benefits to Zambians of this action, outweighs by far any perceived negative consequences.”
      President Sata said in its pursuit to improve the livelihood of all Zambians, the PF government remains committed to ensuring that there is a transparent and equitable distribution of resources to all sectors to facilitate greater economic growth.

      Meanwhile, President Sata is this Friday [tomorrow] expected to flag off the commencement of the…

    • Meanwhile, President Sata is this Friday [tomorrow] expected to flag off the commencement of the construction of the 61Km Chalimbana Road project. This is another project under the Link Zambia 8000, which will provide a shorter route to the Leopards Hill Road passing through Chiawa to Chirundu.

      The same day, the Head of State is also expected to lay a foundation stone for the construction of Chalimbana University. This is part of President Sata’s vision to overhaul and develop the education system by increasing the number of public universities as espoused in the PF manifesto.

      Issued by:

  3. The Church of Lungu is praying and fasting today so that Zambians can remain docile and ignorant while the PF Silverbacks eat steaks that bakachema grow for them.

  4. the fact of the matter is that fuel has gone up and this is having a ripple effect on the people.People will not eat the statement that you will issue.We are still waiting for the saudi oil deal.

  5. There is no statement from Kambwili, no matter how comprehensive, which will calm Zambians other than a statement saying Govt has reversed fuel increase. Any other statement will not change anything in anyone.

  6. How can we trust you ba pf… First issue a statement on the saudi oil deal then proceed to fuel hike… Dont forget one day you will be caught up in your own lies..

    • How many times you expect them to be caught in theirs own lies? Once a day? Once per week?
      They should change name to LPZ!!!


  8. Kambwili, you did the opposite of what you promised Zambians. Where is the K5 fuel you promised us?
    Amwnso kwati Lusato!!!

  9. Bailouts must work hand in hand with proactive austerity measures. Against a backdrop of decades of “subsidy-economics” Zambian’s have been used to, it sounds extremely unbearable when the money lender incite the removal of subsidies for monetary handout a.k.a bailouts. It is wrong to sooth the impact of this move with bear words. The Govt should call a spade a spade and institute measures to cushion the inevitable impact of the move. In the courts of public opinion, Zambians will be hurt but for their long run benefit. My call is Diversify the economy asap!

    • It’s high time we got the IMF off our back with forward looking positive proactiveness engulfed in the spirit of patriotism. We the patriots remain true to the fundamental tenets of our very existence in our beloved nation so much so that as we toil in one rhythm the three worded phrase we chant and adopt in as far as our economy is concerned remains, Diversify, diversify, diversify. Hurter wanna hurt but we shall embrace the spirit of reconciliation. Peace to y’all.

  10. Zambia is broke. Soon your daughters will start selling themselves for top society lotion. Very sad for Zambia.

  11. Making statements only after the damage has been done. You can not lead people like that, this government needs to understand that to earn respect you need to inform people and then act.

  12. There is no channelling the money into socio economic projects…that money will be used to pay salaries and cover stolen funds by PF.

    They used all the money in campains….1.3 billion ZMK from till gates is missing. They are failing to meet their obligations.

    Plezzzz PF play that song…..can you and lungu dance again….music pleas….

  13. can some one help me sing this song…dununa dununa iyeeee…aaayyeeee dununa iyeee dununa rverse……aba bambi ….bali muchibe…..aba bambi bola naikosa……lololo…..lololololololo….yatutuka tiya nayo lungu……

    • Before the song finishes, Zambians will ” thulula reverse”. This is diarrhoea(ing) through the mouth.

      Who would still want to dance to it?

  14. Ifintu ni Wrungu Chakolwa Kaloba I think even chi JK is regreting campaign for this 2016 most incompetent and 1di0tic president of the millenium.

  15. When you have clueless people leading you they speak this language using such words as comprehensive,measures,a plan e.t.c.This shall definitely be followed by some rhetoric and we have to be convinecd Lungu and his government have the best solutions.You guys went to Saudi Arabia and promised us the world!If you were serious,the comprehensive statement was going to come before the increment.The difference between these people and the debate I have watched between the US presidential candidates is that there atleast the aspiring leaders bring out some specifics of what they intend to do such as reducing taxes by a certain percentage.Here,like we have seen before they keep lying,have no idea what to do and we,the citizens have to sacrifice all the time.We have been sacrificing since…

    In the face of the acceptable threshold of reality and truth, 1) Zambia was rundown by the 5 unprecedented elections within a space in time of 10 years (2006 – 2016), 3 coming by way of normal and 2 Presidential bye elections. This was not normal on an unstable economy. 2) The PF’s Sata unprecedented national development agenda by way of infrastructure. This could have made sense if the copper driven economy did not run down. 3) Global unprecedented economic recession which so the copper fail to make positive trends in the nation’s economy. With the aforementioned, the route to economic recovery should honestly affect every Zambian in the same manner LPM’s HIPC campaign made a difference. Felix Mutati was their and so the…

  17. @18 FALSE, you are all laughable with your UPND u-5 leaders. Didn’t you see President Lungu shopping Crossroads, right in the neighbourhood of u-5? You are surprised that your tonglish bwanga doesn’t seem to work? Well the simple answer is that we pray for our President to our Lord everyday to protect him from evil like you.

