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RDA boss Mumba fired


AFECC deputy Director Shen Fengmei (left) and RDA Director and Chief Executive Officer Kanyuka Mumba (middle) exchange hands as Southern Province Permanent Secretary Sibanze Simuchoma (second from far right) look on in Livingstone yesterday during the singing of a contractor for the construction of One Stop Border facilities at Kazungula Border. Standing on the far right is RDA director in charge of communications and corporate affairs Royce Saili
FILE: AFECC deputy Director Shen Fengmei (left) and RDA Director and Chief Executive Officer Kanyuka Mumba (middle) exchange hands as Southern Province Permanent Secretary Sibanze Simuchoma (second from far right) look on in Livingstone yesterday during the singing of a contractor for the construction of One Stop Border facilities at Kazungula Border. Standing on the far right is RDA director in charge of communications and corporate affairs Royce Saili

Roads Development Agency Chief Executive Officer Kanyuka Mumba has been fired with immediate effect.
RDA Board Chairman Samuel Mukupa confirmed the sacking of Mr Mumba in a statement released last night.

The Board has since appointed Elias Mwape who is the Director of Planning and Design to act as Chief Executive Officer pending the recruitment of a new CEO and Director.

“The Board thanks Eng. Kanyuka Mumba for the services to the Agency and to the nation at large and wishes him the best in his future endeavours,” Mr Mukupa said.

Below is the full statement from RDA



  1. He has been fired for singing a contractor for the construction of One Stop Border facilities at Kazungula Border. too bad

    • This does not solve anything. Firing one Bemba crook and replacing him with another Bemba thief. The PFieves’ musical chairs. Is RDA full of Bembas? Are all road engineers in Zambia Bemba? Is this the legacy of Sata and Nsanda operating RDA from Sata’s bedroom?

    • Who are Board members of RDA who decided Kanyuka’s fate?

      Is it the same scenario like it was with Sata/Nsanda RDA board based at State House Of Looting?
      So its now Lungu/Mukupa RDA board based at State House Of Looting!

    • @1.1 Buckteeth… please do not be consumed by your tribal perception of issues! KANYUKA MUMBA MAY NOT EVEN BE A BEMBA,the people you seem to HATE WITH PASSION. MUMBA is name you find in MANY PARTS OF ZAMBIA! He can be from ANYWHERE in ZAMBIA;Luapula,NWest,North,East,CB,Lusaka,Central,Southern… Please get me right, as a ZAMBIAN I AM ALSO CONCERNED with the way RDA is being run with too much political interference!!

    • How about the people who bought sold themselves new RDA cars at giveaway prices? What will happen to them? Are they untouchable? The matter was also cited in the Auditor Generals report.

  2. Was he making a move on the lady he is exchanging hands with as he sang the contractor? That is some indiscipline – I would also fire him on the spot before he attempts to exchange fluids!!!

    • AFECC…Director Shen Fengmei (left) and RDA Director…Kanyuka Mumba (middle) EXCHANGE HANDS. I’m not agreeing with this phrase. LT twafweni!

  3. Indeed Why? …. fired is a strong word to use for a Person who has “probably” overseen the largest road construction projects by an RDA CEO. Just after Sonta sonta and he is fired. Kanyuka is a straight person who is incorruptible as far as I know him and it leaves me to suspect that this may have cost him his job given that no reason has been fronted for his removal

    • Don’t be proud of tribalism,the country is bigger than bembas.Sata had no any other basis of appointing people to positions other than tribe or chimbuya.Other tribes are not screaming not because they don’t know what is going on but because they understand the danger of tribalism.

  4. Who will pick the JOB ?? WILL THEY ADVERTISE?? WHY SAILI HAS BEEN AT RDA FOR MORE THAN 20YRS IN THE SAME CAPACITY, SHE INDEED MUST BE A FIXER. Eng. Mumba we know he was put their by RB but remember what goes round comes back he did a kachepa on his friend AKABONDO MUNALULA now he is OUT.

  5. This is sad for my friend Drago Mumba. There is a the problem with cadre board members who want to control the CEO’s for contracts. I can bet this board chairman is a dunder head going by the shallow statement in this so called press release.

  6. I know Eng. Kanyuka Mumba, a very upright Gentleman indeed. I believe he must have refused to bend to some illegal demands of Cadre ridden RDA Board. No problem Boss, with your experience and humbleness you will get a job elsewhere soon.

    • This same upright and professional engineer oversaw roads costing $1m per km instead of a third of that! He is a crook. The other crooks just got him out. Maybe he was getting greedy.

  7. Problem is we complain of corruption but when action is taken we become suspicius. Removing a person from a position is very delicate and if you are careless with your statement the guy will sue you for defamation. In ZCCM people made money by suing the company over “simple ” things like Exist Rating. In the end the company stopped commuting itself to the suitability of its ex employees.

