16 people die on the spot in a night accident on the Mongu – Lusaka road

Images of the accident scene
Images of the accident scene
Images of the accident scene
Images of the accident scene

16 People including the driver died on the spot while 38 others survived in a fatal road accident that occurred at Namilangi area along the Mongu-Lusaka road around 23:30 hours on Thursday night.

Sixteen people have been confirmed dead after a Higer bus ALV 9489 belonging to Liyez Bus Services driven by Imangolwa Luyanga, 41, collided with a Toyota Coaster AAX 8562 which was pulling a trailer registration number ABC 4037 T and driven by Chrossbin Mwittah, 40.

Police Assistant Spokesperson Levy Lilanga said the accident happened when the driver of the Higer Bus was trying to overtake the Rav4 which was stationery due to a breakdown as he was coming from Senanga and heading to Lusaka, in the process collided head-on with the Mitsubishi Rosa Bus which was coming from Lusaka heading to Mongu.

And the Road Transport and Safety Agency is saddened by the death of 16 people in a road crash last night on the Mongu – Lusaka road at Namilangi area in Kaoma around 23:30 hrs.

“Preliminary investigations conducted by the RTSA have established that the accident happened when the driver of the Higer Bus was trying to avoid a stationery Toyota RAV 4 vehicle registration number ALP 4038 which had broken down. Because of poor visibility, the Higer bus driver did not see the oncoming Toyota Coaster thereby colliding,” says RTSA Spokesman Fred Mubanga.

Further investigations have revealed that the driver of the Toyota Coaster bus, Chrossbin Mwittah, did not have the appropriate class of license to drive a Public Service Vehicle (PSV) and that the vehicle did not have a valid road tax to be on the road.

The driver of the Toyota Coaster bus and 15 passengers from it died on the spot and their bodies are lying in Kaoma District Hospital mortuary.

The driver of the Higer bus Imangolwa Luyanga has been charged with the case of causing death by dangerous driving.

Among the 16 that died, the following have been identified as Edwin Mbao, a soldier based at Luena Barracks in Kaoma, Tantine Kilundu aged 26 together her son and Prince Mihigo aged 6, Congolese refugees of Mayukwayukwa refugee.

All the deceased are lying in Kaoma District Hospital Mortuary awaiting identification and post-mortem.

“We are appealing to members of the public who could have their relatives travelling from Lusaka to Mongu on a Rosa Bus to go and help in the identification of the bodies,” Mr Lilanga said.

Images of the accident scene
Images of the accident scene
Images of the accident scene
Images of the accident scene


  1. I thought the illegitimate PF Government banned the transportation of passengers at night. Yet here we have two passenger transporting vehicles , a Bus and a Minibus, involved in a fatal accident. How many people do you want to sacrifice before you stop the corruption that is killing people like flies.

    These main roads are full of road blocks, why did the people manning the road blocks allow passenger vehicles to pass through. The reason is simple. PF corruption. This is what an illegitimate Government is good at. Lip service , no Actions, but corruptions everywhere

    • The iGovernment with an iPresident. Awe shuwa. We need the rule of law. A ban is a ban. Please implement not just yapping day in day out.

    • This story is too twisted for my simple Mind there is a Higer Bus involved in a Head on with a Toyota Coaster bus But it also Collided Head on with a Mitsubishi Rosa Bus. So are you saying there were 3 buses involved in this accident ? The Driver of the coaster bus meanwhile seems to have many offences emphasized in the story though clearly he did not cause the accident as this is clearly the Higer Bus drivers fault… hardly mentioned by the way… Phew! somebody help me ..
      SAD happenings and unnecessary but tragic loss of life 🙁

    • Namilangi, beautiful name, beautiful places
      You brought death to unsuspecting faces
      You stole lives that still had hope and dreams
      In the middle of a hot October night
      We shall remember them with hymns
      And avert the stench of death and turn to light

      Namilangi you thief! What horrors have you wrought
      You laid traps full of moving metal and crunching flesh
      I shall forever pass you by with my eyes closed,
      Remembering how beautiful you once were.

