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Frank Bwalya says there is nothing wrong with Moonga’s proposal to extends President Lungu’s term

Headlines Frank Bwalya says there is nothing wrong with Moonga’s proposal to extends...

Frank Bwalya
Frank Bwalya

The ruling Patriotic Front says there is nothing wrong for its Central Committee member Paul Moonga expressing his individual opinion with regards the term of office for elected officials.

PF Spokesperson Frank Bwalya says it therefore disappointing that some people are suggesting that the party disciplines Mr Moonga for proposing that the extension of the term of office for the President, Members of Parliament and other elected officials, from the current five to seven years.

Mr. Bwalya says the ruling party practices intra-party democracy and therefore does not find anything wrong in Mr. Moonga expressing his individual opinion.

In an interview with QTV News, Mr. Bwalya says Mr. Moonga will therefore not be punished or reprimanded over his proposal.

Mr. Bwalya says this however, does not imply that the PF is in support of his proposal to extend the term of office to seven years.


  1. I said it that Moonga had the backing of his party President. I can assure you, the next five years will be all about the 7-year extension at the expense of development.

    • Even if elections where to be held next year the tribal leader would still lose. Whether 7 ,10 or 2years Zambia will still remain Zambia and they will vote for whoever they want except……..

    • The erections some of these kaponyas get when they think of HH is truley funny. Where has the article mentioned HH. ?.

      This displeasure at the mere mention of 7 years Angers a lot of people who care for our democracy and consitution. HH has got nothing to do with how we feel about the rappe.ing and looting of our democratic freedoms , constitution and our treasury by lungu and his thugs with his kaponya supporters cheering on.

      Dont deviate from the discussion.It is not about who will be elected. What we are condemning is an attempt to try to influence Zambians especially PF supporters to coerce them to support the change of length of constitutional office holders from 5 to 7 years. That ideal is coming from a very retrogressive mind.Is that the best a member of the central committee can do?PF don’t think that you will be in power for ever. Be careful what you ask for. It could just haunt you tomorrow.

  2. Bwalya
    A member of the Central Committee addresses the press surrounded by other members making a proposal that is not the party’s position at the party HQwhich position is denounced by the Veep and you say there is nothing wrong? Either you are very incompetent or you are a fool.Whichever way that is PF for you.

  3. Can someone tell these rascals to focus on delivering their campaign promises, if at all they made any.
    This office term talk is retrogressive.

  4. @ The Chosen one – you are right and many people will join to sing that song as if they have lost their brains. Instead of raising a successor they will go into internal wrangles were even Mr Frank Bwalya maybe suspended or expelled. The stage PF has reached is no different from MMD at the end of Dr Charlie Chaplin Chiluba’s end of second term in office. We have not forgotten the third term bid and this is no different. Its has just changed the form

  5. Mr president please you wanted to win the elections and you did that not so?Now you have started pushing people about extending your term from five-seven years.apply a S.T.O.P in what you’re thinking,and don’t even try it people will rise against your party.It started as a joke remember ftj’s reign what happened about third tern where his he now?May the lord help you to think away from what you whant to.AMEN

  6. My personal opinion is that Upnd should drop HH for failing to win his party a presidential election. That’s my opnion and can you start a debate over that sure. Frank has frankly said of doesn’t support moongas opinion period. So many people has expressed their opnions before about Lungu like he was supposed to govern for 5years and not just to finish satas term. Did Ecl take that seriously? Come on 1mbeciles that was just someone’s opnion and he is intittled to it.


  7. African leaders are the same, now Lungu wants ” umuyayaya”.
    Every sane Zambian should resist this shameful evil scheme, besides these politicians life span cannot even accommodate that 7 years.

    • …..have you ever resisted the over stay of hh at the helm of Upnd ? Ecl has only been president for the party and republic for only less than 3years while the tribal leader has been there for two decades now. Who qualifies to be wamuyaya between the two.

  8. People please, where is the opposition voice in Zambia?
    What kind of a Democratic state is our Country Zambia?
    How many opposition parties are in Zambia?
    Where is the paper where we can read about what they thinK?
    In all the Western Countrie here one enjoys reading the News Paper because one can find all the views of the rulling Government and the opposition together,
    Zambia! Zambia! Please whwere are you. Zambia is not One Party State. But why the PF is head in every website and Media Paper

    • Because Zambia has actually been converted to A DE FACTO ONE PARTY PF STATE!

      Banning of independent radio and TV by intimidation

      Complete blackout of opposition on Public media unless it is derogatory

      Public statements by Government completely the opposite of actual actions and intentions

      No prosecutions for CORRUPTION and intentional unconstitutional acts

      What more evidence is needed? Zambia is now PF Zambia.

  9. Anyway, I even wonder why this guy wastes his breath opening his mouth because honestly, who has time to waste listening to a Zikas virus imbecile? I mean, just look at the shape of his head and we all know that in the early 70s when he was born, there was an outbreak of Zikas virus in Luapula and Northern.

  10. This dull Father can he for once give a comment about the run down economy….that’s Lungu left him out of his cabinet he is so dull all the time is about politics nothing developmental

  11. At least the PF are able to debate the possibility of extending ECL’s mandate, even though I do not personally agree to it as PF supporter. But for the UPND, the mandate of their tribal leader is non-debatable within the party to be only decided upon by the tribal leaders within the inner circle of the Chundu Chaitwa.

