Itezhi Tezhi, October 21, ZANIS—A truck carrying logs has plunged into a dry stream at Kayawe area along D769 road in Itezhi Tezhi district in the early hours of yesterday, killing one man and injuring the driver.

Itezhi Tezhi District Commissioner Hendrix Kaimana confirmed the accident to ZANIS.

The accident happened when the truck carrying dry logs glided over at an open point where the road contractor, Build Trust, was building a bridge.

Mr. Kaimana said the deceased passenger, whose identity is yet to be ascertained, died instantly when the truck, registration number ABG 8934, glided over the dry stream and plunged into the bed of stream.

He explained that the incident happened around 02: 00 hours yesterday and the driver, who is yet to be identified, has been admitted to Itezhi Tezhi district hospital.

The body of the deceased person has since been taken to  Itezhi Tezhi district hospital mortuary.

“The truck driver dis-regarded the warning signage for a detour and further by-passed the barrier of logs that has been erected on the road and it plunged into the stream killing a passenger,” Mr. Kaimana explained.

Mr. Kaimana has since urged motorists driving along the D769 road to look out for signage and detours to avoid plunging into points meant for bridges that have not been erected yet.

Many motorists have complained about the poor road signage and dangerous D769 road whose construction has stalled for a long time.

And a check by ZANIS at the scene found traffic police and workers from Build Trust working to retrieve the body of the deceased from a mangled truck.

The truck was extensively damaged.

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  1. This is what you get when road projects are abandoned. The itezhi tezhi road is one such road that the PF government has abandoned and forgotten. The same goes for the Monze-Niko Rd and the Landless corner – Mumbwa rds.


  2. Bless his family with Peace. May he rest in God’s loving arms. Stop truckers working so late. He was tired and probably fell asleep. It’s inhuman. Company’s in Haulage need to let employees sleep and start early.


  3. Is it not because of second hand tyres as per RTSA (Zindaba Soko) who wants even Parliament to pass law banning second hand tyres. May the soul of the departed brother rest in peace and wish the injured driver a quick recovery.



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