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MMD supports Lungu’s call to arrest plunderers of public resources

Headlines MMD supports Lungu’s call to arrest plunderers of public resources

President Lungu addressing the crowd
President Edgar Lungu

Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) youths have supported President Edgar Lungu’s call for people cited in the auditor general’s report to immediately be arrested and account for the public resources they have misused.

MMD National Youth Treasure Geoffrey Mulenga said authorities must move in and arrest the people who have been using public resources to enrich themselves at the expense of many poor people who are wallowing in poverty.

Mr Mulenga reaffirmed the President’s call that those involved in the plunder of National resources should be brought to book hence authorities should quickly move in and arrest the people cited in the report.

“Let us take instructions by the President seriously, because if we falter you will be next on line to see the exit doors. This habit to take instructions of the head of state as mere pronouncements will land some of these guys in deep soup.

“In fact as MMD youths we are advocating that if these people continue delaying to take action we shall call for their arrest. These are public officers, who have breached the trust to the Zambians.” he said.

Mr Mulenga further urged the authorities to cease any property for alleged plunderers who will to account how they acquired them.

He said the resources which have been plundered by those cited in the report must be retrieved and be channeled towards National Development.

“We can not continue to have our Minister of Finance borrow huge amounts of money when people are holding on to public monies. We urge the authorities to cease all properties belonging to individuals cited in the report which they can not explain how they acquired them,” he said.

“We are confident that President Lungu being a lawyer as our former President Mwanawasa, will see the fight against corruption thrive like in the Mwanawasa era,” he added.

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    • Lungu never said anything about arresting culprits. He instead said that he does not tell the police who to arrest. Don’t put meaning where there’s none. Zambia is on autopilot while looting is in overdrive.

  1. I don’t remember Lungu instructing them to arrest plunderers instead he was only emphasising that there are agencies to execute these investigations and he has never stopped them …something we all know. Don’t start making it sound like he was championing it with intent. please let’s be honest here!! I bet you that he wont personally push for answers and accountability…can you imagine he actually had to be asked by a reporter to even talk about it!! Let’s not start ulululating for nothing

    • Exactly what I read also. Lungu never called for punishing of wrongdoers. He is aloof to all the rot around him. He claimed that he never tells the police who to arrest. We have to accept his statement at face value.

  2. CON-COURT judgement on paying back money spent by ministers during elections should be the start of arrests. Set a good example please.

    • It won’t happen. The Kangaroo Court will soon overturn its initial ruling and conclude that it misguided itself in that matter. The KanCourt is a source of shame for Zambia.

  3. Lungu is there to protect plunderers! What else do you expect from a convicted thief! He made these comments because he was asked to comment and not because he is committed to the fight! Litole fye Lungu.

  4. UPND some times silence is golden. We want the nations wealth returned. Let those of you that are bitter go to a different forumn.

    • @ Nzelu

      Can you understand that PEOPLE are FED-UP listening to empty rhetoric’s? What is needed is ACTION. Can you PLEASE advise from where that action should start, from the bottom (uneducated and unemployable followers), middle (appointed advisers) or the top (Executive)?

      As you said, “…silence is golden…”.

      Unfortunately, past and present plunderers coalition does not inspire with empty rhetoric while amassed stolen national wealth is measure of their “unprecedented development”.

    • As you, PF, shut down other fora or forums where dissent is expressed, we will crowd you out of your pro-PF fora. We will shout you down everywhere until you close all electronic media in Zambia.

    • These Lungu minions are trying to create messages he never uttered. Lungu does not care about the looting as reported by the Auditor General.

  5. Such things can’t happen in Zambia. Most Zambians are stupid. Politicians can build houses on Luanshya Golf Course. It is just a circus.

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