Spotlight on woman’s clothing line ,Ushi Fabrics



Ushi fabrics is a woman’s clothing line, whose source of inspiration is an all African woman, with the confidence of a lioness in her own skin and art.
At the just ended Zambia Fashion Week 2016  they had an opportunity to showcase there ss16 collection called Butterfly Effect (this was in conjunction with Vodafone-Jump young designers initiative).
The story of the collection is about an ambitious woman who’s put her fun side aside and built a wall around her to fully focus on her dreams and the changes that occur in her life as she falls in love.
It’s a five piece collection. The first piece shows who she is before falling in love and she has a full mask on which represents her wall.
As the collection precedes you see her become more fun and break down her wall and who she finally becomes when she finally lets go and falls in love.

Mwandwe Mwelwa the designer behind Ushi Fabrics had this to say “Our core objective is to provide the ushi lady with an imagery of her beauty, commanding power, strength and muse of her acts as well as allowing her to be able to express herself.”

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  1. The best thing about this fashion line is the Simplicity of the clothing line. Design rules involve Simplicity, Clarity(as in not too busy). Single strong popping colours with a White neutral colour. The clothing design also is based on simplicity, classic lines, which is good. However overall, there is nothing ‘new’ revealed in the Design and Creative side of the Designer. It is too safe and there is absolutely nothing personally creative shown. This is a person who understands the rules of classic design but has not put anything innovative in it.

    Congratulations for gathering together a Clothing Line, and the entrepreneurial spirit to do so is good for our economy. Please take away the following; Sticthing on the fabric is not too good because of the lightness of the…

  2. You Zedian women stop comparing yourseves to lioneses. Lioneses are extra courageous. with the confidence of a lioness in her own skin and art?

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