  12. Oh No Mr. Frank Bwalya, There is everything wrong with it. Please Mr. President we voted you and the 5 years race. Now its time to break your silence on this matter,say no to this TEMPTATION, that is so ATTRACTIVE but DEADLY…. .

  13. Except Lazy Lungu to come out and say I dont make those decisions…just wait for the next airpoort tarmac press briefing when he flies in or out!!

  14. They are scared because last elections they lost, stealing votes has made them stay in power that’s why they are suggesting to extend the period to 7 years. PF is the most crooked government I have never seen in my life. Mwachusha Bantu imwe bamukukulu. The more evil you plan the faster you will go, God is not asleep.

  15. Just extend naimwe. Learn from the past 10 years. The leadership cycle in this country is determined by God not individuals or constitution!

  16. 1. I believe that the government in power has got the voice in the media more that that of the opposition parties. But that does not mean to esclude their voice completly. In our national News papers when ever any opposition party is mentioned its often in the mouth of the PF, in a negative manner.

    2. The problem I think is with the opposition Parties themselves. They do non know that their duty is to help the government to reflect well on the decisions it makes

    3. And the wise Zambians never say anything out to defend their views and rights. Zambia! Zambia! Zambia!

  17. If some political party can interrogate the meaning of 14 days in the constitution and not the 90 days before elections when parliament must be dissolved, what wrong has Moonga committed to be talk about 7 yrs

  18. Just imagine, after the statement made by Mr Frank Bwalya it it was in a Western Developed Country, we could have had hundreds of many points from the Opposition Parties. To explain to the nation why it is right or not to extend year to 7.
    The whole Zambia has head only the final voice our former priest Mr Bwalya. Is he the only voice to Zambians?
    He used to be the voice of the Zambians in past as a priest. In this case somebody else must be the voice of the people.
    What are the Zambians think about this? Who knows…….

  19. If on the other hand had Mr.Moonga suggested reducing the term of office for the president,imagine how many panga wield ding fellas would be demanding for his expulsion from the party and hims name sounding Tonga…………Hahahahahahahahah

  20. It is important to study the Word of God for yourself to avoid falling under the influence of failed Religious stooges of the government of the Vatican such as this Frank Bwalya. When studying the Catholic doctrines, you will discover that not all of them come from and have a basis in the Bible. In Hosea 4:6 God says, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge [of God and His Word]. . .” Know His Word and keep these two passages in mind when examining any doctrine:

    “See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends on human tradition and the basic principles of this world rather than on Christ” (Colossians 2:8).

    “So then, brothers, stand firm and hold on to the teachings (traditions) we passed on to you, whether by word of mouth…

    • The key why Zambia is undeveloped is lack of Knowledge – Hosea 4:6. because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee. Many Zambians professionals who are not in the Cabinet have advised or suggested to the government the way to go, but the cabinet has rejected and closed its ears to the public. I have never seen in my life, except in Zambia where the cabinet wants to build economy without the input from the public. This can be likened to the bees were the queen and her officers will try to build beehive and make the honey without the help of bee workers. It is a waste of time for the leaders to ask the public to pray for Zambia when the leadership has reject knowledge, such a prayer will not be answered by God.
      Zambia economy keep on sinking despite prayers. Kasongo Wabaluba…

  21. (continued)
    “So then, brothers, stand firm and hold on to the teachings (traditions) we passed on to you, whether by word of mouth or by letter (epistles)” (2 Thessalonians 2:15). Paul knew that we would face false teachings and worldliness to waver from truth. He reminds us to hold onto the truth of Christ’s teachings (doctrines). Therefore, be sure your practices are based on truth and from your own heart with sincerity (Hebrews 10:22). Zambia has been captured by this man’s Chicken Blood Sacrifice…Do you understand why there has been a lot of Blood Shed in recent years?

  22. Why should Frank Bwalya support such a statement? The reason is that he is a job seeker. He want to please his master. He was given an opportunity to serve as a Chairman for ZESCO BOARD, he resigned before the term ended because he wanted to receive more benefits from ZESCO than what he was bringing to ZESCO. I think it was during the time he was the Chairman when the government directed & authorized ZESCO to build 360 MW generator at Kariba North Bank Extension. The extension of generation resulted in overloading of Kariba Dam. The original design is 1350MW for both Zambia & Zimbabwe. The installed capacity is above 1800MW, resulting in load shedding. The effect of low rainfall was minimal. Frank as a cadre was appointed for having a degree. If Frank had knowledge he could have opposed…

  23. Whilst the memory of President Chiluba’s Third-Term saga still lingers on how the idea broke up the MMD, President Edgar Lungu must swiftly come out to stop the growth of a potentially divisive political cancer.

    Calls for Chiluba’s 3rd-Term bid were propagated by some selfish senior politicians who plotted to benefit financially by Chiluba’s extended presidency. President Lungu should uphold the merits of the current new Constitution that provides for the duration of a 5-Years Term – on to which he appended his signature. Therefore, the onus is on President Lungu to stop this undemocratic proposition by some greedy politicians. Besides, it could be a ploy to de-campaign his popularity.

  24. Iwe ka Frank everything is wrong with what phoolish Moonga said. We will not anyone to tamper with our democracy

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