      ~ BUCK TEETH LUNGU, OCT 2016

    • Another PSV vehicle in what looks like a head on collision at night..in a cheap Chinese bus..as usual the govt will send old grandma Bo Inonge to attend furneral then sit on their hands like empty tins they are.

    • The most annoying word frequently used by Zambian politicians and other authorities is the word, “SADDENED.” Saddened by what? By tragedies which are mainly caused by your own inept, incompetent, unprofessional way of doing things? How many innocent Zambians are going to perish before you senseless leaders wake the heck up? What’s wrong with you? People drive commercial vehicles without proper training and licensing because of corruption and lax laws. Get serious with the way licenses are given out, send people to prison who drive without proper licenses, and who obtain licenses corruptly if they’re discovered. We don’t need your sadness. We need your action! People’s lives are at stake.

  2. LT why are you publishing names? Are the relatives informed? Some things you need restraint and respect people’s privacy.

  3. Apparently President Chagwa Lungu is very sick! His oesophagus is narrowing and refusingt take fod, even liquid beer is now a problem to wash down. The ed is comng soon, the govrnment Surveyor General was seen earlier this morning at Embassy Park surveying a plot! You know what that means, you being a national moaning-wailing country. Soon it will be another state funeral, yomumwi mubu u tamehile ku mu limba!

  4. This is very bad, the driver of Higer was very wrong, RAV4 was stationed meanig it will take less than millisecond to over take it and that mean Coaster bus was already abreast with RAV4. All the same Higer bus decided to go ahead and crush innocent people in coaster bus, that was wrong OR he saw RAV4 very near such that he thought ni truck and he said i will die too so better Coaster bus. wrong again. so jail that quake, nga nafwa kale still put chain on his grave

    • The first accident for this higher driver happened in 2014 while driving a Red Mbomber bus when he killed two people as he tried to avoid a stationary truck vehicle again. That time it was a broken down truck which had no triangles. He seems somewhat to be a very unfortunate driver who should always be very careful on the road. its a sad story.

  5. I guess the driver of the Higer bus could have had better sight and therefore better judgement had he been driving during the day. This is one of the reasons why passenger buses must be banned from travelling at night.

  6. whoever gives these punks licences to kill people..RTSA everyday you are talking but little action..unless clobbering innocent corolla drivers..need to change leadership at rtsa, the current guys seem not to know “what is to be done”

  7. it seems the pf built roads inorder for people to die. imwe bantu everyday we losing people due to accidents. very sad.

  8. Sometimes I wonder you are educated a philosopher at that lecture at the university and enjoy motor sport as a past time. Yet each time you write and contribute its all spew. From an imaginary grandma who actually is you to seven days laced brew you consume. You exhibit dogmatic tendencies devoid of rationality money spent on you was indeed a waste….we need leadership… we have arrived safely in Solwezi tomorrow we send our troops to continue with our party postmortem of the election whilst we await the known results from the courts….Zambia Forward!

  9. A sad reading indeed for a Friday!! May GOD grant peace to the affected families!! We certainly need something serious to be done about our public transport and road safety!

  10. RTSA and Traffic police officers are busy disturbing innocent drivers in towns instead of doing high way patrols-shame!!!then fi UPND please dont do politics all the times.learn to respect leaders.ECL wont die in office in Jesus name-NEVER!!!In 2021 he will defeat your kalusa hh once more and rule till 2026!!NEZ GET WORRIED THAT UPND IS LOSING VOTERS!!99% OF THESE WHO PASSED AWAY IN THIS ACCIDENT VOTED FOR UPND AND COULD HAVE VOTED FOR UPND IN 2021 TOO!!!SO ITS A GREAT LOSS FOR UPND AND YOUR god hh!!!RIP BRETHRENS!!

