Felix Mutati
Felix Mutati

Government has urged the private sector to implement corporate social responsibility programmes which have an impact on life skills, job creation and sustainable livelihoods.

Minister of Finance, Felix Mutati, says the private sector should complement government in creating a serene environment in which an atmosphere of fellowship and good-living will thrive in communities which they do business.

Mr Mutati said this when he officiated at the Lusaka Apex University (LAMU) Fundraising Golf Tournament at the Lusaka Golf Club in Lusaka.

The tournament was organised to raise resources for a scholarship fund to support orphaned students.

And Mr Mutati said the initiative to raise resources for a scholarship fund to support orphaned students is unique and should be replicated by other higher institutions of learning in the country.

Mr Mutati and his wife, Grace Mutati, donated K10, 000, of their personal money, to the LAMU Scholarship Fund.

Meanwhile, LAMU Vice Chancellor, Evarist Njelesani, has said the LAMU Scholarship Fund, which was created in 2015, is meant to mostly help orphaned students.

This is according to a statement issued in Lusaka today by Ministry of Finance Head of Media and Public Relations, Chileshe Kandeta.

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  1. Mr. Mutati, can you please clarify which “private sector”you are referring to? The one which has been almost destroyed by PF government in the five years of absolute incompetence? Or the one which pays interest rates at 40% due to PF Government moping-up of liquidity in order to pay theirs own excessive benefits? Or the one which is subject to daily extortion by the PF thugs masquerading as Ministers? Maybe the one which is subjected to daily harassment by ZRA? Or the ones which are shivering at your inbred incompetence?
    Mr. Mutati, instead of daily senseless yapping reminiscent of “Dr.” (LOL) Uneducated Thug Kambwili, can you roll-up your socks and tell us how you are going to help private sector to come out of this nightmare created by the Government incompetence instead of adding…



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