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Arguably the most consistent artist since 2015, Kaladoshas drops this Dancehall tune featuring Salma Sky as his build up to his second album. The song talks of the common hustle specifically working hard towards providing a good life for his partner. Produced by Shinko Beats for Tilimo Entertainment, this song is surely a sign that Zambian music can sale anywhere. Knowing Kaladoshas we hope to see a video soon! Download, Enjoy and Share!

Download the song HERE




  1. This is really noise as usual from use.less Zambian musicians? What kind of inferiority complex has invaded Zambian musicians especially Kaladosha!! He tries to sing like a Jamaican in a “fake Patwa” obviously thinking he would sound “international.” What a nui.sance he keeps making himself of!! He goes on murmuring “me no go lie….etc” whatever he is trying to say simply doesn’t make sense!!
    Why not just sing in Nyanja (or whatever his primitive language is) instead of Jamaican Patwa which the id.iot doesn’t even know nor understand!! Kaladosha – wake up and stop taking the green stuff!!

  2. Let Zambian musicians be Zambians not anybody else.Many African countries have improved so much if you look at Tanzania they are doing very well in the music industry take a leaf or two from them.Let them learn to hire managers with a know how that can take them to greater heights,.

  3. i heard it on QFM. I didnt like the fake accent. Zambians are slowly losing grip on our flavour…the nigga sounded like a nigerian doing it the jamaican way. Useless track.

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