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ZEMA has a new Executive Director

General News ZEMA has a new Executive Director

The Board of Zambia Environmental Management Agency (ZEMA) has appointed Mr. John Msimuko as Director General of the Agency effective 17th October, 2016.

Mr. Msimuko is an Agricultural Engineer and holds postgraduate qualifications in Development Studies.

Prior to joining ZEMA, he served as Executive Director for Keepers Zambia Foundation (KZF).

He has previously served in other senior portfolios at Harvest Help UK (HHUK), Economic Expansion in Outlying Areas (EEOA) Programme and Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries.

He brings to ZEMA, a wealth of experience and competencies in management, resource mobilization, consultancy, communication and networking and liaison with Government and Co-operating Partners.

The Board, management and staff of ZEMA are confident that Mr. Msimuko will use his wealth of expertise and experience to ensure the Agency meets its mandate of protecting Zambia’s environment and natural resources.

This is According to a statement from ZEMA, Principal, Information and Communications Officer, Irene Lungu-Chipili released today,


    • It is you who should be ashamed of peddling rubbish. What Umodzi ku mmawa – is it because you have failed to make a mark?

    • Just compete effectively instead of touting the” tribal tag” each time you fail to measure up man! Are you saying that people from this region should not be employed even when they merit the appointments just because Lungu is an eastern name? It is usually those of us that lack basic understanding of issues who engage in pointless political/social diatribe and its concomitant violence, like xenophobia(it was mostly in the high density compounds of South Africa, where the hoi polloi are predominant)! Just get an education man, real education! Period!

  1. Is he the same Musimuko who was at Keepers Zambia Foundation, Harvest Help UK , Economic Expansion in Outlying Areas and Ministry of Agriculture?

  2. When are you changing the management at Zampost also. They have lamentably failed. The institution is now an empty shell. My nephew works there, I was shocked to learn that international mails and parcels have not being leaving the country since July because they owe airlines. But they are still collecting and charging us for posting international mails which they just stock pile somewhere in Lusaka. What is this government waiting for before they can save this company? Shameful indeed.

  3. My friend this is Africa and Zambia where half the number of Civil servants don’t report for work everyday. Where some civil servants remain on sick leave until the retire and claim retirement benefits for not working. Some are forever on study leave but are paid. The list is endless.

  4. What are his academic qualifications? Universities he obtained them from. Almost everyone is now having developmental studies after shifting from MBA. Please give full qualifications ba Mrs Irene Lungu Chipili. ZEMA needs a strong person and not people who easily coil when the power that be speaks.

  5. Congratulations John and wishing you the best in your new appointment. Remembering good old days at UNZA!

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