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President Edgar Lungu instructs investigative wings to ascertain corruption reports about some Ministers

Headlines President Edgar Lungu instructs investigative wings to ascertain corruption reports...

Vice-President Inonge Wina speaks when President Lungu arrived at Mongu Airport for Rallies on Monday, August 8,2016-Picture by THOMAS NSAMA
Vice-President Inonge Wina

President Edgar Lungu has instructed investigative wings to ascertain reports that some Ministers are involved in corruption before he can take any action.

Vice president Inonge Wina has told Parliament during the Vice President’s question time that the President cannot instantly fire the Ministers in question because the reports he has received are considered as hearsay.

She says it is for this reason that President Lungu h as instructed investigative wings to ascertain the reports.

Ms Wina says if the investigation confirms what is being alleged against the Ministers, the President will take necessary action.

She states that in the absence of any information to prove the involvement in corruption by the said Ministers, no Minister should be painted black as having engaged in corrupt activities.

The Vice President was responding to a question by Mazabuka Central Member of Parliament Garry Nkombo who wanted to know who among the Cabinet Ministers is suspected of alleged involvement in corruption.


    • @Saulosi, imagine people telling you that your wife is sleeping with your best friends @Ndobo. Do you have to ask me to investigate???
      Why should Ndobo be even close to your woman? How is her behavior like? Dressing, beautiful or what? Who is exposing ministers to corruption?
      Who is to blame…. ?

    • So, Lungu reappointed these Ministers despite indications that they were corrupt? Ministers were still being sworn in last week. It is not as if Lungu’s post Aug 2016 govt has been running for several years. How disappointing! Just more lies and spin by PF.

    • This is ludicrous. So if it was hearsay, why report it in the first place like he did? When he made the announcement, it sounded like he already had all the facts. As a head of state, he has to gather facts first before he proceeds to make an announcement to the country. And the only announcement the Zambians would have wanted to hear is that he was firing some of his ministers for corruption. And then after that the police move in to arrest them for embezzling public funds. Now after accusing his ministers of stealing funds, he turns around to tell the Zambians that after all it was just hearsay? Come on get serious. Corruption is a serious issue and nothing to be playing games with. ECL has to clearly choose a side. Either he’s for tolerating corruption or he’s a vigorous fighter…

    • (Continued)… of corruption. But he can’t be both ways. And sadly as at the moment, he doesn’t show that he’s genuinely interested in fighting corruption in his cabinet.

    • Look at this Saulosi, deep down his conscience tells him something is not right here but he still cheers. Why? Because he is an educated ****. I assure you, an educated f**l is more f**lish than an uneducated one.

    • Already softening …our President disappoints me we pay so much for his intelligence machinery and I would like to know what they are doing if he has to issue such statements based on hearsay that have massive implications. I suspect he didn’t realise that people would pursue this with so much interest. Bo Inonge also issues contradictory messages in parley I won’t be surprised if something different come out

    • He says he doesn’t instruct them, then he instructs them. Which is which. & which of them has he let out to hang. I’m sure its those perceived to be Sata loyalists.

    • @ 1.2 Nostradamus,

      So for you rumour is enough to make you divorce your wife?

      Many who have done that have ended up regretting after discovering that they were simply hauxed by malicious characters wife hidden agenda.

      You should also share that idea with your wife, that if she hears anyone suspecting you to be flirting she should immediately divorce you without any investigations.

    • People like Saulosi need to be shot in the head for for my country to move forward. What unparalleled stance? Ministers like chi kambwili have become super rich in 5 years and it is there for everyone to see in broad daylight while this faggott sings praises for them.

    • The American School in New Kasama charges $20,000 (USD) a year for primary school education which is about K60,000 a term to use the Zambian 3 term example. That is tuition only. These schools will cost another limb for stuff like sports gear, travel etc. One of President Lungu’s aides, has 3 children there. Is this a perk that comes with the job as in govt pays the fees olo bafola zingati aba bantu?? Nati nicheteko mulomo na envy. (LAURA MITI FACEBOOK)

    • @1.14 Anie marie. just mention this person ‘s name and I will personally take the matter. Don’t be afraid no one will know. Please take this seriously.