  11. If the roads were wider, the stationary vehicle would have packed appropriately and the unnecessary deaths avoided. Can the Govt please conduct an audit on these major roads to see whether they meet the minimum standards? When will the Ndola to Lusaka road ever going to have by- passes? It is criminal to put up these infrastructures without a thought on Safety. The Engineers that design and the Govt as the Client should be sued, and maybe we will see some improvements in road designs. Condolences to the families.

  12. It’s a sad development, from the reading of the news I think this is total human error the person with a broken down vehicle maybe didn’t put in enough signs and the driver of the Bus had a wrong judgment. RIP

    But at the same time how did someone driving a rosa bus from Lusaka did reach that far without a PSV and a bus with no road tax? This is corruption at play no way this should happen someone need to take responsibility for this.

  13. Extremely sorry. We pray for the families to bear up bravely and peace in The Lord to the deceased. Zambia, road accidents are too much.

  14. Africans have the highest traffic deaths per #of vehicles,highest number of aircraft accidents,most AIDS deaths,most poverty ,shortest life expectancies and most infant mortality rates.

    Do you see a trend? Our carefreee attitude is killing us and we even think its cool to habitually arrive late for every appointment.We’re not a serious people and we deserve all the pain coming our way,sorry to say.

  15. These accidents! very sad indeed, but something should be done ba Police pamusebo mwachila corruption if you did your job those vehicles wouldn’t have been moving that time but you are too corrupt. Ba kateka chitenipo cimo pali ba kapokola.

  16. Comment:My condolences my sisters and brother may your souls rest in peaceful. The negligence of Lusaka Mongu road has now fulfilled what the government wanted see we have lost the lives and services from 16 people at a same sport, God is in judge the total amount of money could spent on rehabilitation From Tata yoyo game site to Katunda after Kaoma boma is cheaper than the lose of 16 people. The road there is really really baddest, RDA check at the actual position the accident was happen if the road is safe.

  17. Comment:Yes indeed he can die as you want to kill him mind you no one is permanent on earth even yourself soon will leave the earth because of your evil sins. A force death to Edgar will revel to you. HH is not your father nor your uncle and is not God, your poor will remain poorest and may the devil continue driving you to heal.

  18. Me I thought it was because of second hand tyres as per RTSA Engineers (Zindaba Soko). Please what you were think totally wrong. The Southern Province Minister is the one who has spoken correctly- Ubushiku is very difficult to judge. It is not Tyres ba Soko. Which University did you go to. My condolences to the families that have lost their beloved ones

    • @ Mentor,

      I agree with you. I was actually laughing when ratsa were talking about banning use of second hand tyres as the main cause of accidents in Zambia. You see, people don’t want to face reality and will find cheap excuses for their inefficiency. Unfortunately, many zambian even those seemingly educated buy into those cheap excuses.

  19. The station vehicle on high way is wrong and out of place why move u car!you the one who killed people may u b unblessed

  20. Its actually very saddening to loose so many lives in one incident. The road traffic patrol and indeed the entire white cap police are to blame because they concentrate more on collecting fees when they come across offenders. This has now turned them into business partners as opposed to policing. For example, the behavior of the so called PSV drivers at the Kafue and Lumumba junction is not exemporally, break rules without fear. Meanwhile the police are nowhere to be seen but will suddenly appear when cars kiss each other. Can they not follow up on these offenders and later conclude how they can best deal with perpetual law breakers?

  21. As a matter of fact, if there were high way patrols by the police that rav4 stationary vehicle would have been pushed away from the road and the accident would have been avoided.

  22. It is very difficult to stop buses moving at night because the passengers who are mostly bussinessmen /women like it that way.They all want to reach their destination very early do makwebo and go back the same day without spending a ngwee on accommodation. Don’t blame government on that but business people want to travel at night.

  23. that was very sad, these drivers have made innocent people to die with their on going visions, some have left their relatives suffering due to the fact that they were their bread winners. the RTSA people must look deeply into this case and do some military bpsychology as soon as possible before we lose alot of innocent Zambian bodies.

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