  18. Now where is u-5? Planning another fruitless seditious statement again? Well the courts are ready to revoke his.bail if he abrogates his current bail conditions. Meantime I personally supervised the preparation of his police cells. And oh, UPND, no bedding from outside please, we have enough stock in correctional services stores. Remember cells are an important aspect of our correctional services. We have corrected a few politicians who attempted to turn criminal, cells work very effectively with this category, 100% success rate with ALL politicians. Read history, talk to Mpombo a recent example. Even Nervous mumba, just watch what he says after his god u-5 was locked up too. Never mind the hot air, it is fizzling out as the message is sinking in.

    • Terrible
      can you give us an update on the following pleas instead of masterba.ting over HH

      Flash back….
      President Lungu’s economic diplomacy has continued yielding results. He is currently in Saudi Arabia where he is signing big deals that include:
      1. Oil deals which will see the cost of fuel go down to as low as K5. 5. per litre. Negotiations have been going on and finally the deal will be signed.

      2. Funding of 10 more irrigation dams. Zambia is fast becoming the food busket for central and southern africa. President Lungu wants to expand investment in irrigation.

      3. Funding of phase two 600MW solar plant. The 600 MW phase one is being funded by World bank through IDC. Hon Dora…

      4. The president has pledged to create 500 000 jobs by end of 2016.
      He has also opened…

    • ……..He has also opened mulugushi textiles with the immediate employment of 300 workers this rasing to 20 000 beneficiaries this growing season due out grower cotton scheme

    • People…….We are waiting for an update on the above from Mr Terrible….while we wait can play that song pleas ……dununa reverse….

  19. We want the fuel for k5.5 which ecl promised. Can ecl explain to us what has happened and why he has failed to fulfil his promise

  20. Alah, is this ressurrection I’m witnessing out here? This Luapulans have very powerful Sangomas, Katele Kalumba has medicine of disappearing right before ones eyes in typical abrah cadabrah style. Now this goofy Chimbwili, I’m sure he died last month from instanteneous combustion because of too much fart gasses in his anatomy. Now his relatives took his mortal remains to Katanga ku buLuba eko a fumine and he comes back alive, kicking and puking vernon like before. What manner of masalamusi is all this!

  21. Well, we all know the economy is set to tank real big time because Lungu has no plan! This is Kaunda’s episode relieved, these IMF stringent Structural Adjustment measures will stir up riots that will usher Lungu to Duduna out! The man has zero ability and he will regret having rigged the last polls to retain power. If he is not careful, this will

  22. You cannot export to import fuel from places as far as the Middle East and hope for cheaper fuel. Price is set overseas, why not import a lot closer to home i.e. Angola

  23. Those saying fuel was going to cost K5.5 misquoted the President and Mr Kambwilli.
    What they meant was that after the fuel price hike, K5.5 of the money generated every minute (from the price hike) was going to be ploughed back to the poor.

  24. PF supporters on this blog have very bad online etiquette..
    People are tired of dancing dununa reverse and want some updates.

    I asked Mr Terrible for an up date @21.1 but upto now they just leave people dancing….with out any updates.
    Very bad supporters.

    We will ask them again when they regroup and resurface it looks like they are taking cover right now or making another song….

  25. Ba Kabwili always has an answer on his finger tips!! He is trying to give an impression that ERB increased the price but government didn’t have time to put together an explanation to the people by the time the price was effected. I am not sure who the poor will benefit when transport fees will be increased. Also bread and butter (groceries) will be high due to the transportation. Winazalila

  26. Am sure the government is on track to revive the economy,let us wait instead of condemning everything,this measures will help to pay back the loans we got from the WORLD BANK and IMF

  27. [email protected] We would like to see those “measures” affecting everybody including state house. It’s the poor farmers out there to suffer as they would not be provided with sufficient inputs, civil servants won’t have a pay rise in the next 3 years, many programmes in the budget won’t be implemented and prices of essential commodities will keep rising.In the meantime trips abroad for VIPs will continue as usual with hefty allowances. Shame on this country!!

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