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FODEP backs medicinal use of Marijuana

Health FODEP backs medicinal use of Marijuana

fodepTHE Green Party should continue pursuing the medicinal value of cannabis in its campaign for Zambia to legalize the drug instead of propagating its smoking, says the Foundation for Democratic Process (FODEP).

This was because it was illegal to smoke marijuana in Zambia and those found in possession or smoking will continue to be arrested, FODEP has observed.

FODEP executive director Chimfwembe Mweenge said while Green Party president Peter Sinkamba was justifying his reasons for promoting marijuana, the opposition party leader should know that law enforcement agencies would continue arresting people found in possession of the drug or found smoking.

Mr Mweenge said that it was being unrealistic to expect people who break the law intentionally to go scot-free when the law was clear about those who possessed or smoked cannabis.

He pointed out that the law clearly forbids consumption or possession of marijuana and that it was justifiable to arrest people who broke the law.

Mr Mweenge said that the use of marijuana had its own repercussions and that it was why there was a law in place forbidding the use or possession of the drug.

He noted that what was justifiable was the debate on the medicinal use of marijuana, a move he said Mr Sinkamba should at least pursue.

Mr Mweenge advised that people should observe the law and desist from intentionally breaking it and expect to go unpunished.

“The pronouncement by Green Party president Peter Sinkamba that it was not justifiable to arrest people found in possession of marijuana is a total misplacement because the law clearly forbids the vice. It is being unrealistic to expect people who are breaking the law intentionally to go scot -free when it clearly stated what is forbidden.

‘‘To debate on the medicinal use of marijuana is justifiable. People should be observant of law and desist from intentionally breaking the law,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr Mweenge has welcomed President Edgar Lungu’s call to arrest all the people who were cited for misappropriation of public funds in the Auditor General’s report and that Government should endeavor to recover the money.

Mr Mweenge said that President Lungu’s call for the arrest of anyone found wanting in the AG’s report was a sign that he wanted transparency in his Government.

He advised law enforcement officers to be vigilant and heed to the Head of State’s directive to arrest all the people involved in the misappropriation of public funds.

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  3. “I think people need to be educated to the fact that marijuana is not a drug. Marijuana is a flower. Nature put it here…

  4. who is man to condemn the herb!! Christ brought perfection and beauty to Gods creation but mankind like law makers brought death and a curse to mother earth Roman 5 vs 1.
    The herb is God creation. Therefore creation shows God s enternal power and devine nature romans 1 vs 20
    ist only the issue of morality that will save mankind from the demonic ignorance on ganja. Law is shallower than morality because it has supported evil withiout reasoning.
    Human beings are in an ecological dilema for choosing not to live in harmony with nature. Isaiah 24 vs 4-5

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