  8. RDA is an institution that needs revamping. During the reign of a Mwila under the roads department he ensured if you were Bemba you got a job at RDA…from Mwila, Mwewa, Mumba..etc.. they all came to the party eating, any show of none eating meant termination or sideline…what is needed is a skills audit to be undertaken for all positions, then consider what is on the ground….the entire contract process must be reviewed and stricter risk management over sight introduced…we believe the next move should be in the financial sector, boz,napsa,ceec,erb,fra,zisc,zamtel, dbz, zicta,zampost,nac….people should stop sleeping 2015 a missed opportunity for zed.

  9. Where is ACC to probe him? A lot is going under the carpet which should not be the case because taxpaymoney’s money must have been routed.

  10. The downfall of ZCCM was due to mismanagement by NER migrant tribes in the midst of low copper prices. After nationalization, ZCCM was looted, resources misplaced while recruitment of their relatives was the order of the day. That’s how UNIP Govt started borrowing from IMF to sustain ZCCM & both collapsed.


    Soon after FTJ was elected as president, they all moved to LSK, pick-pockets, kaponyas, crooks, corrupt officials.

    Fast forward 30years, we are seeing these NER migrant tribes now in treasury, at RDA, in Govt busy milking/stealing/ from the Govt. Look at Sata/Willie Nsanda. Billions (unrebased) of Kwacha/dollars/pounds in trunks/bags was found in Nsanda’s…

    • CONT’D
      Billions (unrebased) of Kwacha/dollars/pounds in trunks/bags was found in Nsanda’s ceiling after he died.

      Its like when HIV reaches the brain. Madness follows.

    • @17.0Maloza,there are some truths and half truths in what you say. I can tell you the preacher was referring to the sell of KCM to Vendata. Who sold KCM to Vendata? You know it is Mwanawasa! Who was heading ZCCM at Privatization? You know it was Eddie Shamutete. You also know the roles played by Pius Maambo and Shalaula Shimukowa! Also remember that some one you adore got a contract to value some mines and advise government on the sale process,among them Luanshya mine sold to the Binani- crooked advice. He was involved in valuing some other companies, sold at ridiculous low values, later got shares there! That same guys always THREATENS TO SUE those who challenge him on his THIEVING DURING PRIVATIZATION but he NEVER DOES FOR FEAR OF BEING EXPOSED!

    • Maloza your hatred for bembas has blinded. Zccm was not headed by bembas but by Tongas and Ilas such as Shamutete, Maambo, Hamukola and others. Please don’t forget that some of us have got history on our fingertips

    • @Bwafyaa you are such a liar, Government through the Zambia privatization agency was ultimately responsible for negotiating and deciding the pricing for the mines and other government assets.
      Your story is based on hearsay and not facts.

    • @17.4 Gringo, yes you are right but that is half truth! The sale and negotiations were always guided by “independent” auditors valuation reports of which Grant Thornton was one of them!They gave some CROOKED ADVICE to Govt and ZPA! Tell me if Grant Thornton was not involved in valuing companies that were later sold at ridiculous prices and sometimes to dubious owners? Tell me if Shamutete,Shimukowa,Pius Maambo etal never played any roles in the sale of copper and cobalt after abolishing MEMACO. Tell me if they never played a role in privatization of ZCCM? So DON’T DWELL on HALF TRUTHS. Why does THREATEN to SUE and NEVER DOES THOSE WHO CALL HIM A PRIVATIZATION THIEF??

  11. Is the board chairman more educated than eng. Mumba? If not what is his education attainment, is he fit to be chairman and let alone fire the ceo?

  12. Why has he been fired and what has he done??????????????????? Sorry sir. Sometimes life can be a BITCH. Am sure everything will be fine after a while.

  13. No reason for his sacking yet this is an insitution where billions of borrowed money have been written in our children’s names.

  14. Now what is this you minions, some one is fired for reasons only known to the person who has been fired, who is not even complaining you make it an issue, is he the only one who has lost his job? no wonder the economic is taking us no where, when you are hired you wait to be fired or retired, get moving you under fives oppose constructive issue, we fought for multiparty for the country to move forward but no we are going back wards. It is iether bemba , tonga, loze etc. is this how you young ones going to build this country? no wonders old people are still in most of the positions since all young ones are under 5 who knows nothing.

  15. To the new RDA CEO, please review some contracts and terminate them especially those given to Indian companies. How can they fail to complete a stretch of 20km roads in Palabana and yet you have just been watching? How are we going to ensure quality works are accelerated and spread with such contractors?
    Ask anyone in Palabana, the road works by those Indians are a total failure, and one wonders why an area as close to Lusaka and meant to open up the city can take three years to complete a stretch of 20km? Terminate and give this contract to the Chinese and see how swiftly this road works will be executed and contribute to the accelerated development in Zambia.

  16. The good thing for Mumba is that he can now set up his own engineering company and knowing all the ins and out, should do well. God bless him on his next adventure.

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