    • I am happy I am being vindicated hardly three days when I made that contribution on the IMF’s decision to delay giving money to the PF Government just yet. I made three observations as follows: 1) The PF has been forced to fight corruption 2) PF has been told to observe good governance in all its dealings, especially with the UPND and judiciary and 3) The PF has been lambasted by the Fund on lack of Media reforms vis-a-vis the closure of private media houses including ‘ the former Post newspapers’. Very soon, we are going to see some Inter-Party Indaba, pardoning of M’membe and the war against Corruption has already started. I am liking this. Bana tukwati Ku makutu BA IMF. Nowhere to hide. Mr Lungu, you want money from the IMF, play their game, otherwise, you are the greatest looser…

    • So this statement by the VP only saves the PF Government to have a soft landing and to avoid embarrassment in the eyes of Zambians who have been telling them to do things rightly.

    • I thought the announcement on corruption was made by the supreme leader? What other evidence are the police, ACC looking for. There is a report on Zambia reports that the supreme leader’s aids are paying US $20 000 at the American School of Lusaka for their kids. All that is evidence.
      First and foremost, all political parties should disclose their sources of campaign funds. That’s the starting point. Next all illegal ministers must be fired.
      Then,all top politicians,Edgar Lungu, Mumbi Phiri, Father Frank Bwalya, Dr. Chitala, Chshimba Kambwili Davies Chama and the rest should explain how they became so so rich in a few months.


    • @ Chisenga,
      It’s the president himself who made the revelations about his corrupt minister. As the head of state, you cannot Arkansas the nation to an uninvestigated stories.
      Then you Chisenga is asking us to investigate and report to the police?

    • But the president shouldn’t have alarmed the nation on hearsay. @peace for zambia, you can’t go public to embarrass your wife on rumours

    • He should take action against HH for stealing during the privatisation of government companies during Chiluba’s regime. Where did HH get all that money if not from stealing.

    • @Shu Shu shu, if HH had stolen, Banda and Sata would have loved to lynch him. But guess what? They could not find anything on him.

      MuZambia you enjoy poverty so much that anyone who lifts themselves out of it is perceived to be criminal. Kuli imwe cuma ni ca ba mwenye, ba zungu, and all other foreigners. Bwanji ma jealousy?

  2. But why announce to the whole world if it was hearsay? And who fed this information to the president? Why should the President relay pe lyashi lyamuli kachaso and announce to the nation? Awe sure tuli ku kinder garden, tuletekwa.

    • My point exactly!
      What manner of president allows himself to be fed on hearsay?
      What manner of government feeds its president on hearsay?
      E bu puba ubu tulanda.

  3. When we say we have serious governance issues in our country…why should the ACC be waiting for instructions from appointing authorities who are thieves as well to give them orders. Let ACC be reporting to the Judicary…you will see these monkeys get caged.

  4. Comment:you are just wasting time these people in pf don’t mean what they say rhetoric all the time the same ministers stole when they remained in office what action has been taken. We have been taken for granted but God will surely save us from these hypocrites criminals who have robbed our Country left right and centre with no conscience.

  5. If the allegations prove to be false, then the president must fire the entire Intelligence Unit for giving him false reports.

  6. You can see unexplained wealth and you want more evidence ? Even lungu amassed $2.3 million in 1 year.

    Lungu is corrupt to the core. Watch how the beans will be spilled should he fire anyone.
    He was only scaring this MPS to share the loot. This is just jealousy and infighting among theives.

  7. Expecting firing of ministers is wishful thinking. If the president is serious let him start with Kaiser then Given then Mutati

  8. Mr President before you instruct the investigative wing to investigate the ministers, please instruct them to investigate you on how you amassed K23 billion in a year, then you will be setting a no nonsense tone.

  9. “President Lungu has instructed ” – meaning the ACC and the DPP are not independent of the executive.Zambia will not get anywhere with these type politically beholden public institutions.

  10. As usual, Lungu is looking for a way out for failing to fire corrupt ministers. He will say the reports were not true. This is the same way he started xenophobia, when he said he had information that foreigners and the opposition were responsible for ritual killing. And Frank Bwalya repeated this rumour this week.

  11. It’s a welcome approach taken by the President…
    Corruption is a serious allegation, the President is not supposed to make decisions(fire) out of hearsay…

    • You are right. By the way, who is going to investigate source of HE 23 million Kwacha in assets? Does Presidential immunity from prosecution extends to corruption? What has happened to “collective responsibility” of the Cabinet?

