President Lungu reiterates call for tolerance among Zambians

President Edgar Lungu addressing the nation on the eve of independence day.
President Edgar Lungu
President Edgar Lungu addressing the nation on the eve of independence day.
President Edgar Lungu addressing the nation on the eve of independence day.

President Edgar Lungu has called on all Zambians to be tolerant towards one another regardless of one’s political, ideological, religious and cultural inclinations.

Mr Lungu has also called on all Zambians to uphold the spirit of nationhood and patriotism by providing a peaceful, secure and stable political, socio-economic and cultural environment in order to achieve prosperity for all.

The President has, however, noted with great concern that a number citizens are lacking in greater sense of patriotism by using their positions for personal advancement while others work with foreign nationals to rob the country of its wealth,

Mr Lungu further reaffirmed that Zambia will continue to remain a shining example of a peaceful, united and stable nation the position he said is enviable by any standard and should never be sacrificed for anything.

“As we embark on our journey to transform our country into a prosperous nation, we must rise above political, tribal, racial and gender inclinations,” the President said.

The Head of State said this in his special address to the nation on the eve of Zambia’s 52nd Independence Anniversary celebrations.

Zambia will tomorrow celebrate its 52nd Independence Anniversary under the Theme: “Consolidating our Independence and National Unity for a Smart Zambia.”

And Mr Lungu said this year’s theme is not only appropriate but also a timely reminder that Zambia is a country on the move to prosperity.

Mr Lungu, however, said the country can only achieve prosperity through hard working, unity and embracing a transformational cultural rooted in innovation, entrepreneurship and smart technologies.

He urged Zambians to collectively resolve to achieve the national vision of becoming a prosperous Middle-Income Country by 2030.

Mr Lungu has, meanwhile, urged all Zambians to turn up in large numbers and diversity to celebrate this year’s Independence Day.

Meanwhile, President Edgar Lungu has pardoned 336 prisoners as part of commemorations of the 52nd Independence Day celebrations which fall tomorrow.

President Lungu says the pardoning is an independence anniversary gesture of goodwill extended to the inmates.

Mr Lungu has freed the prisoners in exercise of powers vested in him under Article 59 of the Constitution of Zambia which empowers the Head of State to exercise prerogative of mercy.

“As we celebrate 52 years of our independence tomorrow, I have extended a gesture of goodwill to these people by pardoning a total of 336 prisoners,” Mr Lungu said.

The convicts were picked from various prisons across the country which included Mukobeko Maximum Prison.

Zambia will tomorrow celebrate her 52nd Independence Anniversary under the theme: “Consolidating our Independence and National Unity for a Smart Zambia.”

This is according to 19-00 hours ZNBC News monitored by ZANIS News in Lusaka, this evening.


    • I hope Mwaliteta and are among the tiny number of 300 prisoners.
      He should pardon 3000. Sata was better in this stuff.

    • Always look to the opposite of whatever Lungu says. He does not mean it, he does not practice it. He is the most intolerant snake around town.

  1. Pointing a finger at others whilst 3 are pointing at you does not work Eddy.Stop police brutality n imprisoning opposition members on trivial matters.You’re the head so take the lead n all will be well.

  2. Why not release the 2000 UPND supporters if you are serious about reconciliation, tolerance, or life in general? At least keep the mouth closed if you have nothing to offer Zambia

  3. So Lungu thinks we should “tolerate” stolen elections, massive borrowing, theft of public money, abuse of the police and courts, lies and persecution of any opposition and media trying to tell the Nation the truth? ???????

  4. & while you give silly advice that we all know you don’t believe, why not pay back the U$D 2 million you embezzled you fake Christian.
    We all know 2million is a tip of the Iceberg, & you will be richer than H.H, in another 2 years you praying hypocrite!

  5. Mr Lungu your image as a violent dictatorial president will not go away. You should have said some of what you have said before Mapenzi’s death. You and PF are the ones who have brought in tribalism. Hope your cadres and your PF police will treat the opposition as fellow Zambians

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