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The Mystery fires the country are Politically motivated-Frank Bwalya

General News The Mystery fires the country are Politically motivated-Frank Bwalya

Patriotic Front Media Committee Chairperson Frank Bwalya
Patriotic Front Media Committee Chairperson Frank Bwalya
THE mystery fires the country has been experiencing after the August 11 general elections which have gutted private businesses and Government departments are politically motivated and perpetrated by the same people responsible for the ritual killings ahead of the elections.

And all these atrocities were made in an effort to discredit President Edgar Lungu’s leadership, Patriotic Front (PF) deputy spokesperson Frank Bwalya has charged. Speaking at a press briefing in Lusaka yesterday, Mr Bwalya said that it was clear that the fires the country had been experiencing after the August elections were linked to the ritual murders just before the elections, and that they were all politically motivated.

He pointed out that his party was confident that the people behind these calamities were from the opposition and that they were targeting people perceived to be members or supporters of the PF. Mr Bwalya noted that the motive of the killings was to demonise the PF because they covered the victims with PF regalia to implicate the party.

“It is plain the cause of the fires our country has been experiencing after the August 11 general elections that have affected mainly private businesses such as lodges, public trading facilities as well as markets and Government departments. One doesn’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand the reality that the lodges burnt down belonged to PF sympathisers,” he said.

And Mr Bwalya welcomed the move by the Zambia Police Service to give a K100, 000 reward to anyone who may have information leading to the arrest of the arsonists. He, however, called on the law enforcement agencies and investigative wings to do more and ensure that the culprits were brought to book.

Mr Bwalya hinted that the killings and the fires were linked to a named opposition political party and that they were targeting PF sympathisers. He warned that the attackers might soon launch more deadly attacks that might lead to the death of many innocent citizens.

“We fear that they may soon get impetus to advance and cause damage. As such, we are calling upon ZP and investigative wings to do more to bring to book these perpetrators of Armageddon in our country. They want to create fear and panic in the country,” he said. Mr Bwalya called on the general public, especially PF supporters, to be alert and guard their properties jealously.

He urged people to cooperate with the police and other investigative wings and give them information that might expedite the investigations.

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    • I agree that PF cadres are responsible for these fires. The PF cadres responsible are the ones who did not get jobs from Lungu and are frustrated, and now want to punish him with a rebellion.

    • This guy now clearly seems like the propaganda minister for PF. Every fire case in the country should be investigated separately and individually. There are many factors that cause fires to start, from electric faults, to drunk smokers, to arsonists, etc. But you can’t lump all the cases into one category without concrete evidence. That’s propaganda. There’s no way to know how a fire got started, until after an investigation has been carried out and completed. It’s easier to use the opposition as a scapegoat to cover your ineptness. But it doesn’t solve anything.

    • This ediyot has just PROVED he is the chief EDIOYT of all the ediyots on the planet!

      What rubbish! LT, is it really worth reporting on this lunatics rantings? Please don’t waste space on this clown.

  1. Iwe Father Bwalya, Do you know that you will stand before judgment in Heaven for the hatred you have on opposition party members? God will not spare you: Why do you hate them when their creator loves them. If you are areal Father (Catholic Church) & Preacher of the word of God don’t harbor hatred please(you are even disgracing the Church to be called Father). God is watching you. My brother I request you to love every one created in the eyes of God. Chimo no buloshi iwe. If you know them take them to ZP otherwise you are a coward. Read: Mathew 5: 9

  2. So now you need to release those you arrested and claim confessed to the same ritual killings since you know who the real perpetrators are.

  3. And these are the leaders in PF who belive in witchcraft and lies.

    This is how the hutu genocidal extrimists started blaming the victims for everything.
    I am sure this illiterate chicken sacrificing priest belives the erratic rainfall is due to the opposition.

    • PF are on track to committing genocide against Tongas. That’s how Mugabe started his Gukurahundi genocide against Ndebeles. Or Hitler against the Jews. Start with nonstop propaganda, followed by arrests and detention, mysterious deaths and finally wholesale massacres.

    • I am an easterna and truly belive PF has a core dirty bemba tribalists who on top of destroying the country economically are dividing it on tribal lines to hide their looting and mismanagement.

  4. This man called Father Bwalya truly truly irritates me. He speaks a lot of nonsense. He has become too powerful. Whatever goes up must come down, watch out mambala.

    • This is the reason the ICC was created for,how can a country with functional leadership just allow just about every jim and dog to speak on its behalf,where is mr walk the talk.Can some confirm that Zambia has applied to withdraw from International criminal court.

  5. We shall soon have the Ministry of Guidance and Religious Affairs on the case! How about a quick look at fire preparedness and new building materials? Nah – it will be the police and another bout of prayers no doubt.

  6. Antichrist Bwalya is right. It is politically motivated.
    Just wandering, who has the interest to publicize such events?
    Somebody who can use the arson attacks as a pretext to impose state of emergency followed by abolition of multiparty democracy?

  7. I wish Zambian politicians would stop making foolish statements. He knows the fires are caused by the opposition. Is he sure? Why cant he arrest them? Elo this man does not know how much he irritates us.

  8. Bwalya initiated ritual killing in Zambia during the time he was campaigning for Sata in Luanshya and now he has just gotten to a different level since chicken blood is no longer enough to keep his party in power.

  9. This man seems to b in desperate need of a position coz hz ever issuing empty& naked statements! Wat is wrong wt u X priest? Ar u a gvt spokes person & y can’t u investigate instead of politicking cheaply? N advise to those aspiring political offices : the more u attack tribes the more u lose popularity & leave pipo wt no choice BT voting for known fools! This ignorance of championing certain tribes& label them as yo enemies will Neva take u to state house. U wil die fighting & chessing wind! Practice mature politics for the sake of yo parties& democracy. We ar fed up of yo blind debate& tribalism. We have 73+ tribes& 10 provinces in Z which requires u to b sober minded as u empty yo mouth& mind. Owez rember that.

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