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Government recalls diplomats over irregularities in the 2015 Auditor General’s report

General News Government recalls diplomats over irregularities in the 2015 Auditor General’s...

Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba
Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba
Government has recalled some diplomats following revelations of financial irregularities in the 2015 Auditor General’s report.

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Harry Kalaba says his Ministry has also cautioned mission staff against flouting financial regulations saying government will not hesitate to instill discipline.

Mr. Kalaba says the ministry will adhere to the directive by President Edgar Lungu to ensure austerity measures are implemented to cut down on government expenditure and curb financial irregularities.

He told ZNBC News in Lusaka that the ministry has also recalled 38 accountants from various missions for failing to adhere to the financial rules and regulations for missions abroad.

And Mr. Kalaba says Government will soon embark on constructing and rehabilitating infrastructure for missions in order to save money spent on rentals.

He says two teams have already been sent abroad to carry out feasibility studies on the project.


  1. Its funny how government wants to save money yet by sending feasibility study teams they are spending more. All the government needs to do is use the service of reputable firms of architects in the same countries to assess repairs.
    This punishment of controlling officers must be extended to other government ministries.

    • This will be miracle if any one of them will be fired. Most of those diplomat workers were employed by Kambwili when he briefly failed to do Kalaba has done well.
      I wonder why they don’t employ us who are already here. Us used to work in countries like America we don’t steal, and we don’t mind which the hell the party is. This time am applying.

    • Firstly, if someone steals they should get arrested immediately. Then the prosecution follows and then jail time. You don’t have to wait for the president to give a green light before you can arrest someone. Secondly, some of these people working at Embassies abroad are incredibly rude and unprofessional. It’s absolutely unbelievable that they behave more like they’re still in Zambia, and never learn anything in developed countries where they happen to have been posted. Most likely they’ve no qualifications whatsoever and are just appointed by someone in high office related to them. What a shame.

  2. Mr Kalaba sir, it should never be about “The President’s directive”. It’s about the LAW, anyone who breaks the law must be held accountable. Anyone who steals must be taken to court. Period. You don’t need the President to sanction it. I hate it when I hear politicians say…. “we’re following the President’s directives” even on straightforward matters.

    • Nostradamus & the chosen, you are spot on, why employ people from Zambia when they are already citizens living in respective countries and if there’s any form of training that needs to be done train them.
      I agree it shouldn’t be the presidents directive, leaders should be able to show qualities on their own. Imagine if your boss is always on your case to perform a job that you were employed to do how would you feel?

    • One thing I was taught at a seminar for Church executives is that as a Chairman, you never say the Priest said that etc. Simply state what you want your Parish to do. Mentioning the Priest each time you want to make a decision is sign of weakness, lack of confidence, passing the blame and many other evil intentions. The president has given you a job and all you need is to apply the appropriate law without fear or favor.

  3. i did not even know we have accountants in these missions. I honestly thought it was 5 or less staff per mission with a little imprest. i think that should be taken as part time jobs for zambian trainee accountants in those countries. IMMigration department is vital. If i were accountant General, i would do something like zambia lotto to reshaffle accounting staff. The problem is that those recalled will now occupy big positions at headquarters while the guys in rural areas remain stuck

  4. Why recalling people ..if there are irregularities simply refer to the Police and ACC….give mandate to AG’s office the audit these accounts not bloody politicians like Kalaba, you honestly think he is going to arrest his cadre friends.
    We are not surprised all these embassy staff do is shop and work for 5 hours a day chatting all day.

  5. Most of these characters are highly connected to the Party & Its Government, the (PIG).
    Recall letters will simply be ignored and Kalaba will soon be receiving phone calls form high above to rescind his decision.

  6. I concur with earlier sentiments alluding to employment of QUALIFIED Zambians based in respective countries. Mr Kalaba, you would save so much money in missions if you introduced a policy of engaging QUALIFIED Zambian cititzens based in respective countries. No rentals required.

  7. Wasnt the fugitive Atan employed from “abroad” even though he held a foreign nationality? Also isnt the UPND vuvuzela Nervous the former pastor one who was not convicted despite Auditor General Report that he used GRz to solicit for cash he then placed in a private account? And now? He runs for political office!

  8. @ following directives from the president! so if he did not give directives, you were going to spare the thieves? It is laughable to hear that, then what is the use of the penal code? Awe sure Zambia the real Africa!

  9. Its a normal procedure in foreign missions and nothing will happen to the culprits,thats what I am predicting!!!

  10. Great development… But this is often a routine cleanup immediately after elections to ensure that all relatives of the people that defected are out & relatives of new cabinet take up their positions. I for one would like to know what criteria is used when employing these diplomats.

  11. I’m sure if you truly wanted to find the loot you can. The AG report coupled by some forensic accounting from the likes of Deloitte, EY & PWC. They wont need feasibility studies to plug the whole. I agree with stating that Zambians who are based in the diaspora and qualified should have positions. It will save you unnecessary expenditure and provide efficiency.

  12. KKKKKK…

    This will only apply to Staff deemed to be from Opposition.

    Just shup_up you-good for nothing-so called ministers.

  13. A child who is rebuked even when they do good get hardened, in the end the parent is likely to miss the whole purpose.

  14. What about the money you Kalaba and or your fellow illegal Ministers were ordered to pay by your own toothless, corrupt and rotten con court where is it?

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