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Governmentbuys 42 fire tenders to re-enforce fire fighting departments in Zambia

General News Governmentbuys 42 fire tenders to re-enforce fire fighting departments in Zambia

Ministry of Local Government and Housing Permanent Secretary Amos Malupenga
Ministry of Local Government and Housing Permanent Secretary Amos Malupenga
Government has bought 42 fire tenders to re-enforce fire fighting departments in Zambia.

Local Government Permanent Secretary Amos Malupenga has told ZNBC News in Livingstone that the fire tenders are scheduled to be brought in the country during the first quarter of 2017.

Mr. Malupenga says the Ministry will also build additional fire stations around the country to ensure quick response to fire outbreaks.

He says government has information that some fire outbreaks may be acts of arson.

Mr. Malupenga says government will ensure that property and lives of the people are safeguarded regardless of the causes of the fires.

The country has experienced fires which have gutted both private and public property with the most recent being the Maramba Cultural village in Livingstone.


  1. Kekekeke PF are full f#@ckers. Obtaining loans to control fires. Where are they going to draw water for those fire engines? All fires where attended to or watched helplessly by dry fire brigades, they all could find water, because either there was no electricity or there no wells.

  2. When was this tender published? Zambian suppliers should be afforded opportunity to participate but no one has seen this tender.

    • Putting cart in front of the horse is one of the “,,,things we have to appreciate”???

      @ Dokowe, your reasoning can be matched only by hard core cadre.

      Shall we also appreciate “unprecedented development” of ministerial and presidential “advisers” private bank accounts? Or for that matter, non accountability of borrowed billions of US$?

  3. These are indeed sad effects of the HIV virus that has taken ALL our comrades who knew how to run a Govt., and when to purchase what for our vulnerable in our societies. What we have today are “under fives” as leaders. These boys have no faintest idea how to run a Government at all, it’s simply ‘try and error’ way of managing a country. Indeed what can we expect from “orphans” who for no reason of their own, we’re brought up by their own siblings and now they are ministers, Dcs, MPs etc., very sad indeed.

  4. It is never about resources. It is always about governance. If you use your fire tenders to take children to school there will be nothing to fight fires with. If you just keep praying for water to fill those fire tenders there will be nothing to fight those fires with. Soon we will run out of excuses and the laughing stock will be upon us. Just look at the joke that is becoming of SA and you know what we mean – yes, me and the kids watching all this circus.

  5. Meanwhile, the pipo who inflicted these virus on us Zambians (Africans) are laughing all the way to the banks from the sales of “bogus” treatments to various foreign governments yet, hiding away a vaccine.

    Let this be a warning to all of us that the western world are a crafty lot, they are very good at PLANNING and dont just come up with with anything without serious calculations. Here we are today, a sorry sight….

  6. Send most of the fire fighting equipment to Southern and northwestern Provinces. How come the fires are just happening in one region. How do you explain the following:
    Namwala fire.
    Maramba fire
    Monze fire
    Kalomo fire.
    Ikeleng’i fire
    This is = (Namwala, Maramba, Monze, Kalomo, Ikeleng’i)fire.
    Substituting the variables this becomes (UPND)fire.

    • Your thinking is shallow. Busy supporting PF which has brought misery in many homes.
      Can we for once debate how people get rich without stealing from the national coffers.
      Everything is about politics because some of you can never get a job from reputable private companies…..only licking asses of government officials in order to put food on the table. Mwanya you will suffer to death while the people in the regions you are mentioning are used to fending for themselves without any favours from the government

  7. Where are these fire engines coming from? How much? When was thos tender advertised? This looks like a loan? Is it cheap Chinese rubbish which will need expensive spares in 13months time. You can buy 200 engines but if the training is poor nothing will improve….

  8. Dununa ignorance,let those that supported PF feel the waste economy failure, we told you fools that think before you cast your precious vote,the ministers they incomes has increased gigantically,while yours has reduced to miles ngwee

  9. Hope they will not be transporting charcoal and when we have a fire you have to get rid of the charcoal, fill the water then proceed to the fire

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