  12. Just wait and see. You can’t just imprison a person because you’ve heard he’s a thief. You investigate first. I hope we shall all come forward and give evidence without fear, favor and selection. We help government, we save our country from these vultures.

    • Then why did he announce to the public? His proclamation to the public already jeopardises the investigations if at all there were any. No sane president will announce hear say most especially against his own ministers he has just appointed.

  13. there is enough evidence concerning corrupt ministers and some government officials . the investigation wings dont report on hearsay , they report on what is crystal clear about something but the problem is even the one who receives the reports might not be clean how do you quickly react to such reports when you know it will backfire. ba inonge is left behind this game she will never be given correct information always.

  14. Guys where is the money that the former PF ministers must pay back as per Concourt ruling??? Is there anyone to update me on this.

  15. For Edgar to come out and speak it means some of his Ministers are corrupt. The Intelligence have all the information. What would have cheered the Zambian people is if he had said, “I have suspended (no pay) the following ministers and they are pending investigations.” Kaunda used to dismiss people in the nation’s interest.
    This will all die down after the initial hype. What happened to Kapoko? He is still walking free even though he is broke.

  16. Former Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba and Former Defense Minister GBM were investigated by ACC and proved to be pseudo stories in the media. We are are equal and innocent until proven by the courts, we should do away with the Freddy Mmembe way of accusing people.

    • Why do you think Wynter is quite ,i would not be surprised if he rejoins PF,its the theft they did together,where is ilunda chalo ltd.In PF even DCs drive V8s.

  17. Bo Inonge Wina, a woman who has not protected fellow women! This woman changes her statements. Take everything with a pinch of salt!

  18. This old woman is a shame and is not telling the truth she is just a minion of drunkard foolish lungu. She is the worst vice president in the history of this nation.The way we know this drunkard man president lungu he can’t fight corruption because he is a product of corruption himself he embraced corrupt ministers in his cabinet like Dora siliya who is facing court cases so what he is talking about is just a lip service

  19. So there are some people who still believe in what Lungu says! The auditor general’s report is there, we know the ministers who illegally paid themselve allowances and salaries. If lungu was serious something should have been done about this. The fact is lungu has no interest in fighting corruption because after all it is through corruption that he is today calling himself president. He always says what he does not understand and believe in coz he just reads prepared speeches. Believe this- lungu cannot fire a minister, he is a coward and at the same time a thief (a convicted thief).

  20. Yaba,,! PF $ their president are a joke. An embarasment of worst kind.

    Am glad I didnt vote for ths Joker. My conscious is clean.

    Ths Chawama product is not presidential material as evidenced fro outburst, flip_flops.

  21. The truth is, Lungu knows his accomplices in corruption very well, he dines and wines with them daily. He also knows as all Zambians do that he is not in control of state house. What investigation is he talking about? Buying time? As for Saulosi, he is the most embarrassing of all time.


    This is a court ruling that does not require evidence.
    Mrs VP it important to insist on Law and Order otherwise we end up like the Filipino prejudicial killings.
    Do not be pressured by those UPND losers. Remain focused Madam.

  24. @Sinono! Loving yo comment. Indeed these pipo shd b forced 2 fight corruption BT the most laphable thin is they will fight themselves coz corruption is them. Which ministers ar corrupt? Where are the cases RB had for the state? They v died an artificial death wt Sata. MHSRIP! Really its a shameful & laghable joke to tok abt investigating other pipo wen thieves ar Scot free! Y? Are we saying all animals ar equal BT som ar more equal than others? Let’s not mock Zambia by issuing empty commitments. We will b waiting to see who is corrupt. IMF shd never release a coin for Zambia coz it will b pocketed by shameless thieves.

  25. Prudence can indicate levels of maturity in a person. May u stop issuing statements based on rumors! This is a vry bad sign! Let there b consistency in wat is said and don 4 pipo to take u serious. May someone update us on what has happened to RB’s numerous corrupt charges apart from wako no wako! Plz update us!

    • President Edgar Lungu has instructed investigative wings to ascertain reports that some Ministers are involved in corruption before he can take any action.

      Vice president Inonge Wina has told Parliament during the Vice President’s question time that the President cannot instantly fire the Ministers in question because the reports he has received are considered as hearsay.

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