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Auditor General’s findings shows highest financial indiscipline-Caritas Zambia


Caritas Zambia
Caritas Zambia

Caritas Zambia says the latest findings by the Auditor General’s Office shows the highest financial indiscipline that should not be tolerated by any tax payer in Zambia.

In a statement, Caritas Zambia says it is greatly concerned on the current revelations by the Auditor General where millions of public funds were either misused or pocketed without following laid down financial regulations.

“We wonder how controlling Officers from the Ministries involved can allow, K115,350,860 of irregular payments, K251,523,804 of undelivered goods, K12,659,892 unretired accountable Imprest and K 558,449 unaccounted funds,” the statement read.

It said Public Servants and Policy makers are stewards of Zambia’s Public resources and that abrogation of financial laws with impunity as stated by the 2015 Auditor General’s report, resulting in revenue loss and financial misuse, demands action not words of reprimand.

“In addition to this sad state of affairs, there is the question of money laundering and other financial crimes. Not too long ago, the Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) reported about $3 billion as having been laundered or stolen from the economy.”

“This really compounds the problem and government must take stronger measures in protecting public finances in Zambia. Over the years, the country has been losing billions of kwacha which have been report by the Auditor General’s office but government has never taken any practical action to stop this perennial financial irregularities.”

It said the Auditor General’s last reports denounced management problems, but government has not acted on any of the recommendations which it said is not normal.
“This continued mis-management of public resource if not curtailed will undermine the attainment of Sustainable Development Goals and will continue to damage the social and economic fabric of our society. At the same time, the continued diversion of funds will continue affecting the provision of key services such as health, education and developmental projects.”

Caritas Zambia hopes the PF government stands on the principles that civil servants are appointed on merit through open competition rather than patronage and expect that the government institute disciplinary measures and take action on the revelations of the Auditor General report.

“We demand that the Government confirm publicly what measures and actions it will put in place to ensure that such financial misuse does not occur again. In addition, the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) and the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) should play their role in bringing those found culpable to account for their actions.”

Caritas Zambia further implored the Parliamentary Public Accounts Committees to hold government to account for its actions and intentions with regards to the AG revelations.

“Parliament should re-assess its oversight mechanism and ensure that its recommendations are implemented. Most importantly, those officers responsible for loss of public resources should be held to account for their omissions or commissions. Political patronage should not be allowed to provide impunity to those responsible for loss of public funds.”


    • These Catholics supported PF in 2011. That Mubukwanu even abused his Caritas position in Mongu to become an MP. Now they are seeing the evil works of PF. This is just the beginning. PF is like a lilomba, a monster you nurture at your peril. It has already eaten The Post and Mmembe. Next are the Catholics.

    • Instead of removing subsidies on fuel and making Zambians suffer, please recover the stolen monies and ease people’s difficulties. It is criminal to ask people to sacrifice when so mush national wealth is being pilfered in government. We Must put an immediate stop to this.

    • Mr President Sir, we are 100 percent with you but we need action on this battle front. We suggest the following sir;
      1) Fire without benefits all top ranking govt officers found wanting on the misuse of govt funds – no sacred cows sir, all should be fire including some recent apointees to cabinent if found wanting
      2) Cut salaries of all top govt officials, remove allowances, remove all paid travel allowances for short work shops etc video conferencing is a better solution and much cheaper
      3) MP gratuity must be reduced or removed
      4) Stop the purchase of Luxury SUVs, make all govt officers travel in Corrollas that are town based and landcruiser troop carriers for rural based

  1. the government is fully aware of all these scams one financial year is too big in places where there are auditors. where auditor who were supposed to check .

  2. That’s probably how Lungu suddenly got rich over night. He could have been one of the ghost suppliers of fictitious goods or services and got paid in hard cash and no supporting documentation. The system is completely rotten and needs complete over haul by removing the entire govt.

  3. Sadly, this situation doesn’t seem to bother those in the ruling party. They are simply comfortable with this as long as they think, one of their own abused it, it doesn’t matter.
    You see them not commenting on such stories, but the suffering that is being perpetuated by this Government shall spare very few. Probably only those stashing enough stolen money in the offshore accounts. Or else, your young ones will too feel the pinch of mismanaging a country and leading it without direction.

  4. My proposal is to make PAC a court, where if a Chief Exccutive Officer or who is in retirement and who was directly involved in financial mismanagement is found guilty, there should be two doors as follows:

    1. The Green door leads to the free outside World and is for those not found guilty,
    2. The Red door is for those found guilty and shall lead to a waiting Police Kasalanga (high truck carrying criminals) and driven straight to Police Station and Jail.

  5. Ctn..
    5) Create a commission to reduce on govt inefficiency in ministries- this ineffeciency and slow service delivery be it to tax paying citizens that are not attended to by office holders on time or govt depts that are not receiving funds after these funds have been approved and authorised is what is killing us in Zambia and leads to corruption
    6) Allow us the citizens more power to make our contributions on development- many MPs be they UPND or my PF are sadly not representative of the wishes of the masses.
    We have faith in you sir, God continue to bless you and grant you more wisdom!

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