‘Dorika ‘goes International…. as DStv launches her show.



Zambezi Magic, Channel 160 on DStv will on 7th November, 2016 give Southern African viewers a taste of one of Zambia’s  most entertaining characters fondly known to most comedy lovers as ‘Dorika’.

Dorika is a high rolling social lite who has established herself as a woman of influence in the suburbs of Kitwe in Zambia. In this new and refreshing series viewers will catch up with Dorika with new philosophies and mannerisms and will have a glimpse of the way she runs her household and businesses.

‘We are happy to launch this humorous , witty  and very captivating series which we are pretty  sure our  viewers will enjoy not only in Zambia but the entire region where Zambezi Magic is available’, Dorika is a success story in Zambia with an international appeal hence her character will resonate with comedy enthusiasts, said Zambezi Magic Head ,Addiel Dzinoreva.

The character ‘Dorika’ is played by renowned Zambian Comedian Bob Nkosha.

Bob Nkosha is a celebrated Comedian, writer director and actor, he is probably best known for his alter ego character of Dorika Ndaifulila but to place the focus entirely on his alter ego would be to miss one the sharpest comedic minds working today. In 2006, he was the winner of Mnet produced comedy competition’ Stand up Zambia’ which aired on DStv beating 10 other highly talented Zambian comedians.


Dorika is produced by 2015 Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards nominee for Best TV Series for Maliposa and 2014 double nominee in the Zambia Film Television and Radio Awards ZAFTARS for Best Feature ‘Beautiful Lie’ and Best Script Writer ‘Foolish Me’.


He is also the first Zambian actor to make cameo appearance in a high end Nollywood feature film ‘Thy Will Be Done’ produced and directed by Obi Emelonye starring Mercy Johnson and Ramsey Noah.


Zambezi Magic viewer’s should brace themselves for an amazing viewing experience  as they shake off their’ Monday blues ‘ at 21:00 hours CAT every Monday on DStv Channel 160.

Zambezi Magic is available in six southern African countries on DStv Premium, Compact Plus and Compact bouquets.


    • @suntwe wa suntwe muli batutu sana. What is wrong with communicating your story in Lunda or Luvale if the majority of the people understand it. At times translating message from one language to English loses the originality of the message. the proverb “Mayo Mpapa naine nkakupapa” translated into English or French is meaningless.

  1. ….brain washed and mentally colonised *****. You are hopping this show will be in English language? What is so special about the Queens lingo as opposed to our Zambian language? Bushe abasungu balishiba ukulabila ichilala?

  2. Suntwe, much as I despise the perceived Bemba colonialism, I think it’s time that we started watching one of our own with a quality touch on DSTV as opposed to foreign soaps in xhosa or Zulu of which I have never heard you complain about. Without doubt Bob is a talented artist and it will be worth our while watching his shows. Besides you are free not to watch.

  3. Nkandu mwanakashi; mboswa nebo ndimulala umukulu, uulya nenkhanda shabawishi. Nine kankomba welala umulombe, the pipo who originated from Ethiopia….

  4. A suntwe ndimwe a imbwa. It’s time Zambians start appreciating our beautiful Zambian language. If you can travel you will realise that other nationalities love and are proud of their languages

  5. Suntwe I am not Tonga but I enjoy the Tonga program Kantunya KamuNsabata on znbc. I also enjoy Tonga songs. It’s dad the failure by HH to become president has made you to hate even “innocent ‘” Bemba speakers.

  6. Comment:camon pipo can we unity? Can sameone stop foolish point of tonga,bemba,lozi, or ngone? Are u nt happy to be a zambian? Pipo we ar one pipo.(alubeleke hamo,)tubeleke alimwi, tubombe pa mo. Tubombele pa mo.

  7. What happened to us Zambians ? We used to live in Harmony regardless of what tribe one came from. We were Zambians first and what ever tribe second. Now, tribalism is the order of the day . what happened to our beautiful motto ” One Zambia One Nation?

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