A Non-Governmental Organisation (NGOs) has called for more sensitization on women menstrual hygiene management and the provision of sanitary facilities in schools.

Water Aid representative Giyani Sakala made the appeal in Mwense yesterday during the orientation meeting for District Water Sanitation Health Education (D-WASHE) committee members on School Led Total Sanitation (SLTS) programme.

Mr. Sakala said menstrual hygiene management can be achieved through the provision of adequate facilities and sanitary products especially in schools.

He said lack of sanitary facilities and affordable sanitary products in schools have contributed to some girls dropping out of school and increased susceptibility to infection.

And speaking during the same meeting, Mwense District Council director of works Patrick Chishimba said government recognizes that good sanitation and hygiene practices are important for good health.

Mr. Chishimba said most children spend significant time in and around their schools adding that lack of appropriate facilities may discourage them from attending school.

He added that poor sanitation can also result in increased incidents of disease which can lead to poor attendance and performance at school

He further emphasized the need for hand washing as it was the first line of defence against many illnesses.

Mr. Chishimba said hand washing reduces the spread of infectious diseases, reinforces healthy behaviours and results in a more productive and healthy school population.

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  1. These NGOs have lost culture. How can grown men be more wiser than grandmothers to discuss even things I can’t write here?
    These NGOS are disgusting, all in name of donor money allowances.



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