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ZICTA shuts down internet cafes operating without trading licences

Economy ZICTA shuts down internet cafes operating without trading licences


The Zambia Information and Communication Authority (ZICTA) says it has started shutting down internet cafés operating illegally.

This move comes after several warnings following the mushrooming of internet cafes operating without licenses countrywide.

ZICTA Acting Public Relations Manager Edward Mulenga said it was illegal for any Internet café to operate without a trading certificate from ZICTA.

Mr Mulenga disclosed this to ZANIS in a telephone interview in Lusaka, today.

The PRM added that the agency has started closing down internet cafes that are operating without trading licences, because the practice is unlawful. 

He said all those who want to venture into the running of internet cafes should first register their company with Zambia Information and Communication Authority (ZICTA).

“It is mandatory to carry out inspections and find out if those operating internet cafes are compliant or not’’ said Mr Mulenga.

And Mr Mulenga further appealed to internet café owners to formally come on board and register their businesses with ZICTA, to avoid the risk of being closed down.


  1. This is one of lungus plans to further prevent people from enjoying freedom of information. Remember that an informed society cannot be cheated. The dictator is feeling the pressure

  2. Silly retrogressive repressive laws like registering your SIM cards…this organisation needs a shake up alot of directs are on the take; if they were not consumers would not be ripped off by network providers.

  3. ZICTA no longer commmands this preledge of being a monitor of and a policeman of cafes or internet .Currently nealy every citizen that has a gadget accessible to internet uses lower bandwitch than CAFEs…Cafes regulations should be now be delegated to the city councils …ZICTA should concentrate in improving information accessiblity to the citizens and quality of service delivery to the citizens.Currently MTN,Airtel and Zamtel have not been giving us quality services in terms of Data and ZICTA is toothless to them….

  4. In Africa everything is about heavy handed controls. ZICTA is just rubbish. If someone does not agree post their achievements here and make even a simple comparison with much smaller neighbors like Malawi. In Zambia we suck!

  5. Which country allows companies or individuals to do business without registration? The only problem is that some of those so called diaspora have climbed the tree by the branches and consequently have no understanding of anything except to criticize. Take the blog for example by Ja Jay it is a typical problem of not understanding anything or completely ignorant about the world around him or her. A sim reg. is very very important because terrorists or outright stu_pid individuals use the phones with sim card as the heart of technology to detonate bombs and kill innocent people. Any country worth anything has a law to register a sim card so that you can catch those bent to destabilize normal life. An ignorant person will only look at the negative side of the so called repressive laws.

  6. Some people were born natural dull& will never understand anything sensible. Plz its not everything that u shd mix wt politics! Use yo brain to think.

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