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Huawei focuses on consumers with new Experience Store


Huawei Experience Store opens in Lusaka at Levy Mall. Photo courtesy of KPR Consulting
Huawei Experience Store opens in Lusaka at Levy Mall. Photo courtesy of KPR Consulting

 Unveiling of Experience Store Huawei’s demonstrates continuous growth as a smartphone brand in the country

Huawei Zambia has opened its first consumer experience store in Zambia. This is the first ever experience store in Zambia with a new and innovative concept of enhancing consumer experience of Huawei’s range of gadgets.

The store, located at Levy Park, bridges the gap between consumers and products by allowing them to sample the entire range of gadgets available from Huawei.

“We’re delighted to open our first ever Experience Store in Zambia. Huawei has emerged as the third largest smartphone brand in the world and opening this store is our way of bringing the brand closer to the people of Zambia,” says Country Device Manager Li Mao.

“Nothing is more dynamic in this market than the customer preferences. We have to keep on ensuring that our customer centres are not just stores that stock our products, but a place where we demonstrate how technology can transform lives and businesses,” he said.

The Experience Store demonstrates Huawei’s strategic investment in retail channel development, with approximately 15, 000 retail stores set to open in 2016 globally. In Zambia, the brand continuous growth, from a reliable and respected brand into an aspirational brand with a meaningful purpose.

Huawei will be offering personalized services to customers including a Toll Free number for complimentary pick-up and drop-off of devices and a 48 hour repair turnaround time for select devices under warranty.

By simply calling the Huawei Toll free line 3000 customers can schedule a time and location for their device to be collected. Huawei assures quick repairs for P9, P9 Lite, P9 Plus and Mate 8, Y Series & G series devices under warranty. For customers planning to visit the experience store they can enjoy a two-hour turnaround. In addition to efficient service, Huawei will also offer engraving services that will allow customers to further personalize devices with unique designs and artistic engravings of their choice.

“Worldwide excellence in service experience today constitutes a major factor for our customers, and Zambia leads the way.  We believe this can become a key brand differentiator, and that in times to come, customers will demand nothing but the very best – both in terms of quality of device and post-sales service levels. Our intention is to raise the industry bar and remain ahead of our competition by addressing this key need.” said Li Mao.


The store is a symbol of Huawei’s commitment to the country, which offers after sales services and repairs in addition to showcasing the latest consumer devices from smartphones to wearables.

“The new store will also provide visitors with a chance to test-drive Huawei’s entire product line including the current Mate 8, Y6 Pro and P9 smartphone models,” added Li Mao.

Huawei is confident that it will ship more than 10 million P9 devices.

“Huawei is committed to creating excellent products that consumers love. We are thrilled with the advancements in our flagship P-series of premium smartphones, and notably our P9 devices which were created in partnership with Leica Camera AG, a perfect combination of technology and art. The P9 further enhances Huawei’s leading position in the middle- and high-end markets, delivering the best user experience to consumers,’’ he notes.

Zambia continues to enjoy focus from Huawei as the firm ensures that consumers access the global brand locally while benefitting from a full after-sales service, technical support and training. The store is where families, students and professionals can shop and learn more about Huawei’s innovations, the experience store is also positioned as a place where you can get some expert opinions.

“Knowledgeable sales people are available to help consumers learn about all the latest products from Huawei and test the best features of each device and guide them in choosing the best device according to their specific needs and passion.”

Zambian consumers have shown increasing interest in Huawei devices, as translated in Huawei’s impressive rollout of the flagship Mate 8 smartphone earlier this year followed by the Y6 Pro and G series with the P9 series also on the Zambian market.


  1. What exactly do they sale? When you say from smartphones to wearables, what do you mean? Could’nt you be more specific? Zambian reporting at its best…

    • Ok they sell household furniture hle! Kante why do you people love to be spoonfed? Even simple straight forward things are hard to understand?? Why batho ba modimo ba dom so bathong?! How do you ask a Tech store what they sell? Entlik you’re the same people that ask for seafood ga di shisa nyama nxa!


  2. Could be a case of not being in the know about technology. Almost all the major tech players are into wearable technology now. Maybe you should go to the store and ask them. Thought you’d focus on getting us to produce these products in Zambia to create jobs but no, your focus had to be a tech term you don’t understand! Aren’t you the genius.

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