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I lost the Seat because Kambwili called me a thief and foreigner-UPND losing candidate

Headlines I lost the Seat because Kambwili called me a thief and foreigner-UPND...

Information Minister Dr. Chishimba Kambwili when he addressed a mammoth rally at President’s Park in Kasama today. The Minister is in Northern Province to conduct a series of public rallies to explain government programmes.
Information Minister Dr. Chishimba Kambwili when he addressed a mammoth rally at President’s Park in Kasama today. The Minister is in Northern Province to conduct a series of public rallies to explain government programmes.
KAMBWILI called me a thief and a foreigner from North Western province, that is why I lost the Roan parliamentary seat, Andrew Kayekese told the Ndola High Court on Tuesday.

This is in a matter where Kayekese, the Roan constituency UPND losing candidate has petitioned the election of Chishimba Kambwili.

Kayekese is demanding that the court nullifies the election of Kambwili because of electoral mal-practices and tribal sentiments.

He further told the court that Kambwili abused his position as minister to which he (petitioner) was disadvantaged.

The case is before Ndola High Court Judge Charles Chanda.

When the matter came up for continued cross examination by the respondents defence lawyer Tutwa Ngulube on Tuesday, Kayekese maintained that the election was not free and fair.

” Every meeting that he conducted, he scandalized my name. In his meetings, he called me a thief, I stole K1 billion and that am from North Western province. So I don’t know if it is sin to come from North Western province,” Kayekese said.

” He told people that I come from North Western, so they should not vote for me. The language he used to scandalize me influenced the voters. I did not accept the results that Dr Kambwili is elected Roan MP. I still insist the elections were not free and fair.”

He said the playing ground was not free and fair because of the language that was used by Kambwili.

Asked if he does not come from North Western province, Kayekese said he was prude to come from the region.

” What is wrong with me coming from north western? The language that am a foreigner from north western disadvantaged me. The language was very bad on me and the UPND including our president (Hakainde Hichilema).”

” In terms of Roan Constituency, he won because of the hurt language and the use of government funds. I was very popular in Roan and am still. Every one knows me in Roan,” he said.


  1. When is Kambwili & other PF ministers found guilty by the Con~Court start paying the salaries they received illegally?
    In a civilized nations, one would have already resigned on principles.
    Kambwili’s tongue needs taming, he’s a kong in vulgarity!
    The Skeleton Key
    Meanwhile the visionless PF is liquidating the post~an employer of thousands Zambians~ to appease their dictatorial & egoistic selves. Shame visionless PF bandits.

  2. So, he called you a thief and foreigner and you failed to deflect that? May speak volumes about you. Is Kambwili from Copperbelt Province? Isn’t he a foreigner also on the Copperblet?

  3. “The language made him lose?” ” The bad language! He is from Northwestern Province you see, he is popular you know! Everyone knows him in Roan you see”…And this is the multiple evidence we have as UPND of vote rigging? Best to take a leaf from the losing and outgoing former UPND leader HH who has taken time to reflect and seek counsel from his gods on how he can take a back seat and support the party he sooo loves and its new leadership….this will be another loss…next case..2021 Zambia Forward

  4. Zambia is already a divided country. Most names of judges handling Upnd cases hail from pf territories . Don’t ever expect fair judgement
    ba Upnd.


  6. Comment:But this now is bcuming serious.politics will just kill U.note no political will sought out the problems now..lets luk to God He will save U

    • God failed and blamed it on Lucifer. Tried hard to discredit Lucifer but could not succeed. So he sent his son to fight for him. He too failed.

      That’s why even Christian nnations suffer the same fate as non-christian nations.

  7. The Kalulushi MP was called hihule and husband snatcher and she wasn’t a minister also a foreigner from Northern Province. She still won the election. Kayekesa we know you got a loan for campaign. By the way even Kambwili was labeled a thief during campaign.

  8. Kayekesa most candidates were called all sorts of names especially single women who were called husband snatcher but still won.

  9. Kayekesa,i agree with you people can be popular in a constituence in different categories ie
    1.pocket seachers/thieves.2.Election petitioners.3 Failures.4Hardworking.Bring tangible evidence in court not those innuedos or heresay stories.You mean you were just following CK everywhere and not campaigning.Thats why you lost.

  10. He says “he’s very popular and is still popular “. So what happened to that popularity during those few hours on 11th?

  11. Even our President was cold a lot of crap and accused of taking a whiskey he has never tested. But his humility diffused all the lies that he drinks Jameson. If you accepted that “coming from NWP” was demeaning and not a fair playing ground, I am confused. If you could not put a record straight that you had not stolen, then it was true information from the leopard. Imbwili! Ba Kayekese, ala politics teyabana iyoooho balanaya! Uhmmmm! kuti kuti wawisha imbwili iwe?!!!

  12. That is the problem with this ‘party’. First they want to raise ‘preliminary issues’ before the main case. If someone said you hail from North-Western Province, is that in dispute mwa? As someone has already alluded to, ama politics kukosa bane. Epo mpelele.

  13. Kayekesi should concentrate on abuse of office and public resources which was already ruled upon by concourt. He was in office illegally and campaigned pretending to be doing govt work using public resources. This is not in dispute but a fact. This is what will stand and can not be debated.

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