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Frank Mutubila granted divorce from his wife by Lusaka High Court

General News Frank Mutubila granted divorce from his wife by Lusaka High Court

FILE: Ambassordor  Frank Mutubila  presents his  credentials to the President of Italy Giogio Napolitano
FILE: Ambassordor Frank Mutubila presents his credentials to the President of Italy Giogio Napolitano
The Lusaka High Court has granted former Zambian Ambassador to Italy, Frank Mutubila divorce from his wife, Evelyn.

The decision will however be enforced, if there are no issues or objections raised by each party of the couple or any other person in three weeks time.

In this matter, Mr. Mutubila had asked the court to dissolve his marriage on account of his wife, Evelyn’s alleged unreasonable behaviour.

Mr Mutubila said while he served as Ambassador in Italy, the respondent did not play her role as a wife of an envoy, as she was usually away pursuing her studies.

He also says while in Holland, his wife notified him that she was pregnant after undergoing In Vitro Fertilisation -IVF- procedure, which he however disowned because he was not consulted by his wife over the procedure.

Mr Mutubila has also told the court that he doubts if his wife conceived using the IVF procedure, as it could not be done without his consent.

But in his judgment, Judge, Mwiinde Siavwapa has observed that the differences between Mr Mutubila and his wife are irreconcilable, adding that their marriage has broken down irretrievably.

Judge Siavwapa has said he is satisfied that no right thinking person, who knows what Evelyn did would expect Mr Mutubila to continue living with her.

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  1. She just prefers muzungu’s now naimwe! Considering that her friends like “Lizzy Dobweda” are experts in that field.

    • Finally! Ukutemwa ukupa utwaiche mudala, mwamona nomba amaka yapwa kayalisha kubena Don Corleone ka Evelyn. Talk of “Italian Job.” With abaiche you can only go so far, even na mutototo ilaleka ukubomba. Good luck next time.

    • Evelyn was my role model at ZNBC and when she married that horse face, I couldn’t believe it! And Mr Mutubila your wife did not have IVF. You must be senile to think that’s what happened. You did your job as a sugar daddy. Provided her with the tools for a successful life and now you are past your expiry date!

  2. Thus the effects of DUNUNA reverse everything around zambians is going in reverse, well ka EVELYN KASUMA I WILL TRY MY LUCK

  3. “In this matter, Mr. Mutubila had asked the court to dissolve his marriage on account of his wife, Evelyn’s alleged unreasonable behaviour.”

    Really laughable …this coming from Frank, a guy who used to chase every skirt in Mass Media Complex.

  4. This guy grabbed her from me because I was poor at that time. Its ok because I am also dating a young and pretty girl and she loves me more than I love her. Ok mudala you had your run on her – its just time for payback. Everyone (Including me by the way bwana) wondered what had gone into Evelyn to have an older lover on her side at that time. Now its my turn to have a younger lover on my side. This world!!!!!!

  5. Same way zambians wanted divorce from the failed and corrupt pf government. However, PF used force and theft to keep zambians in this horrible marriage.

  6. price of marrying your chief bridesmaid child born years way later after your marriage otherwise she was your niece being wife best friend daughter.

  7. When she married him she was fully aware of the age difference and his character. She’s just an opportunist who like most ignorant black women think a white skinned man is automatically a better person. If she has deliberately and wilfully wronged him…her time will come. What goes around comes around..she will pay in one way or another!

    • A lot! Like her friend “Lizziy Dobweda” who left her Zambian husband and children in Chimwemwe and went to Italy to become a married mans mistress, when the Italian man was at work, Lizzy hit the streets of Italy as a day prostitute in the brothels. So that she could show off her money to Zambians back home.

  8. My marriage was also dissolved yesterday. All what I can say is that every marriage that ends, ends for a reason. We should not rush into judging others.

  9. People marry for different reasons. Companionship, security, status … the list is long. However, it is a lesson for Frank. The younger the lady, the more embarrassment awaits when things go sour. As for Evelyn, only a fool would get near her.

  10. Mwilaupa utwaice. The difference in age has implication on needs, body strength and a lot more that cannot be talked about on this medium! Mr. Mutubila you knew very well that ukupa utwaice is not a good thing usually the young girl (wife) looks else where for marital satisfaction.

  11. The ***** is malfunctioning, who can stick to him? He needs a jack to lift the p*nis, let alone some one to help him insert the now defunct p! woooooo

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