Court hammerTWO pupils of Ndola have admitted feeding their teachers with a marijuana–laced cake when they appeared in court for unlawful trafficking of the drug.

Appearing before Magistrate Bubala Sikalunda, the male and female juveniles aged 18 and 16 respectively said that while attending a Geography lesson, their class teacher asked for the cake they were having which he later took to the staff room and shared it with fellow teachers.

The duo told the court that the cake was an ‘experiment’ and the teachers that consumed it had no knowledge that it contained marijuana. They admitted that they had full knowledge of the contents in the cake which included marijuana.

Facts of the case are that on 10th October, 2016 while acting together the two were found with 0.4 grams of marijuana without lawful authority. In count two, they are accused of offering a marijuana-laced cake to Muma Mulenga and Chisenga Mulenga by force and deceit.

Magistrate Sikalunda entered a plea of guilty and set October 28, 2016 as date for hearing, filing of written submission and a report from social welfare department and possible sentencing. The court extended bail for the two juveniles.

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  1. These are kids, the court will be doing an injustice to send these kids to prison. The cases shouldn’t even have been taken to court. The school authority should have exercised their powers to deal with these kids and summoning their parents.


  2. Do not understand how it happened. Teacher asked the cake the pupils had .. He was not give intentional given. How they brought it into the classroom remains questionable



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