Mansa Shoprite Store burnt to ashes (UPDATED)

Mansa Shoprite building on fire
Mansa Shoprite building on fire
Mansa Shoprite building on fire
Mansa Shoprite building on fire

Mansa Shoprite has been gutted and the fire by midnight last night had not yet been put off and the damage of the merchandise going into the inferno will be assessed at the right time.

Luapula Province Deputy Permanent Secretary Joyce Nsamba confirmed the development as she was on the scene at press time.

Mansa District Commissioner Royd Chakaba also confirmed the development and pointed out that Luapula police commissioner and fire fighters were also on the scene but had a challenge of where to draw water from.

The challenge of water is a result of ZESCO load shedding in Mansa because Luapula Water and Sewerage Company new water equipment can only pump water with ZESCO power and there are no water reservoirs in Mansa.

This means that when ZESCO power is off, the equipment automatically switches off and no water goes into circulation.

The time the Shop went up in flames, ZESCO had load shedded most parts of Mansa which must have affected Shoprite area which resulted in the fire fighters failing to carryout out their mandate with success.

The cause of the fire is not yet known but the details will only be made clear later.

Shoprite building in Mansa on fire
Shoprite building in Mansa on fire
Mansa Shoprite building on fire
Mansa Shoprite building on fire


    • Awee sure this is too much, Edgar should resign. Did they rebuild the secondary school in Mpika because of same Zesco. ?

    • Shoprite owners need to sue Zesco for this. Load shedding is not normal and hampers development in the country. Please, you PF leaders, address this and make it a priority. Find a way to solve the load shedding problem. Unfortunately, Zesco just announced that it’s increasing it’s load shedding time to 8 hours. What a shame.

  1. At least no one died….Shoprite has made enough and would not suffer too much but unfortunately our brothers and sisters’ jobs are at risk. Boma iyanganapo pali iyi nkani

  2. So in this country, footballers can go on the pitch without a ball? Soldiers can go to war without arms? Firemen can go to put off fire (or go to watch fire) without water? When we tell you that dogs have come to the country you call us all sorts of names. Ok kanshi the country has gone to the dogs.

  3. I knew ZESCO was involved again in the failure to put out the fire. This ZESCO thing must be privatised and the new owners must be told the truth to look for complete new employees especially the Directors.

  4. If only a ka small building can go into flames without attendance, then what will happen if the country was to rise following the vote that was stolen and start setting ablaze most of the buildings???????????? Careful, Zambia has no capacity to stop intense hostility.

  5. Dont heap blame on ZESCO first find the cause of fire. Who is behind the sporadic fires country wide. BA SHUSHU its your work. Help ECL to corner the culprits. Please dont even think of privatising ZESCO or even unbundling it. It will be like surrendering our sovereignty PLEASE , PLEASE DONT EVEN THINK OF IT. IF IT WILL BE PART OF IMF CONDITION THEN THIS COUNTRY WE ARE DOOMED. NOT EVEN ZAMTEL , PLEASE

  6. Everything has its own time… Days we are living in are evil.. 2 Timothy tells me, in the last days, people will be lovers of money and pleasure rather than lovers of God. When you see these things happening look up! for his(Christ) return draw eth nigh. Just pray hard not to be the one fulfilling prophecy… things are not just happening anyhow these days.. Have you ever asked yourself why vehicles are just getting burnt like that..!unlike in the previous days..!? or not even getting that far, just why people are hating and hurting themselves because of politics..?

  7. imwe naimwe stop blaming God for your incompetence. Prioritize issues. everything kano God God God! its just lack of planning and leadership. Suka! mwatusabila mwebo.

  8. But seriously how can fire brigade be moving without water? They are supposed to have water in their car at all times in case of emmgiences like that….And them they are aware of loadshedding why can’t they find other means of getting water without electricity….???

  9. Plz let us put politics aside, load sheding should not be the reason for failling to put off the fire. Shoprite are allocated about 150 mtrs away from Mansa stream, why can’t thy draw water from the stream. Please give out reasonable challenges

  10. If is true the fire started when load shading was enforced,then it is very clear that the enemy of development might have ignite the infernol.pliz zambians report anyone doing that,and some of the culprits you know them,you drink, eat such to any nearest police advice to the law enforcers they shud come up with a toll free line and that line shud be advertised so that everyone should quickly call that number when need arises.

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